New Mexico is a neat state. It has flat, arid deserts or stunning mountains and pine trees and crisp, fresh, mountain air. The city of Roswell is located in the southeastern part of the state. If you mention the name “Roswell” to Americans, the first thing that might come up in conversation is aliens! The city grew famous from the UFO Incident of 1947, but since then the city has grown in the hearts of its visitors. Famous people such as actress Demi Moore, singer John Denver and professional football player Tom Brookshier were all born in Roswell. Among the things, this city offers are a national wildlife refuge, the famous Pecos River and many other things to do and see. Roswell is a great place to stop and take in the vibe and views of the American southwest.

The UFO Incident of 1947

Area 51 is located in Nevada and has been the source of speculation for alien activity, and studies and Roswell have grown famous based on the UFO Incident of 1947. The incident has been exhaustively researched, and there is much speculation of a cover-up provided by personnel. Keep in mind that nothing has ever been solidly proven or agreed upon. On July 8, 1947, a public information officer of the Roswell Army Air Field reported that a flying “disk” had crashed and been retrieved on a ranch near the city of Roswell. The FBI received reports of the disk, measuring approximately 20 feet across and they as well as other personnel gave the public information stating that it was a high-altitude weather balloon, not a UFO or alien craft. Many books, reports, press releases, and articles have been released in the years after. Many states that it was indeed an alien spacecraft that was monitoring us, but was struck by lighting and subsequently crashed in Roswell. There have been efforts to try to get the government to open up its files on the matter but to no avail. The issue is still talked about today and where the city of Roswell became famous.

Area 51

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The national wildlife refuge is a great way to see the plants and animals in the surrounding areas. There is a visitor center for guests and has information about where to go and what to see. Birds and dragonflies are popular in the area, and there’s a scenic drive to take, that leads you around the lake. A boardwalk has been constructed for guests to walk on in one area and the refuge is known for its spectacular sunsets. The visitor center has some great short films on what the area is like during the “peak” times and makes sure to see the dragonfly movie! This is a favorite spot for birders as the waterfowl and other species are often numerous and easily seen.

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

International UFO Museum and Research Center

The museum pays tribute to the alien fame Roswell has gained, and although the exhibits are nothing fancy, it is informative and fun. There is lots of information on the Roswell crash, and there is more to read and study than to see here. It is a neat place to stop in and learn a bit more about the events that made Roswell famous and you can decide whether or not you think it was a spaceship and if there was indeed a cover-up story.

Roswell UFO Tours

This tour is raved about, and many people that have taken it suggest you do so before visiting the museum. The guide is familiar with the UFO crash of 1947, and during the tour, you will get to see homes of the witnesses to the incident, as well as Hanger 84 where the “bodies” and debris from the crash were kept. The guide is a researcher, journalist, investigator and lecturer on UFOs and the tour leaves people with a new sense of wonder and amazement. He is extremely knowledgeable on the 1947 incident as well as the city itself. People love this tour and highly recommend it for the ultimate Roswell experience.

City of Roswell

Roswell Museum and Art Center

The Roswell Museum and Art Center is a must-see on your stop in Roswell. It has fantastic displays, and people can learn about the history and folk art. The museum is quite large, and a visitor favorite is to learn about Robert Goddard, who is considered the father of Rocketry. There are also some fantastic art galleries and displays to see in the museum that many find attractive. The styles of New Mexican art are proudly displayed and best of all, admission is free! View the many artifacts and all the fantastic things to see about New Mexico and Roswell here.

Bottomless Lakes State Park

The Bottomless Lakes got its name from 19th-century cowboys who tried to measure the lake. Instead, they could find no bottom and thus was born the “Bottomless” Lakes. These lakes are sinkholes created from salt and gypsum deposits that had collapsed. They can measure anywhere from 19 to over 90 feet in depth. This state park has some great hikes, a visitor center, swimming, bicycling and is a great place for a picnic. The swimming here is the main attraction and is a great place to cool off from the summer heat. There are hookups for RVs and camping grounds too to experience New Mexico truly.

Bottomless Lakes State Park

Pecos Flavors Winery

The Pecos Flavors Winery not only has excellent wines and craft beers, but it is a nice way to spend the day! The winery has tons of games to choose from as well as delicious snacks. Try a Pecos wine and enjoy a cheese board or other snack and play a game. The winery occasionally has live music, and there are gifts available for purchase as well. This place tends to fill up fast, so consider making a reservation in advance. The service here is top notch, and they have a wide selection of wines and Native beers to choose from. This is a must-see and a relaxing way to get a taste of New Mexico!

New Mexico Awaits You

Roswell is a quieter town in the state of New Mexico, and many people stop to explore on their way to somewhere else, or because they have heard so much about the alien incident. This city has some fantastic history, and folk art exhibits and examples and the New Mexico native beer and wines are something you should try. The southwestern art vibe can be seen in the museums and around town too. Stop and learn about aliens and the history of fantastic Roswell.


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