For many wanderers touring the world, a night spent in a unique hotel makes all the difference between a great holiday and an amazing holiday. But while many hotels offer a safe bet for a great stay, trying a new hotel gives you the luxury of a brand new experience that not many people have had before you. With many new hotels opening in 2015, we’ve uncovered 10 of the best new hotels in the world.

1. The Knickerbocker Hotel, New York City, USA

The Knickerbocker Hotel in the heart of New York City’s infamous Times Square isn’t an entirely brand new establishment. It originally opened its doors in the early 20th century and stopped accepting guests in 1921. That all changed in 2015, however, as it has opened its doors and welcomed new patrons to enjoy the refurbished hotel. Outside might be the hustle and bustle of the streets below but the interior of the hotel and the design of each room provide the perfect relaxing escape. That’s because the decor gives off a minimalistic yet stylish feel. Not cold but clean and cozy. The best thing about the reopening of the Knickerbocker Hotel is that more tourists get the chance to stay in the heart of the city close to all the exciting destinations the Big Apple has to offer.

The Knickerbocker Hotel

2. Hotel Covell Los Feliz, Los Angeles, USA

Crossing over to America’s west and the Hotel Covell Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Built to look like a home away from home, each guest room and social space has been designed in the classic, trendy style that is so fashionable in modern times. The owners have managed to put a new modern spin on the retro design by infusing modern technology such as flat screen tvs and a cool mixture of furniture materials. Booking a room on their flawlessly designed website complements the whole experience perfectly and gives you a chance to get a feel of the hotel’s vibe before you arrive.

Hotel Covell Los Feliz

3. Element Vancouver Metrotown, Vancouver, Canada

Nestled in the famous Canadian city, the Element Vancouver Metrotown is a state of the art hotel that looks as good from the inside as it looks on the outside. It almost looks like an office building from the outside, but the architects have purposely and ingeniously made the best use of glass windows and room flow to flood each room, restaurant, hallway, exercise area and other spaces with enough natural sunlight to create a happy feeling within. Guests can enjoy all the local amenities or hop on the nearby SkyTrain and step off at downtown Vancouver in just 20 minutes.

Element Vancouver Metrotown

4. Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hilton’s Barra Rio de Janeiro Hotel offers an unforgettable experience smack bang in the middle of Brazil’s most well-known city. All the buzz about the upcoming Olympic Games in 2016 means you will have plenty of things to do in the area as well as hitting the beaches nearby. In the hotel, however, is where you’ll enjoy each morning and night as you savor all the things that make a Hilton great including an extensive breakfast menu with locally sourced ingredients and luxurious beds and linens. What makes this hotel extra special are the magnificent views from the rooftop pool of the city below.

Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro

5. Urban Villa, London, UK

The name practically tells you all you need to know about Urban Villa in West London. It’s a cross between home-style living with an extra flair of urban design combined with the luxury expected of staying in this part of town. The hotel group has tried and succeeded in creating an atmosphere that people can enjoy throughout the day and not just at breakfast or bedtime. Hospitality is excellent at this establishment as is the boutique feel from the hotel rooms to the café. The execution of the design is flawless, and you’ll likely leave with many photographic memories of your stay.

Urban Villa London UK

6. Ikos Oceania, Halkidiki, Greece

In a lot of ways, the Ikos Oceania in Greece is similar to other hotels in the Ikos family. It offers all-inclusive stays in an incredible location and clean, well-designed bedrooms. What makes the Ikos Oceania different from the others is that this is no ordinary all-inclusive hotel. The meals are cooked by the region’s most talented chefs, an area of the beach is off limits to all, but those that stay at the hotel and a wealth of upgrade options make this hotel the pinnacle of all-inclusive holidays.

Ikos Oceania

7. B&B Hotel Milano Cenisio Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

Although not, as the name appears to suggest, bed and breakfast, the B&B Hotel Milano Cenisio Garibaldi is situated in a convenient location of the city and provides an excellent place to stop for a night in the city. While it doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour of other, more established hotels in Milan, it does provide a cozy hospitable feel. The number one reason why this hotel made the list of worlds best in 2015 is that it doesn’t cost the earth. It’s incredibly worth booking a stay here if you’re touring Milan on a budget but not quite willing to slum it.

B&B Hotel Milano Cenisio Garibaldi

8. Vibe Hotel, Marysville, Australia

A short drive from the amazing city of Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria sits the new Vibe Hotel. Anyone who is from or has been to Australia will know that outside the major cities, there is a wealth of wide open spaces and incredible nature to explore and appreciate. As a result, staying in the country is always a relaxing experience. And this hotel is no different. In fact, this hotel prides itself on its spa and wellbeing facilities that cater guest in each of its charming 101 rooms.

Vibe Hotel Marysville Australia

9. Reverie Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination for American, European, Australian and Asian travelers. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and it doesn’t cost a lot to have a fabulous time. In 2015, you now had the chance to go back in time and experience what it would be like to live like an Italian royal. The rooms are styled to look that way and want to recreate that feel in every room. There are some splashes of Vietnam here and there, which is a nice addition rather than a detraction from the atmosphere.

Reverie Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

10. Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto, Japan

Last but not least is the sublime Suiran in Kyoto. The location – a world heritage site – boasts thousands of religious buildings and is settled in lovely surroundings that relax and inspire. The Japanese knew how to design a garden and guests will not be disappointed when they stay at this hotel. Relaxing activities are plenty. You may never want to leave.


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