There’s a tricky trade-off in life that people are quite familiar with – should they work more and travel less or do the opposite? Some may settle for more work to get richer and travel more often. However, they soon end up having a lot of money but not a lot of time to see the world and experience life abroad. On the opposite side of the road, there are those who crave for traveling the world as much as they can, that they end up broke and hopeless, begging for money from their close friends and relatives so that they can survive until the next modest paycheck.

Working while traveling

But how about combining work and travel, where would this challenging mix get you? Are you aware of the great possibilities of working while you’re traveling? Sure you have heard about this idea, but you either know only a few people are doing this or none at all. Well, in case you’ve been skeptical about this idea, take a look at the following benefits and challenges you might come across if you choose to work while you’re traveling:

It boosts your motivation

Knowing that anytime soon you’ll start a trip that will change your life, and your everyday activities give you the proper motivation to look forward to something spectacular and prepare for a new chapter. But the anticipation of the trip is not the only thing that can motivate you to work hard to receive your reward. Experiencing every day on the road will remind you of how amazing life can be, and at the end of the day, you will always find some motivation to get things done. Finish up some work while you’re inspired, which is way better than working mechanically every day in times when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. Also, being on the road means that you’ll get to meet a lot of people that will inspire you to be a better person and work hard to improve yourself and the world you live.

It provides you with real-life situations you can work on

Never mind if you’re a writer, doctor, mechanic or whatever you might do for a living, working while you’re traveling the world can always make you improve and become unique in your profession. Millions of people educate themselves with books and documentaries, but real life situations can sometimes be even more important in teaching you a lesson that you will not be able to find in the pages of a book. Those who travel experience real-life situations that may not always be pleasant to go through, but take a crucial part in improving what a person does best. Take for example a situation where a doctor decides to travel through Africa and help those people in need. Now, this person may or may not have been familiar with the different types of illness that usually occur in this region and having to work on these problems in real life situations only makes him/her more valuable as a doctor and more experienced. This is the thing with working while you’re traveling – you can learn a lot more than you normally would.

You share the passion of what you do

Expanding your circle of friends on the road and talking about your work with them will make you feel even more proud and satisfied with what you do, especially if you come across a lot of encouraging comments from the people you meet. This will only remind you of how much you love what you do and will fill your heart with contentment. Additionally, you might meet people sharing the same career like yours, and as two or more people exchange experiences and interests, we all know that the talk can last for hours.

You can mix business with pleasure

You’ve probably heard many times that you shouldn’t do this, but at some point and for some professions mixing business with pleasure is the key ingredient to a highly successful career. Take writers, for example, they go through life coming up with deep and creative thoughts, forming them into a story that they might have been through or have just been inspired by, collecting paragraphs that they make sense of and putting it all together in a wonderfully written book. Can you imagine how good of a book will be that one of a writer that is traveling the world and writing his/her stories of the journey as days pass by? Or maybe you should think about painters, how they meet different people and fascinating places that inspire them immediately to take the paint and the brushes and do their magic. The world truly is a playground for the creative souls.

It opens your eyes

Some people don’t even realize what they’re missing in life until they reach to new horizons and traveling does this to a person, whether one likes it or not. It is often that you have to get out of the comfort zone just to find that there’s something else that you can do, new challenges that you can take on if you’re willing to live your life even better than you do right now. Apparently, traveling can help you open your eyes and realize the important things in life and the job that is worth your time. New experiences will remind you that you should not settle for anything but look for something that you’re passionate about.

Eventually, all the previously mentioned arguments impose that you should encourage yourself to try and work while you’re traveling the world. Otherwise, if you only focus on work and don’t create new memories, you will end up feeling sorry for the lost time which unfortunately you can’t turn it back. So don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it means that the implementation of the plan might be unsuccessful. There’s always something new to learn from traveling the world, even if it means that you gained from the mistakes rather from the positive memories. Don’t waste your time on something you despise and remember to live your life to the fullest!


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