In the heart of Austria lies the district of Tyrol. It is an idyllic area of beauty and tradition. The rural, peaceful lifestyles draw tourists each year. In the winter, skiers gather on the slopes of the Alps. Similarly, in summer, travelers hike the mountainous terrain. All year, people come to absorb the beauty of the landscape. Happy residents celebrate local custom. All around is spectacular nature. Join in! Come and visit the stunning state of Tyrol, Austria.

So what is there to do in Tyrol, Austria?

See crystals! Near Innsbruck is Swarovski Kirstallwelten – translated as ‘crystal worlds’. This place is as magical as it sounds. Deep in the mountains, a small town holds a museum, an art exhibition, and a theme park. The Crystal Cloud is a main artistic feature. It uses hanging stones to manipulate reflected light. There is a Swarovski store, crystalized artwork, sparkling fountains and rooms of mirrors. All are celebrating the same thing – the simple, pure beauty of the crystal.

Tyrol Skiing

Go skiing! Innsbruck hosted the Olympic Games twice. You can see a world famous ski run. The natural slopes of the mountains invite skiers in winter. Surrounding natural beauty offers endless adventure. The area is popular with outdoor enthusiasts all year. Hike the Zirbenweg trail or paraglide over Achen Lake. There are many great ways to experience the stunning scenery of Tyrol.

Visit a monastery! St. Georgenberg is a hidden Benedictine Abbey. Beautifully located in the foothills of Tyrol, it stands peacefully within the trees. It is a spiritual haven. Numerous people gather here for a possibly miraculous experience. The monastery is famous for the ‘blood miracle’ that took place in the 12th Century. Pilgrims follow pathways to the Holy Mountain. Regardless of religion, the building is undeniably impressive. It holds a peaceful air. Embrace it – and you might find a sense of serenity wash over you. Stay here on a pilgrimage or retreat and experience its beauty for yourself.


Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol. It is in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Are you traveling between Germany and Italy? Innsbruck is the perfect stop over. Don’t be tempted to head straight for the nature surrounding the city. Embrace the center first. It is full of history, culture, and charm. The Alpine background compliments the character of every building. The mountains beautify every road. Grab a coffee on a broad and colorful street. Soak up the fresh mountain air and peaceful atmosphere.


To escape the shadowed streets, jump on a city cable car. Climb to the core of the Nordkette Mountains range and witness panoramic views of Innsbruck. Do you want the stunning sight without the hike? The cable car is a leisurely experience. Of course – only if you are not afraid of heights! At the top, you are welcomed by a restaurant. Enjoy afternoon tea on a terrace with striking views. Jazz music plays softly in the background. It is the perfect way to spend the day. The scene is especially beautiful in the evening. Indulge in a romantic dinner over the illuminated city. Silhouettes of the mountains outline the horizon.

Wondering where to go in Innsbruck? The Imperial Palace, Cathedral, Golden Roof and Basilica should all be on your list. Indeed, there are many ways to be a tourist. Innsbruck is not an intimidating city. You can wander slowly and stumble across its cultural attractions. The architecture is defined but welcoming, impressive yet rooted in local history. To learn more about its rich past, visit the museums. They display folk art and artifacts revealing the culture, religion, and tradition of Tyrol.

Small Mountain Villages

Tyrol stays true to classic Austrian images – wooden chalets, flowered balconies, snow tipped roofs and vast green pastures. In scattered mountain villages, there is peace and relaxation. Local communities are welcoming and make you never want to leave. So stay! In summer or winter, the rural land of Tyrol is a dream vacation.


In the shelter of the Alps, the lovely villages of Kematen and Kufstein are worth a visit. Rattenberg is also beautiful. It is the smallest town in the area, filled to the brim with charm and character. There are old buildings and museums full of history to explore. The place specializes in glass blowing. Treat yourself to one of the charming glass artifacts for sale.

Stay in the idyllic scenery of Tyrol by sleeping in village hotels. Luxurious retreats and local chalets are available to rent. Budget accommodation is also in the mountains. Romedihof Backpacker Hostel in the town of Imst is very characteristic. It holds a white exterior, wooden furniture, arched ceilings and small attic rooms.

Take advantage of the local scene. Indulge in Austrian cuisine. Wiener Schnitzel and a cold beer are a standard meal. The Alps are always in the background. Tiny streams and waterfalls complement the epic scenery. By staying here, you not only witness the natural beauty of Tyrol; you become immersed in it.

Tyrolean Tradition

Tyrol is proud of its folk heritage. Embrace local tradition! Watch a Schuhplattler – a fast, lively dance passed down through generations. See it performed by a family at the Tyrolean Folk Show in Innsbruck. Learn about the distinctive culture of Tyrol through this classic Austrian experience. Large festivals and concerts are regular events in Tyrol. Beauty floods the area and people rejoice it regularly. Locals celebrate happy lives. The annual Innsbruck Festival hosts a range of shows. From Baroque opera to folk dance, dramatic plays to relaxing musical recitals. There is something for everyone.


Tyrol celebrates its local history. It also promotes innovation and creativity. Global festivals bring energy to tranquil settings. The Dance Summer Festival welcomes performers from all over the world. It praises the cultural diversity of dance and embraces all styles and traditions.

Almabtrieb is a very random Tyrolean tradition. The festival celebrates a rural event – cows returning from pastures. Locals treat the cows like grand, regal figures. They decorate them with flowers and cowbells. A tour through local villages presents them in procession. It is a unique tradition to witness. Essentially, it is one big, wonderfully surreal parade.

For a small and peaceful district, Tyrol offers unlimited potential. The air is tranquil and quiet. But, by no means boring. Traditions and stories go back generations. There is a unique energy to the area. The mountains are full of adventure. Explore their snowy peaks and hidden valleys. Multiple small Austrian villages are willing to accommodate you. So book a ticket now – the endless opportunities of Tyrol are waiting.


  1. Recently stayed near Ellmau at Oberachenhof farm house, and cannot recommend the place and area enough. It’s idyllic and charming to the point of making you wonder if you’re in a photoshopped picture.

    • Wow – Oberachenhof farm house looks beautiful! Yes, I think a lot of places in Tyrol have that effect 🙂 It really is a beautiful place.


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