Traveling solo and traveling as a woman, has connotations and expectations you could condense into a single concept: single women travel. Whereas some travelers might try to avoid groupings, others like the idea that people are pursuing the same type of journey as them. Any kind of travel can be challenging, and Solo Travel has its own layer of challenge associated with it. Some prefer to tackle these alone. Others find comfort in group trips specifically designed for single women travel. There are hundreds of them out there, and undoubtedly, there is at least one perfect for your individual preferences.

Single women travel

Finding the balance of travel is one its many difficulties, and rewards. Independence and company. Safeness and risk taking. Comfort and roughing it. Large groups and individual friends. These are the balances to find. If you know what you want, group trips for solo female travelers design these perfect balances for you. They give structure, yet also allow room for freedom during your travels.

If you feel spoilt for choice, we have separated the opportunities into four categories, to help you find the perfect choice – and the perfect balance for you.


These trips base themselves around a single concept, usually a cultural theme in the country of choice. These types of travel are perfect for those who know what they want and specifically wish to orientate their trip around it. Love surfing? Try out the week’s surf holiday in Morocco. Always wanted to try out belly dancing? Learn it in its country of origin in an 8-day adventure. An ardent fan of natural wildlife? Stay in a UK national park and experience the natural habitats of rare species every day.

Whether you know you like it or you know you want to try it – there is something for everyone. These trips mainly offer the opportunity to try something new. To do something different. To take a random, spontaneous leap of faith.

These trips are about much more than their themes. Surfing, belly dancing, and wildlife might be the initial draw, but there is a lot more on offer. You will meet many different people in the same situation, traveling alone as a woman. The best thing about these trips is that you inevitably meet people of the same mindset. Everyone is there due to a shared interest in a common theme. You immediately have something to talk about with new people.

These trips are also usually quite active. Simply doing things is always a great icebreaker, and always an easy way of effortlessly connecting to the people around you. So think of a theme, take a look at the site and see what holidays catch your eye. 


Other single women travel trips base themselves around lifestyles, rather than hobbies or activities. They are another great way to meet people with similar mindsets. Most of the holidays in this category have to do with wellbeing and fitness, with some of them even described as boot camps. These are intense, rather than relaxing. Yet, they have an extra layer of reward. A powerful detox in a beautiful place is the perfect break for some people.

If this is you, there are many out there to choose. Whether you prefer a structured workout or a more independent routine, you can find the perfect trip. Also, bear in mind the destination, and combine the activity with a dream destination. There is a boot camp trip to South Africa. Or, a weight loss holiday in Dubai. Perhaps more relaxed, there is also a week walking vacation in the UK. Combine a lifestyle choice, a beautiful location, and new friends – what more could you ask for?

Many women seek to travel as a break from their daily routine. This is exactly what trips for single women travel offer: a timeout. A break from everyday life, without the distractions that often restrict goals and desires. When you are out of your comfort zone, you push yourself to new limits – and there are many rewards.

Festivals and Holidays

Some group trips purposely depend on upon the time of year. They focus on periods when people might feel lonely, or want a break from usual traditions and expectations. For those tired of the same tedious traditions, breaks during festivals and holidays are a great way to add some spark to the regular routine.

There is a 10-day trip to Germany and Austria for solo women travelers. Touring the world famous Christmas markets is bound to bring good cheer to any traveler. It is an especially enjoyable experience when the people you travel with are enjoying it as much as you are. If you crave a break from the stress associated with holiday times or even a break from the family, this is a perfect option.

Christmas walking holidays add a bit of activity to the lazy days of winter. Some specifically tailored to over 50s, so you can meet people of the same age and mindset. Thanksgiving tours are also available. They are a fantastic way to share festivities with new faces and return to the simple, happy celebrations – without worry of having to organize everything yourself.

Because these tours are for solo travelers, you can guarantee everybody wants to be there as much as you do. You can also ensure that fellow travelers are looking to meet new people, and share fresh experiences.


These are the more basic, less themed holidays, oriented around total cultural immersion. Most of them are bus tours and guided travel around the major sights or cities of a country. They often include activities of the local culture, such as dancing or eating a meal of national cuisine. Island hop around the Maldives, take a month traveling around Europe or embrace the spirit of India.

Basically, these trips are destination based. This means there is slightly less pressure to actually do anything! Your time is your own – no yoga timetable, not planned group meals. The routine is a lot more flexible. These are perfect for people trying to strike the perfect balance between independence and company, freedom and structure.

After all, that is an essential feature of any travel experience – finding a balance. So find the perfect one for you, get researching and start discovering the joys of single women travel.


  1. I am a single woman, 41, wanting to combine learning how to dance:salsa, meringue, etc. Also with cultural interests, even learning Spanish. Open to travel anywhere. I’m a bartender in Key West,FL & want to explore life. I’ve never traveled out of the country, unless the Bahamas counts..


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