Backpacking is an excellent way to travel through Europe. But not everyone is looking for the young, cheap travel experience. If you are a more sophisticated traveler, you might want a classier route to follow. Older generations have journeyed twice as long as gap year teens. Globalized travel transcends any age barrier, and the thirst for adventure has no age limit. Older generations hold rich life experience to take with them on the road. Retirement especially can be an opportunity to see the world. Spend your newly found time exploring the beauty of continental life. Read ahead to find out the best and most relaxing ways to travel through Europe.

City Breaks are a great way to travel through Europe

With cheap flights, package deals and hotel offers, travel through Europe has never been easier. With a proximity of countries, you can simply city hop your way around the continent. A traditional, well-trodden route is a good way to go. Viewing the classic European sights is never boring – especially for those who have waited to see them. A tour of capital cities is engaging and constantly exciting. Invest in a decent camera to record the city experience. This way, you can share your travel adventures with friends and family.


Paris, France is a great place to start. A central location in Western Europe, it is a holiday favorite. Various travel connections make it simple to navigate. From here, you can journey to surrounding European countries. Everybody knows the classic sights of Paris. However touristy, standing under the Eifel Tower is an amazing experience. Tick off your list of travel dreams and see the monuments and attractions that are famous for a reason. The city is undeniably romantic and is the perfect vacation for a couple’s getaway.

Are you traveling alone? Travel through Europe is entirely accessible for any solo tourist. Single travel does not have to be a big, independent challenge. Just relax and enjoy the sights at your pace. Rome, Italy can be a perfect place to do so. The capital has so much to see. Saturated in history and culture – museums, sites, and architecture deliver unlimited potential.

If you are looking for a fairly less popular city break, many mistakenly overlook Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is one of the cleanest and safest capitals of Europe – not to mention incredibly beautiful. Stone bridges over the picturesque river dominate the town. It is full of energy and joy, perfect for a soothing vacation.

Trains through the beauty of Switzerland

Inter-railing is possibly the most common way to travel through Europe. However, if you want a more sophisticated passenger experience, many private companies provide luxurious tours. A great place to take on is in Switzerland. The natural beauty of the country is captivating. Experience it in style by looking at the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland and choosing a route that suits you best. These specialty trips purposely take you slowly through the most stunning paths of Switzerland – designed for the journey, rather than the destination.

Trains through the beauty of Switzerland

Barge holiday in the canals of England

Instead of the trains of Switzerland, how about the canals of England? Perhaps less luxurious, these waterways are just as lovely. You can rent a barge and explore the country of England by boat. These old canals take you all through the country – traditional journeys in old-fashioned style. Spend your time reading on the deck, or the roof. Navigate the locks that guide you through the uneven land. Watch the cute little villages pass you by and be sure to jump off into the country pubs that line the waterways. England is a destination you must visit during your travel through Europe – this is an excellent way to explore it. True relaxation – a slow pace and no worries.

canals of England

Walking tour of Croatia

If you are looking for a more active way to travel through Europe, a walking tour in Croatia might be perfect for you. You can sign up for self-guided tours that provide an itinerary to follow. This way, you can make the most out of Croatia, yet still, have the freedom to go your pace. It is ideal for solo travelers or group holidays. The tours also sell accommodation and ferry tickets. So all the preparation is complete before you even begin your travels. Choose your level of activity in the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. It is an excellent way to get outside and experience the beauty of Croatia first hand.


Cruises around the oceans of Europe

A timeless classic of relaxing travel is the cruise. A typical journey is along the Mediterranean Coast. This route is famous for a reason – taking you around some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. A cruise is a perfect way to visit numerous places in one journey. The travel between destinations is an experience itself – out in the beautiful blue ocean waves. From Dubrovnik to Venice to Ephesus, a Mediterranean cruise will surely make your travel through Europe an unforgettable experience.

For a less conventional travel route, take a cruise that is more unusual. Although some go to the beautiful weather of Southern Europe, others find the north more appealing. Nordic cruises guide you through the rougher seas of Scandinavia. Sweden, in particular, can be fantastic to travel by boat. The numerous islands that scatter the coastline are spectacular to navigate. The icy land adds an element of mystery when reflected in the cold, fresh blue waters.

Many of put off by the lack of freedom offered by cruises. However, they are a lot more flexible than you might think. Most stop off at new places very regularly. Once you leave the boat, there is no limit to what you can see or do. It is simple a slow and comfortable mode of travel. Rare journeys that offer stunning natural beauty from A to B. Furthermore, activities on board keep visitors entertained. Recline in luxury by sipping cocktails on the deck all afternoon. Then head for dinner at renowned restaurants with continuous, beautiful sea views.

Cruises around the oceans of Europe

It is always the right time to travel through Europe!

Whether you are planning an extensive trip or only looking for a getaway vacation, travel through Europe is always a perfect option. So much diversity lies in proximity. The continent is well connected and saturated in history, culture and natural beauty. If the days of backpacks and youth hostels are behind you, Europe can still accommodate your travel needs. Accessible to anyone and loved by everyone –travel through Europe is the right route to take.


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