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Yoga Vacations: A Comprehensive Guide to a Relaxing Retreat

yoga vacations
The stigma surrounding the world of yoga has often deterred even the most adventurous of individuals from giving the activity a shot. Voicing concerns...

Addicted to Yoga? Plan your stay at these awesome retreats

yoga retreats
“Asana” yoga lovers of the world, stretch your arms up to greet the sun and point your eyes at the screen because you’re about...

Get rid of the toxins! See these amazing detox retreats

detox retreats
It’s summer time and we’re all planning our perfect vacation, impatiently waiting for the time to come so we can dig our toes in...

Travel and Meditation: Reasons to experience such retreat

meditation retreat
Meditation is the simple act of guiding your mind back to the present moment. This technique can be especially useful while traveling when we...