How many times did you experience this “Oh, I wish I have taken it” moment? There are some items travelers tend to forget about each time they pack. Here’s a list of 20 things people forget to pack for holidays and that are often overlooked – keep them in mind when you write down the packing list!

1. Smaller bag to use during excursions
Once you leave a suitcase or large backpack in the place you’re staying at, you’ll need a smaller bag to walk around. It happens so often people forget about them and then try to fill in all the necessities in their pockets.
2. Painkillers
You can never know when these will come in handy. Sleepless nights tend to happen often to travelers and are usually followed by headaches. It’s something you don’t want to think of while preparing for a trip, but you better do so – you might thank yourself later on.
3. Wine and beer opener
How many times did it happen you bought wine and then have nothing to open it with? What a disappointment. Beers are easier to experiment with, some skilled individuals can open them with lighters and other gadgets, but still, it’s better to skip these efforts and simply keep an opener in the bag.
4. Comfortable shoes
Of course, you always have some shoes, but do you have the suitable ones? Take shoes that you’ve tried at home and you know for sure they’re comfy.
5. Water shoes
Since the word “beach” usually brings to mind imagines of white, soft sand, people tend to forget some coasts are rocky. If you’re going to one of those destinations, a pair of water shoes will be efficient.
6. Something warm and fluffy to wear when it gets chilly
Even if you’re going to visit a hot country, it’s always good to have at least one warm piece of clothing. Evenings get chilly nearly everywhere. Imagine a starry sky, you and your friends sitting in a lovely sidewalk café, someone’s playing music, everything’s perfect except… you freezing. How nice would it be to have a woolen sweater at this moment!
7. Some fancier clothes
Even when you’re backpacking, slightly elegant clothes can turn out to be useful. You never know where you’ll be invited to and whom you’ll meet, that’s why it’s good to have some decent clothes. The best are those that can change depending on what you combine them with, such as a shirt or a simple dress.
8. Sunglasses
Going for a sunny vacation? Take sunglasses! And place them in a case, so that they won’t get broken in the midst of your luggage.
9. Umbrella or raincoat
We want to hope for a sunny day, but unfortunately, the weather has a moody character, and it doesn’t always feel like to make people’s wishes come true.
10. Swimsuit
Unless you’re going to sunbath on nudist beaches, the swimsuit is a must. Many hotels and hostels feature a pool or Jacuzzi, so even if you’re not heading to a tropical island, add a swimsuit to your packing list.
11. Documents and copies
It’s one of the most important things, and despite that, people tend to forget about it. You should have not only all your documents (ID, passport, tickets, credit cards, etc.) but also copies – just in case. Keep copies and originals separate to lower the risk of losing them all.
12. Something to read
A book or magazine is fabulous when you’ve got to wait for a bus or spend hours on a plane.
13. Reusable water battle
In many places, you can drink water from the tap, so there’s no need to buy it regularly. That’s when a reusable water bottle comes in handy.
14. Snacks
You surely don’t want to explore wild nature with an empty stomach. Peanuts, muesli bars, dried fruit, those are healthy and fulfilling snacks you can take with you in case there’s no shop or restaurant nearby.
15. Phone charger
Modern people are strongly connected with their phones, so they’re rarely forgotten. What we sometimes fail to remember of is that the phones need to be fed. Plenty of chargers were lonesomely left on a shelf, bedside table or somewhere in a closet, while discharged phones and their owners missed them so badly.
16. All sorts of chargers, actually
Yes, chargers are one of those modest, inconspicuous things that often get overlooked. Not only the phone, but most of your electronic gadgets probably need a portion of energy once in a while, so don’t remember to take the supplies.
17. Extra memory card
Do you like to take photos during your trips? You probably do, so find some space in the luggage for an extra memory card – it’s small but so useful.
18. Laundry bag
To keep order in your baggage, take a laundry bag, especially if you’re not going to stay in a luxurious hotel with all sorts of services.
19. Little gifts
It’s nice to have some postcards or souvenirs from your home country to share with the people you meet on the road; they’ll surely appreciate such a lovely gesture.
20. Space for souvenirs
Don’t make your bag full, leave a bit of space for a bottle of delicious German beer, sombrero hat or Indian spices.


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