Here’s a list of 5 top destinations you might want to consider when you decide where to go for all-inclusive European vacations. Each one of them has something else to offer. Some are incredibly famous, others not that much, but in all of them you can find excellent resorts and hotels.

Crete, Greece

Crete is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Not without reason. Nature out there is just stunning: fantastic beaches, mountains with gorges curving down between them, gorgeous valleys and olive groves. As if it wasn’t enough, there’s, even more, to discover on Crete. You can make a trip back in time and explore the remnants of ruins of ancient Minoan civilization. Thanks to all these attractions, Cretan tourism is flourishing. During your all-inclusive European vacations in Crete, you can stay in one of the fabulous hotels, Crete has plenty of them. Luxurious resorts host thousands of tourists each year. It’s worth mentioning even though Crete is such a tourist center, while some parts of it remain wild or rural. Tough, traditional Cretan farmers take care of nature. That’s why in many taverns and restaurants you can try dishes made of natural, healthy products.

Lazio, Italy

Italy is an excellent location to choose for all-inclusive European vacations, especially if you want to both relax and discover historic sites. Lazio, a region of Italy, is situated by the Tyrrhenian Sea. You can choose to stay on the coast and enjoy its scenic beaches. One of Lazio’s best attractions is excellent spa centers. There’s something special about spas in Italy since they have a long, long history, and that applies to the Lazio region as well. There are thermal water springs in the area, so Romans used them to build their thermal baths. Spas, usually considered as something modern and luxurious, in Lazio are a part of local tradition. Besides, centuries of practice made Italians masters in this field. Once you feel rested after the baths, saunas, swimming in the sea and sunbathing, you can make a tour to a place of great historical significance, such as the famous capital of Italy and one of Europe’s most precious treasures, Rome.

Algarve, Portugal

Located in the southwest corner of Europe, with its breathtaking cliffs, sandy beaches, and gorgeous islands, Algarve feels like a dream. Perhaps it is one. Looking at the turquoise water and strangely shaped rocks sticking out of it, at the lovely castles and colorful ports, it’s a bit hard to believe it’s not a dreamland, but an actual location on Earth. But yes, it is here, and many tourists have realized its existence. Hence Algarve is now filled with not only natural wonders but also elegant hotels and vibrant resorts. The region is famous for its night-life and offers a broad range of clubs and bars. You can party all night long since many discos stay open till the morning. Retro pubs, crazy nightclubs, fancy lounge bars and beach clubs – whatever it is that you prefer, it can most likely be found in one of the Algarvian towns.


This little island country is located on the Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago consists of three inhabited islands, out of which Malta is the biggest one and the most popular among tourists. If you want to escape for a while and just forget everything, Malta is the right place to go. You can book all inclusive European vacations to do not bother with arrangements and then just find yourself there, on a small, cozy beach, with a glass of fruity Kinnie (a delicious soft drink popular in Malta) in your hand. If resting is not enough and your brain eventually demands some learning, take a tour to one of Malta’s historic sites, like ancient fortresses or old temples.


Most of the Balkan countries are underestimated by tourists. Montenegro in the past years has gained some popularity, but it’s still not as famous as many other holiday destinations. It’s worth considering as a place to go to. This small country is located by the Adriatic Sea and has a stunning, dramatic coastline. There’s a magical feeling to Montenegro, even the country’s name sounds somewhat mysterious. Its impressive mountains, crystal water, walled towns, and wildflowers make Montenegro look like a scenery taken out of a fairy tale. The most popular resort is Budva, a little town on the coast. If you decide to stay there, make a day-trip to nearby Kotor, it’s a lovely, historic town situated deep in the Boka Kotorska bay.


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