Australia, vacations, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, beaches and sun… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Australia is a big country, so there are many specific destinations you can choose for making this dream real. Here are a few places with good resorts and many attractions nearby.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a lovely resort town located in the north of Australia. Vacations, all inclusive holidays and varied night-life, all of that is available in Port Douglas. Yet it doesn’t feel so much like a tourist center, there’s still a cozy, rural feeling to the town. Not such a long time ago, in the 1960s, Port Douglas was a tiny, fishing village. In the 1980s the first large resort was built, so the town became more popular among tourists, but it has managed to keep its uniqueness and the friendly, pleasant atmosphere created by smiling, laid-back residences, tall palm-trees and lovely buildings. It’s a good place to stay if you’re planning to discover the Australian wildlife. Port Douglas is one hour away from the Great Barrier Reef and one-two hours away from the Daintree National Park.

Port Douglas

Hamilton Island

The Hamilton Island belongs to the Whitsunday Islands and is the largest of them all. There are numerous resorts and hotels on the island, so whatever your accommodation preferences are, you’ll most likely find something suitable. That’s the unique thing about Hamilton Island – it’s full of tourist amenities. Hamilton has even its own, small airport. There’s a lot of infrastructure in the north of the island, so it doesn’t really look like a gateway paradise, but once you get outside of the resort area, you’ll find some nature sites.

Fist of all, Hamilton Island is a part of the Great Barrier Reef (the largest coral formation in the whole world), so you can always take a boat, sail away a bit and go snorkeling among the incredible colors of the reef. The beaches of Hamilton are gorgeous, hence sunbathing is a lovely way of spending the days and when you feel it’s been enough of the lazy relaxation, you can go swimming, trekking, kayaking or play golf. Not only Hamilton but also the remaining Whitsunday Islands make a spectacular part of Australia, vacations, all inclusive holidays and various trips can be wonderful if spent there.

Great Barrier Reef

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, a locality in the Whitsunday Regions, is a jumping-off point for the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef, so tourists regularly come and go. It’s a bustling place, with a vibrant nightlife and endless parties. It might be a bit too loud and busy if you search for a peaceful paradise. Yet its proximity to the wondrous natural sites is a significant advantage for nature-lovers. If you have already spent hours or days under the water, surrounded by the fantastic marine life of the reef, Airlie Beach can be an excellent place for a break and enjoy some more down-to-earth attractions.

Airlie Beach AustraliaByron Bay

What’s special about Byron Bay is mostly the unique, energetic vibe of this beachside town. It’s famous among surfers who gladly come to visit and spread their energy all around the place. Its music festivals, such as the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival or Splendour in the Grass (indie rock, hip-hop, electronic and alternative music), yoga retreats and other events attract hippie travelers and backpackers. In Byron Bay, you can experience the alternative side of Australia. Vacations, all inclusive holidays and weekend trips are an option too. It’s a bohemian town, funky and relaxed. Yet, besides of the budget hostels, there are also hotels and resorts you can stay to combine the comfort with adventure and fun.

Sunshine Coast

Even though Byron Bay is the bohemian town, it’s Sunshine Coast that wins the prize for the most hippie name ever. It’s a whole region, not just one spot, so there’s a lot to choose from all across the Sunshine Coast. With the capital in Queensland, golden beaches on the coast and mountain towns in the hinterland, the area is rich and offers a broad range of attractions. To relax on the warm sand and swim in the crystal-blue water. Or to surf and sip drinks in alfresco bars, stay on the coast. To climb the mountains and discover little, charming villages, move towards the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Don’t forget to visit the Australia Zoo and take a look at the crocodiles, zebras, giraffes, pandas and elephants. It’s an exotic must-see for all tourists.

Sunshine CoastPhillip Island

Phillip Island, situated at the mouth of Western Port Bay, is known as a home of penguins. Hence many tourists go there especially to see these little, cute animals. The Penguin Parade, being a part of the Phillip Island Nature Park, is the only commercial venue where you can see penguins adorable waddling around their own natural environment. Philip Island Nature Park also includes the Koala Conservation Centre and many other attractions. Nature all across the island is charming. There are some gorgeous surf beaches and rural areas. So it’s a great place not only for a day-trip but a longer stay as well. The Island is also famous for the Motorcycle Grand Prix held every year.

Phillip Island AustraliaAs you can see, Australia has plenty to offer; laid-back holidays, adventures, wildlife, water sports and so much more. If you have already been to Australia, share your stories; let us know what place you chose to stay at and how you liked it.


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