Have you ever felt the need to put your daily life on pause, pack up and leave to a new, unknown destination? One that’s far from the place where you live, and yet it attracts your adventurous spirit and your wish to explore? If so, then which country has it fallen on your mind? I bet you yearn to explore the beauty of the other continents but have you thought of traveling to Papua New Guinea?

Where is Papua New Guinea?

Here comes the tricky part because once it’s mentioned, I bet you wouldn’t think of its real location right away. Nevertheless, this country is part of the region called Oceania, taking up the eastern half of the New Guinea Island and some offshore islands in Melanesia. Shortly, it is situated north of Australia, and it neighbors up with the Solomon Islands and Indonesia on east and west.  From the geographical point of view, the country is mainly mountainous, having large areas being covered in tropical rainforests. Additionally, there are several rivers and swamps, but since the country has long coasts, it won’t be that strange bumping to some water. Is it your first time in Papua New Guinea? Stick with us and find out what to see and do there.

Where is Papua New Guinea

Skip the capital of Papua New Guinea

Also known as Pom Town, the capital, and the largest city is officially called Port Moresby. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Papua, this city emerged as a trade center in the past and is known to have been inhabited for centuries by the Motu-Koitabu people. Therefore this town has a fascinating history and a diverse combination of individuals. But is it really worth to get wonderfully lost between the modern towers and the various yachts? Sure, this city has its own charm, but tourists usually avoid visiting it because of their impression that the city is expensive, somewhat dangerous and not easy to walk from one place to another. Nevertheless, if you’re still considering visiting Port Moresby, then take a look at the following attractions: National Museum and Art Gallery, Paga Point, Port Moresby Nature Park, Ela Beach Craft Market, Bomana War Cemetery and Parliament Haus.

Get inspired by diversity

This incredible country is known to be one of the most culturally diverse lands in the world. More than 800 languages are known to have been used in the territory of Papua New Guinea, even though some of them are not spoken anymore. The population is known to be of more than 7 million people, many of them having different origins and beliefs. All this is a consequence of the colonization. Nevertheless, there are three official languages of the country, and those are; English, Tok Pisin, and Hiri Motu.

papua new guinea

In case you want to experience a real culture shock and yet spend a few days bombed by impressions, then we recommend you to stay a few days in the home of a tribal village. Tourists coming to Papua New Guinea are usually eager to try out something like this, so they head down to Sepik River region to gain such an experience. Here are probably some of the most culturally rich native tribes, opening their doors to travelers that want to feed their curiosity. Fish and dine with the people from the tribes, learn something more about their everyday life, spend a night at their homes and see how it feels to be in their skin. You’ll definitely learn a lot and widen your horizons.

What to do in Papua New Guinea

Such a mysterious, yet amusing country deserves a lot of attention as there are plenty of ways you can explore this destination. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy some dramatic landscapes, then travel to see the Sepik River, the surrounding of Mount Wilhelm, Fly River, Mount Giluwe and Owen Stanley Range. For those feeling more adventurous, visit the active stratovolcano called Tavurvur and its scenic surroundings. It’s located on the island of New Britain, near the town of Rabaul which was mostly destroyed by an eruption in 1994.

Another amazingly interesting thing you can do here is to attend the famous Goroka Show. Being part of this show might be your most authentic experience, as it represents a tribal gathering and a cultural event, where various groups of people show their cultural heritage, entertaining the spectators with their dances and music. And if you feel like you’re better off exploring the territory on foot, then take into account the following tracks: Kokoda Track, Black Cat Track, Bulldog Track, etc.

What to do in Papua New Guinea

How to get to Papua New Guinea

It may seem impossible to get to this marvelous country, but it really isn’t that hard. There are plenty of airports in Papua New Guinea, so there’s no problem getting there by plane. The largest and busiest airport is Jacksons International Airport, also known as Port Moresby Airport. You can find vast options of airlines flying to this and other big airports in the country. Another way you can get there is by using sea transport from one country to another, but you have to be careful about the regulations to do so, especially if you are planning on departing from Australia.

Discover the hidden treasure

It is assumed that Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored countries, being called by many tourists: the untouched paradise. Just because most of its population lives in rural areas, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be seen. Sure, the urban centers may catch your eyes, but there’s nothing that will enchant you more than the pure enchanting power of nature. So, make up your mind. Promise to yourself that you will be courageous enough to get out of your comfort zone and go outside to explore the true wonders of the world. Seize the day and make every journey worth the trip. At least you will enter a whole new world and learn a lot of stuff once you visit the striking Papua New Guinea.


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