Nashville is the largest city in the state of Tennessee and is also its capital. It can be found along the Cumberland River in the north-central area of the state. Nashville is known as the center of the country music industry and many travels there to seek their fame. The city and surrounding area have humid weather in the warmer seasons and snowfall in the winter season. There are some great things to see and do to experience the city and even learn some history. If you visit Tennessee be sure to try the best things to do in Nashville to make the most of your experience.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Even if you’re not a fan of country music, this place is still fantastic! The museum has some excellent exhibits and displays set up to include costumes, instruments over the ages and glimpses into your favorite country music stars lives. They cover a wide variety of musicians and even have Elvis’ gold Cadillac. Check out the fantastic guitar exhibits as well as tons of others. The museum has temporary displays where you can easily spend a whole day wandering around the massive area looking at everything and visitors report that they don’t even listen to country music but loved the museum. There is a sweet gift shop as well as a restaurant for you as well.

Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman auditorium is formerly known as the Grand Ole Opry House and was home to the Grand Ole Opry, one of the longest-running radio broadcasts in the U.S. from 1943 until 1974. The Ryman now has an opening cinema which is short and informative. There are exhibits and videos that shoe the prime of the auditorium and talks about is a long list of famous performers like Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. Take a tour of the Ryman and see the historical value as well as the renovations that have kept this amazing and historic building alive for all these years. This is a great place to stop and visit on your trip, as it is considered a shrine to country music.

Ryman Auditorium

Fontanel Mansion

Tour the 33,000 square foot mansion that was home to Country Music legend and Hall of Fame member Barbara Mandrell. It has over 20 rooms, five fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, two kitchens and an indoor pool. The mansion is now a tourist attraction and has lots of photos, memorabilia and personal effects of the Mandrell family that used to live there. The villa and grounds are impressive, and there are a winery and a distillery as well as hiking trails, mountain biking trails and much more to see and experience. The restaurant has been reported as well worth your time and has culinary delights as well as courteous staff for a fantastic meal. The tour is highly recommended and is a great way to see how country music legends lived and are part of Nashville.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

This beautiful home was the home of former President Andrew Jackson. The grounds and the house present some of the best of Nashville. Many of the staff are dressed in clothes from the era, making it feel authentic. The home is huge, with massive white pillars on the outside where two floors are visible. It is similar to the massive plantation homes found in the immediate area and the south. Use the audio guide as you walk around to hear more about the President and his home and explore the gorgeous and well-maintained grounds at your leisure. Visit the large gift shop and tour this massive and impressive home of one of our presidents.

Andrew Jacksons Hermitage

The Johnny Cash Museum

If you’re a Johnny Cash fan or just want to learn about the country music legend, this is the place for you. Also known as the “Man in Black,” the museum features photos, videos, and memorabilia about this famous figure. See all that the Man in Black achieved during his lifetime and learn some things many people don’t know about Johnny, including how generous he was. The museum is smaller but well organized and clean. There are plenty of interactive exhibits and displays, and even those that don’t know anything about Johnny found the stop informative and entertaining.

Belle Meade Plantation

This is an amazing plantation to visit to give you a glimpse of what the old south was like. The plantation used to be a staggering 5,400 acres. The grounds have stables, a crypt, slave house, old dairy and carriage house to see. Taste some of the Belle Meade’s wines on your tour while you take in everything. The guide at the mansion is dressed in this period costume as you get to hear and learn about the history and some stories of the huge plantation. Your guide will lead you on a tour of the main house and grounds. This is a fantastic stop in Nashville, and it comes highly recommended.

Radnor Lake State Park

Need a break from the city? Radnor Lake is a beautiful area close by and away from the hustle and bustle and to see some Nashville scenery. There are lots of trials here with various difficulty levels. The lake and trees, grass, hills, and wildlife in the park are beautiful and provide some great photo opportunities. Hike around the lake or through the trees to see some of the best of Tennessee and Nashville at this beautiful and scenic park.

Radnor Lake State Park

Tours Tours Tours

Nashville is such a popular place to visit that it has tour galore for you to choose from! Tours around the city are offered, and there are many others like the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour that will give you a good laugh, or the Nashville Scooter Tours, where you can ride around with a tour guide on your scooter. Try the Sprocket Rocket Party Bike where you can pedal while sitting at a bar and float around the streets of Nashville while drinking your favorite beverage. There are food tours, carriage tours, and many others to suit your taste. Try one or try them all and experience Nashville.

Fun City, Fun Experience

Many people who have visited Nashville often return because they enjoyed themselves so much. The city is fun and vibrant, and if you love country music, then you are in for a real treat. The area is very green with rivers and lakes and is humid, but beautiful. Take a tour of the city and get out and see one of the remarkable and historic plantations. See the Grand Ole Opry House and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum which is a visitor favorite. Experience the best things to do in Nashville and see why so many people love to visit this city.


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