Area 51 can be found, or not found according to the government, in Nevada, towards the lower part of the state. This place is a mystery, and officials have kept it that way, removing the name “Area 51” from documents, and prohibiting any access or photography in or even near the area. Such a carefully guarded and fiercely protected area has spawned rumors galore, with the most popular being that it is where they have hidden and tested UFOs, otherwise known as unidentified flying objects, something we think aliens use if they even exist. The highway that surrounds the area and the small town of Rachel have since grown in popularity, as curious visitors seek answers to their questions, and maybe a glimpse of a top secret UFO in flight.

Nevada and the Air Force

Area 51 is the common name used for the United States Air Force facility located there. The name “Area 51” is an anomaly as well, having no precise origin as to how it came to be called that. The base’s purpose has been widely unknown, although many suspect it has been used to build and test experimental aircraft. The base has a restricted airspace as well as no trespassing that is highly enforced. The place was first called Groom Lake, a dry, flat lakebed that was used for testing due to its remote location. Underground areas used for their secret purposes are rumored to exist, but no one can neither deny nor confirm the urban legend.

The Extraterrestrial Highway

State Route 375 is known as the famous “extraterrestrial highway” travels through the mostly flat desert area. It is the nearest route to the mysterious Area 51, where accounts given by people who reported to see sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft and aliens in the area. It is a lightly used route, and those that are on the highway are alien hunters, UFO chasers, and those traveling on the road to another destination. It is as close as you can get to Area 51 unless you decide to walk to the perimeter of the designated area. Be warned though; there are signs placed that state that “photography is prohibited” and also that “use of deadly force is authorized.” Do not cross into the area, and if you get too close and decide to trespass, be prepared to be greeted by people who will escort you out.

Extraterrestrial Highway Area 51

The Town Called Rachel

Rachel is the closest town to the place known as Area 51. Its tourism visitation has since climbed, with people wanting to visit the city to collect ideas and information on the mysterious and secretive place nearby. UFO hunters and aviation admirers are two types that love to visit Rachel, due to the extensive and questionable history surrounding the town and nearby air force base. The tiny town only has 50 inhabitants and remains a quiet and desolate place in the Nevada desert. The name “Rachel” comes from the name of the first baby born in the town, Rachel Jones, in 1977. The town has an alien-themed bar and restaurant and a small tourist shop to collect your souvenirs for your trip.

The Government’s Stance on Area 51

The government has been tight-lipped on the area and its activities. The surrounding land and air around the dried lakebed is permanently unavailable to civilians and normal military operations. Even military pilots who are training in the airspace and that may accidentally wander into the designated box space of the Groom Lake space are subject to disciplinary action. Documents that have mentioned the location named “area 51,” are consistently redacted from writing, increasing the enigma that surrounds the urban legend of the desert area. Its existence is continually hushed, and people that have accidentally ended up within the tight boundary have had to sign disclosure documents. With all the secrecy, it’s no wonder that urban legends have endlessly run over the years.

United States Air Force

Urban Legends of a Mystical Place

While many stories have surfaced, one cannot be too sure on which happened, and which are fictional. One theory is that the crashed alien spacecraft that landed in Roswell, New Mexico, was taken here to study the aircraft and its inhabitants, whether or not they were living or dead. Another popular speculation is that meetings with extraterrestrials were planned and carried out in the secret underground chambers. Other thoughts include developing a means of weather control, energy weapons, time travel, and teleportation, or the plan to create a one world government. While the alien and extraterrestrial are the most popular theories, all of the theories cannot be confirmed due to the isolation of the area from humans, and also from secrecy used by the U.S. government.

The Mystery Continues

What draws tourists and visitors to the remote desert highway in Nevada is curiosity. Why is it such a big secret? The secret and enigma of Area 51 have been kept for years since no one can speak on the record about what happened there or what they may have seen. The government has taken its precautions in the media, with protecting the area, and as well as the airspace above it. Closed-circuit cameras watch the perimeters of the land, and you can bet eyes are watching anyone who comes even remotely close to the forbidden boundary. Google Earth confirms that there are several buildings within the area that the government still refuses even to acknowledge. It must be one special secret if no one can talk, and no one can confirm its existence. See for yourself if you ever find yourself cruising down State Route 375 in southern Nevada.


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