You know that saying: “Once a month go somewhere you haven’t been before”? Well, we hope you are quite familiar with it, and you try to live according to it since this quote is the “secret” to the happiness of most world travelers. However, since we suppose you might be busy or have no idea on where to travel next, we decided to award you with a hint: travel to Greenland!

Visit the frozen wonderland – the scenic Greenland

An autonomous country within the Danish Realm, Greenland is a magnificent piece of land you should visit one day. Don’t let the location of this country confuse you so that you associate it more with North America, but bear in mind that this country is still connected more to Europe as one of the overseas territories of The Kingdom of Denmark. Nevertheless, located east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, the land touches the clear and incredibly cold waters of the Arctic and the Atlantic Oceans.

Fascinating Landscape

Known to be the world’s biggest non-continental island, Greenland has yet a population of approximately 55.847, followed by which it accounts for the least densely populated country in the world. The Greenlandic society populated in this area is an interesting mix of Inuit and Danish blood, a unique combination that is a great contribution to the even more extraordinary culture.

Top attractions: What to see and do in Greenland

Up until now, you may have imagined Greenland to be a frozen piece of land, always under a huge amount of snow, cold and unpleasant. But Greenland is much more than a big pile of snow and an area of untouched nature. The capital Nuuk and its nearby towns and villages are worth your attention since the scenery of the colorful little houses combined with the peaceful and diverse nature can immediately leave you speechless. Because of the specific type of climate in this region, you will probably not encounter the usual flora and fauna you are used to having near your place of residence, but that just makes this place a more special destination. From the vegetation, you may not find something extraordinarily different and strange, but we bet that you don’t usually have the chance to encounter animals such as the polar bear, collared lemming, ermine, arctic wolf, reindeer, arctic hare, musk ox, arctic fox and so on.

Nuuk the Capital of Greenland

Another interesting fact is the transportation through this country. When it comes to public transportation and nicely designed roads, this may not be the perfect country you’re looking for since the roads are rather spontaneous than nicely planned. That is why it is for the best to walk, ski or dogsled, an activity thought by the Inuit people and used ever since.

Nevertheless, a huge factor for appreciation affects Greenland thanks to the fascinating nature surrounding and covering the land. The scenery that its natural beauty produces is completely out of this world, which is why many people visit this destination to make sure if such a fascinating place exists or they have been manipulated by “Photoshop” again. But once you start believing that Greenland is worth the travel and you start planning your trip there, it would be nice to check out the following top attractions of this amazing piece of land that is the nearest land to the North Pole. Check out the coming attractions:

Be enchanted by the Southern Fjords

The astonishing beauty of the Southern Fjords calls out for all world’s adventurers to visit Greenland as soon as possible. For those who find themselves physically active and challenged by climbing the world’s most exciting peaks, we would suggest focusing on climbing up to Ketil and Uli, which are known to offer an excellent mountain fun for all climbers. For those less focused on climbing up some rocks when the temperature is below zero, you can always enjoy a pleasant cruise, observing the wonderful landscape of the fjords from a different point of view.

Tourist icebreaker at the coast of Greenland

Visit the Ilulissat and Jakobshavn Glacier

The glaciers of Greenland deserve the honor of visiting and exploring that is why you should visit the Ilulissat and Jakobshavn Glacier once you go there. You can always cruise around the glaciers to enjoy their majesty, but what would be even cooler is to catch a flight with a helicopter to experience the Glaciers from up above. This can be a once in a lifetime experience for you, but it would cost a lot, so consider the price in advance.

Jakobshavn Greenland

Take a tour of the Greenland National Museum

If you’re interested in finding more about the culture and history of this place, then this is the museum you’re looking for. Located in the capital called Nuuk, this museum is known to be one of the first ones ever to be opened in this fascinating country. So, if you’re interested in artifacts related to arts, archeology, history, and handicrafts, then you will get to know all this and more in the national museum of the country.

Experience the magic of Aurora Borealis – the famous Northern Lights

One of the most spectacular natural events is the sudden magical lights appearing in the sky, known as the Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon is found in the bucket list of almost every passionate traveler. Well, the good news is that you can experience the Northern Lights as they often occur throughout the year, best seen at midnight when the sky is clear. The Northern lights in Greenland are known to appear throughout the whole year, but since the summer sun blocks the view during the warmer months, you should know that you can enjoy the Aurora Borealis best if you decide to visit this destination in the period between September and April. The great thing is that the magical view can be enjoyed from anywhere throughout the country.

Aurora Borealis Nuuk Greenland

Take part in sea kayaking, rock climbing, and salmon fishing

Even though this country may not be the home of so many people, at least they found a great way to spend their free time there. These activities have been done on a daily basis, and today they are even attracting visitors to join a day of salmon fishing. So, whether you decide to go sea kayaking, rock climbing or salmon fishing, remember that you’re going to have a lot of fun even though it may not have seemed like it before you tried it out. These activities are done by locals, so it’s for the best to try out doing anything you want to be accompanied by a local person – this way you will discover the country even better. And if you are a passionate fisherman, then you will be surprised by the variety of fish you can encounter in the waters of this country.

Greenland Activities

Greenland is a joyful destination, a place you would be surprised to fall for in the first place. It may be quite far from where you live, so you will probably have some difficulties finding the perfect route to the country. But whatever the struggle may be, remember that it’s the destination and its adorable charm that will pay off once you step your foot there.


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