Some stuff just makes life easier, more pleasant and enjoyable. Even though it sounds slightly materialistic, it’s hard to deny. If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably many times experienced this moment when one little thing saves your day. A magazine you had in the bag when the train was delayed, a mp3 player to keep you company during a long bus ride, the right charger when the battery in your phone suddenly decided it was time to stop working. Things turn out to be very useful sometimes. That’s why here’s a list including 7 examples of the best travel gadgets that might make traveling simpler and more fun.

1. Kindle

That’s an avid reader’s treasure. With Kindle, you can have all the books you want without carrying them around. Of course, a paper book is like no other, its charm is undeniable, but when you feel its weight in your backpack or suitcase, it somehow becomes less magical. For long-term travelers it’s especially annoying because one book is often just enough for a night-train ride, then it’s over, but you still have to carry it with you. Kindle solves the problem. You can have around 200 books in one small, light device. It’s basically like owning a tiny library. Plus, whenever you’re done with a story, you can just delete it and get a new one.

Kindle E-reader
2. A scarf with hidden pocket

Produced by SpeakeasySupplyCo, the scarves are available in several styles, like Paris, Amsterdam or Canterbury (yes, it’s lovely the scarves’ names and designs are inspired by cities). Not only stylish but extremely practical, they’re an excellent way to keep your valuables safe. The scarves include a hidden zipped pocket, totally invisible even for the most curious eyes of a pickpocket. It’s large enough to carry your passport, ID, phone, keys and a small guidebook. The scarves are made of various high-quality fabrics, some of them perfect for sunny spring days, others ready to keep you warm in the winter.

Scarf With Hidden Pocket

3. The USB Utility Charge Tool

The USB Utility Charge Tool reminds of the Swiss Army Knife but is one of the best travel gadgets for modern travelers. A few “blades” it contains can be used to charge your electronic devices. There’s a standard USB adapter that can be stuck into the USB port of your computer and other connectors: Apple 30-pin plug, a micro USB, and mini USB. You can use the connectors to connect up to three devices and charge them all from the computer. This all-in-one utility charger comes in very handy if you use a lot of electronics, but not always have time to charge them all one by one or plugs to charge separately.

Charge device

4. Waterproof case

There are many models of waterproof cases, one of them (a good example) made by The Beachbuoy company. A waterproof case is handy if you expect to encounter some torrential rains on your journey. Or you’re luckier and what you fear is seawater on a gorgeous beach, a swimming pool in a luxurious hotel or crazy fun in theme-parks with water rides. Either way, where there’s lots of water, there’s a risk your valuables may get wet and thus destroyed. You can wear the case on your neck or shoulder and hide under the jacket for additional protection (from pickpockets, because there’s no way water gets to your stuff with this case even if you just hold it in your hand when it’s raining or throw it straight under a waterfall).

Waterproof Case

5. Play Station Portable

If you’ve ever spent a night at the airport, you can surely imagine why such a thing like Play Station Portable is a marvelous travel gadget. If you’ve not only waited for planes, trains, buses, etc., but you’re also a fan of video games, then you need to explanations on why it’s good to have a PSP with you. There are lots of similar devices, but this one has some advantages that will be particularly important on a journey, and they’re just hard to beat. One of them is the fact that PSP can play films. The second is that it can store 300 of them or 1200 episodes of TV shows. Besides, PSP can also serve as a phone or GPS. Sounds like one of the best travel gadgets, doesn’t it?

Play Station Portable

6. Able Planet Linx Fusion Noise-Canceling Headphones

These excellent headphones do not only block the outside noise with a noise-cancellation technology, but they also transmit audio via the listener’s ear, skin, and bone. It means you get a clear sound no matter what kind of noisy place you’re located in and, also, lower the risk of damaging your ears. That’s because of the skin- and bone-conduction, thanks to which these headphones require less volume than standard headphones. For everyone who’s hard on hearing, the Able Planet’s headphones are especially great, because they don’t transmit exclusively through traditional sound waves. They’re also comfortable and packed into a pretty carrying case.

With a pair of Able Planet’s headphones, you can listen to music at the airport without being bothered by planes departing or in a hostel surrounded by terrible dorm-mates whose last concern is someone else’s peace. You can even hit a disco and exchange the annoying kitschy music with your great private collection. Jumping with the crowd, but following your own rhythm (that’s one of the things many people dream of doing, but so few actually peruse this dream; well, that’s the gadget to go for if you’ve had this fantasy).

7. Jacket Gripper

It’s such a simple thing, but makes walking and living so much easier. You probably know this dramatic feeling: you wake up, the weather’s all cute and sunny, but you know it might all change in the evening. The sun will hide, the wind will come, long story short: it’ll be cold. Then a doubt appears in your mind: should you take the jacket or not? If you do it, you’ll carry it all day long in your hand, only to wear it for a short time in the evening. If you don’t take it, you’ll most likely freeze and regret terribly.

Good news: you don’t have to worry anymore. You also don’t have to walk with a big backpack to solve this issue. There’s the Jacket Gripper, a simple gadget that attaches the jacket to your bag so that you can be comfortable without the need to hold it all the time.

Jacket Gripper
8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Do you want to make a roof party at the hostel where you’re staying? Or play some music in your host’s kitchen while you prepare a delicious meal together? You’ve got this fantastic list of songs on your iPhone or laptop. But of course, the device is too quiet by itself, so you need a speaker. Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best travel gadgets for globetrotters who’re addicted to music and want to share their favorite sounds with others. It’s small, practical and can provide a soundtrack to the days of your travels. There’s a variety of models available on the market. Fluance Fi30 and Ultimate Ears Boom are two great examples worth recommendation.


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