So many extraordinary destinations on Earth, and yet so little do we know about them. Magnificent colors, unusual shapes, hidden attractions, this world consists of wonders waiting for you to explore them. One such destination is the Kornati National Park, a place you have probably never heard of, but you will wish to visit it as soon as you find out more about it.

Discover the enchanting Kornati National Park

Located in the northern part of Dalmatia, one of the historical regions of Croatia, there is the “nautical paradise” waiting to be explored. Its majesty – the Kornati National Park is an archipelago situated south from the city of Zadar and west from Šibenik. Also known as Stomorski Islands, the Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, consisting of 140 islands that are in different sizes and shapes. These can be divided into two groups of islands, the Donji and Gornji Kornati, which in translation is Lower Kornati – those facing the open sea in the southwest and Upper Kornati – those being closer to the mainland. However, the national park consists of only 89 southernmost of the 140-odd islands, islets, and reefs, mainly covering the area of Donji Kornati.

Even though quite similar, every island has its authentic charm and energy, which is why tourists find it hard to choose upon the most scenic and welcoming bay. Some of the islands have unusual and funny names, like the ones called Babina Guzica and Kurba Vela which when translated would have rather vulgar and funny names often called that way because of their shape or another specific characteristic. Nevertheless, the name of the archipelago comes from the name of the biggest island of the group, which is called Kornat. But even though the biggest and most famous, this and the other islands are known to have no permanent settlements. There are simple houses in well-protected areas, but these are used as temporary shelters.

National Park

Sail through the Kornati National Park

The best tour of this national park is executed by a simple, yet remarkably enjoyable sail to the Kornati and through the archipelago. The feeling of sailing inside the borders of this national park is priceless, however, if you’re willing to do this then there’s certainly a price you have to pay. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to book a tour or sail with your boat. Booking a tour brings you several benefits such as sailing with someone that offers such services and already knows the destination, an organized lunch and a tour guide that will show you unusual islets, incredible reefs while awarding you with interesting stories and facts about the places.

On the other hand, you have the chance to discover the enchanting Kornati and stop whenever you feel like taking a closer look at the various islands by renting out or sailing with your boat. However, to do this, you have to pay a certain price that is the ticket for your visit to the Kornati National Park. The price of the ticket varies by the size of the boat, the number of days spent visiting and the number of people entering.

Sail through the Kornati National Park

Diving and Snorkeling at the Kornati – a different kind of experience

The incredibly blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are lovely to look at for hours, but if you want to have the ultimate experience, then it’s time to dive into the waters of this sea. Swimming and laying at some of the beaches of Kornati are one of the first things you’ll be doing once you visit this place. However, we have to recommend even better activities – diving and snorkeling. Take a peek into the deep blue waters and discover the underwater world of Kornati. Take your time to digest the amazement of the stunning reefs and diverse species living inside the waters of the Adriatic Sea. For such activities, you can say that qualified autonomous divers are in a privileged position since they can enjoy the beauty of the unknown without any certain limits. However, if you’re willing to do a little diving or snorkeling, you can always rent an equipment by an authorized agency operating in the region. Nevertheless, don’t miss the chance to experience the Kornati from a different perspective.


Consider the Kornati for your next weekend getaway

Just a simple glance at the perfect bays of this place is enough to make a person wish to be there right now. Even though functioning as a national park, it is possible to organize a short vacation at the Kornati and trust us – you will need nothing more than your swimsuit. Certain agencies can provide you with the right accommodation and additional services, so all you have to do is contact them and schedule a date. The crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches are great for a family vacation, while the unpopulated areas are adequate for a weekend getaway. There are also around 20 small restaurants and taverns that will serve you tasty Dalmatian specialties, especially when it comes to some delicious seafood.

For the passionate adventurers that like to stick to the ground and explore the mainland, we recommend you to try out hiking at the Kornati. Along the way, you may encounter plenty of viewpoints and lookouts that will leave you speechless, so prepare yourself for some geological and geomorphological phenomena. Also, you’ll be surprised by the variety of flora and fauna you will come across while hiking through the land.

So, do you think you will give it a try? Be cautious though, a place as spectacular as this can easily take your breath away! Don’t believe so? Then tell us how you feel after you get to visit this beautiful paradise. Until then, keep planning your unforgettable adventures – the world is waiting to be explored.


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