Seeing the Northern Lights is a part of many bucket lists. The phenomenon is stunning, and nothing in the world can compare with it. In case you’ve wondered where to go to watch the magical Aurora Borealis, here’s a list of the best places to see Northern Lights.

  1. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

North of the Arctic Circle, Kangerlussuaq is extremely cold and remote. The sky is clear almost all year long, increasing chances of the Northern Lights being visible. Another reason for Kangerlussuaq to be on this list is the little light pollution. If you visit the town during the winter, you can be almost sure there’s going to be at least one chance to watch the amazing spectacle of colors up in the sky. As for other attractions, the area’s tourism isn’t very developed. There are a hotel, a hostel, and several cabins, but the choices are rather limited. In the winter people move around using snowmobiles, skis and dog sleds. Kangerlussuaq is a truly northern location, harsh but beautiful, perfect for adventurous explorers. The best way to reach it is flying to Greenland with Greenland Air.

Northern Lights Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

  1. Svalbard, Norway

Between November and January Svalbard is immersed in darkness. That’s when the Polar Night takes place; it’s also the best time to look for the Northern Lights. By visiting Svalbard during the winter, you might experience two fascinating natural phenomena. If you come in the summer, the possibility of seeing Aurora is slightly smaller, but there’s always the unusual Arctic nature begging for exploration. Svalbard’s wildlife is captivating; the islands are the home to such species as reindeer, walrus or polar bear. Because of its remote location far in the North, reaching Svalbard might be a bit complicated, but there are international flights to Longyearbyen. Scandinavian Airline Systems has connections between Svalbard and Tromsø or Oslo. Norwegian Air has recently scheduled flights from Oslo-Gardermoen to Longyearbyen.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is among the most affordable places where you can see the Northern Lights. It’s still an expensive country, but getting there is relatively straightforward and cheap compared to most of the alternatives. It’s also incredibly beautiful and alluring, people all around the world fall in love with this magical island. Seeing Aurora is possible from September to October and from February to March. While waiting for the lights to appear, you can visit the famous Blue Lagoon, try skiing and snowmobiling or go to a concert and listen to the mesmerizing sounds of Icelandic music. Keflavík International Airport is connected with many big European and American cities.

Northern Lights Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Alta, Norway

Alta is sometimes called “the Aurora Borealis city, ” and this title is entirely accurate, the Northern Lights do indeed often appear above its settlements. Besides, it’s a lovely coastal town with lots of activities, so you won’t get bored while waiting for the Aurora. You can see the prehistoric rock carvings at the Alta Museum or make a tour to the picturesque Sautso-Alta canyon. There’s the Alta Airport in the city, used by Widerøe, Scandinavian Airlines, and Norwegian. Flights connect Alta with Kirkenes, Hammerfest, Oslo, and Tromsø.

Northern Light in Alta, Norway

  1. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Famous for Sweden’s first ice hotel, Jukkasjärvi is a great tourist destination. Other lodgings are available in the nearby city of Kiruna, and although they aren’t as spectacular as the Ice Hotel, most of them are cheaper. While waiting for the Aurora Borealis, you should visit the Esrange Space Center; it’s a rocket range and research center. You can also try snowmobiling, watch the reindeer or investigate the culture of the Sami people. It’s a very remote area, so to reach it, you’ll have to fly to Stockholm and take a train from there or rent a car and drive.

Northern Lights Jukkasjarvi Sweden

  1. Denali National Park, Alaska

Almost everywhere around Alaska, you can see the Northern Lights, but Denali National Park is especially useful for several reasons. In the winter it’s dark almost all the time and the long nights are not spoiled by artificial light. Besides, there are lots of fascinating views that come in the package with the Aurora. Denali’s wilderness is rare and astonishing, with mountainous landscapes, rivers, lakes and ponds, little flowers in the tundra zone and gentle greenness of taiga. The park shelters a variety of species, including grizzly bears, moose, and caribou. The nearest airports are located in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Aurora Borealis Denali National Park, Alaska

  1. Kakslauttanen, Finland

If you’re not only expecting to see the Northern Lights, but also experience some luxury, Kakslauttanen is a perfect destination. You may stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in one of its glass igloos and watch the Lights from the comfort of your bed. In case Aurora’s late, other attractions are available, including reindeer safari, skiing, ice fishing, snowboarding or tours to the nearby Urho National Park. The nearest airport is located in Ivalo, and it has a few international connections. You can also consider flying to Helsinki and driving up North.

Since you already know what the best places for finding the Northern Lights are, it’s time to pick one of them and book the ticket! Before you begin the journey, don’t forget to share these best places to see Northern Lights article with your friends.


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