A visit to New York City is a small version of around the world journey. Hundreds of languages, cultures, many traditions, backgrounds and cuisines! Here’s a list of 7 fun and fascinating New York City food tours. Sophisticated appetizers, delicious candies, aromatic wines, flavorful, exotic dishes, during your stay in the Big Apple you may try them all.

Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Tour

Organized by Foods of New York Tours, the tour Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Tour is perfect for first-time visitors exploring New York. It includes walking around the West Village, learning about Green Village’s culture, architecture, and history, combined with tasting yummy specialties in “mom and pop” historical food shops, eateries, and restaurants.
When: Every day. The tours start between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm.
Meeting point: Near 6thAve. And Bleecker St. (it’ll be confirmed when you book the ticket)

FOOD FAST TOUR, Food on Foot Tours

Food on Foot Tours’ motto is: “See and taste New York like a New Yorker!”, So the guides don’t only take you for a tour around restaurants, they show you what it means to be a New Yorker. You get to visit several different eateries, moving around by foot and subway. One of the offered tours, Food Fast Tour, is a great option for those who have insufficient time to spend in New York City. Only four stops, a quick, but a fulfilling experience of New York’s cuisine.
When: A few times a week, check the Food on Foot Tours website to make sure about the dates.
Meeting point: Grand Central Terminal.

Brewery, Winery and Distillery Tour, Urban Oyster

An excellent opportunity to taste various beers, wines and liquors with the Urban Oyster, Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tour includes a visit in New York’s local businesses. During the tour, you can learn about the history of the distilling business in New York, talk with professionals, get to know more about their craft and, last but not least, have a taste of the drinks.
When: The tours are organized for private groups only, so you must book it in advance.
Meeting point: North 11th St. in Williamsburg.

Upper West Side Chocolate, Dessert and Wine Tour, City Food Tours

An excellent choice of New York’s delights is to be tasted on this lovely tour of the Upper West Side. The goal is discovering the best shops and eateries in Manhattan. Crunchy cookies, flaky pastries, yummy cheeses, fresh bread, chocolate truffles and delicious gelato, doesn’t it sound like the sweetest of New York food tours? Add to that a selection of fine wines, carefully chosen and brought from different countries, and you have not only a bit of sweetness but also a sip of luxury.
When: Check the City Food Tours website for availability.
Meeting point: 72nd Street & Broadway.

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour

Real New York pizza with yummy cheese, crispy dough, and perfect sauce is in itself enough of a reason to join A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. There are even more attractions though! During this tour, you also learn about the history of pizza, stroll about Coney Island, get to see the beautiful Brooklyn and Verrazano-Narrows Bridges and find out lots of curious facts about Brooklyn. What films were shot in Brooklyn? You can check out the actual locations where great American productions were shot. Where did Elvis ship off to Germany in 1958? You get to see the spot. These and more secrets of Brooklyn are uncovered for you during this tour.
When: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at 11:00 am.
Meeting Point: The Union Square area of Manhattan (exact details will be provided once you purchase the tickets).


Tours organized by Noshwalks take you to the ethnic neighborhoods of New York, in all the five boroughs. From Italian pizzas and traditional Albanian bureks to tasty delights from India and Bangladesh, Noshwalks provide the visitors with a chance of tasting a great variety of foods from all across the globe. Besides of trying all these fascinating dishes, it’s also an exceptional opportunity to see the lesser-known areas of New York City.
When: Check the schedule on Noshwalks website, the dates vary.
Meeting point: The locations are various as well; everything depends on what kind of cuisine is to be discovered at a given time.

Dining Cruises, Bateaux New York

Unique New York City food tours, dining cruises offer not only the possibility to enjoy tasty meals but also the cruising in it. Bateaux organizes lots of trips: dinner or lunch cruises, brunch cruises and specialty cruises, such as dining during the full moon or the July 4th fireworks show. It’s a wonderful way to see New York skyline and take a closer look at the greatest monuments (like the Statue of Liberty). All of that spiced up with the heavenly dishes and live music. Magic!

When: Check out the Bateaux website, as there are many tours and different dates.
Meeting point: The cruises start from Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.


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