For some people, coffee is just a type of beverage, while for others it is a pure necessity. Some people can’t even imagine a day spent without at least one cup. And you can easily spot on those people – if they haven’t had that morning café then they will most probably not be interested in talking to you and will stay being unsatisfied as long as they don’t get what they want – COFFEE!

Interesting is how people drink café because of different reasons. Some say they think better after a cup, some believe it gives them energy, some drink it because their friends drink it and many other reasons, but one thing is for sure, and it applies to every type of drinker – they all love the smell and taste of it!

So, I guess you’re also a passionate lover, like many of us on this planet, and you enjoy your café in any period of the day. Cappuccino, Espresso, Turkish, Late Macchiato, whatever I mention you have probably tried all of them and found your favorite one. But what if I tell you that there are special destinations in the world where you can completely enjoy the essence of coffee, and it will make you love it even more! Check them out:

Coffee Spa in Japan

What? Is it for real? Well, why don’t you pack up your things and go find out yourself?

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, the hot springs amusement park and spa resort is the place where you can enjoy in a long, relaxing coffee spa. Located in the wonderful town of Hakone in Japan, the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun offers you more than 25 different kinds of spa related services and fun recreational water activities. It’s the largest resort of this nature that provides the ultimate water fun for its visitors. Their spas are created with the use of the hot springs (onsen) in Japan, something that is quite an attraction there, bringing many visitors over the year.

The Yunessun Spa Resort features The God’s Aegean Sea, the Ancient Roman Bath, Green Tea Spa, Japanese Sake Spa, Wine Spa and others, but what lovers find to be amazing is the founding of the Coffee Spa. And, luckily for us, the spa has its name with a purpose, since it is made of hot spring water that contains real ingredients. Not that you will only enjoy the enchanting smell of café, but you can also feel it on your skin. And the best part is – as a result of few studies, it has been assumed that it is good for the skin in several ways:

  • It can brighten the skin
  • It reduces eye puffiness
  • It can help exfoliate the skin
  • It makes the skin tighter
  • It’s perfect for the hair growth and shine
  • Depends on the color of the hair, it also improves its quality

During the day, there are several performances of real coffee being poured into the spa, so there’s always some fresh coffee in your spa treatment. However, don’t consider drinking any of this water since it’s only for the use of the spa.

Visit the land of coffee

Ethiopia, a charming country in the continent of Africa, is known to be the home of the biggest bean production. And why is that? Well, let’s just say that in 2013 the statistics showed that the country of Ethiopia has produced 6.6 million bags of coffee, making it the number one country that provides the biggest production in the world.

Traditional ethiopian coffee pot

But why would you travel to visit Ethiopia? Well, first of all, you have to be aware that Ethiopia is the true heaven for café lovers since it is growing everywhere. The Coffea plants that are producing the seeds for the production of coffee are highly populated in Ethiopia, but the central regions where the coffee beans originate are Sidamo, Ghimbi, and Harrar. It’s for sure that Ethiopia produces some of the unique and fascinating cafés in the world.

To experience the coffee, you’re enjoying thoroughly; you should try to take some of the tours that will show you the coffee farms in Ethiopia, or simply engage into some coffee tasting in the capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa. If you want to understand them through the beauty of café – you have to get to know its origin and history and the best way to do it is to take a tour in Ethiopia.

Go for a little coffee adventure

Care to find out a different way to enjoy? Then you need some of Costa Rica’s coffee adventure tours. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is also very well known for its café. But what more can you find here other than simple tour and tasting sessions?

Costa Rica coffee

Well, despite the many coffee tours offered in different cities in Costa Rica, you can also find some pretty amusing stuff like the adventure in Heredia which is walking the trails or zip-lining through the woods, where you will smell different café aromas. You can also take part in a tour that is presenting the most beautiful types of coffee in Costa Rica, accompanied by chocolates that are even made by coffee and have a delicious taste. Or just choose the coffee and waterfalls tour that will be perfect for all your senses.

Visit some coffee museums

Apparently, there are plenty of coffee museums in the world, and it’s quite fun to visit every single one of them. The history, the invention, the machines used for producing coffee, the brands and even some art exhibitions can be found in these museums. There are plenty of fun facts you’ll learn about café and many types that you’ll have the chance to try.

coffee museums

If you’re interested in visiting such museums, take a look at the ones in London, UK; Ciales, Puerto Rico; Vienna, Austria; Dubai, UAE; Prague, Czech Republic; St. Petersburg, Russia and much more. Don’t miss out on the special events they organize from time to time.

They say that a yawn is a silent scream for café and if you find yourself sleeping at this very moment, you know you have to grab a cup or better yet – find the time and ask your friends to join you on a trip to these fascinating destinations, perfect for passionate lovers like yourself.


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