Sweden is stylish; it’s wonderfully fashionable and modern. There’s also the rich history, the powerful spirit of Vikings, the indigenous Sami people still living traditional lifestyle and pristine beauty of Swedish landscapes. Rolling hills, magnificent mountains, and wonderful islands call to be explored, making Sweden a paradise for nature-lovers. Fascinating museums and historic towns, on the other hand, guarantee numerous attractions for those who prefer to learn about the culture. Whatever is your priority, Sweden’s definitely a country worth visiting. Here’s a list inclining some of the best tourist attractions in Sweden.

  1. Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The whole city of Stockholm is one lovely gem, but in the northern part of its old town, you’ll find what the best of it is. Gamla Stan, as the zone is called, dates back to the thirteenth century. This small island is a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, so pretty you don’t even mind getting lost there. Buildings are colorful, and so are the souvenirs sold in little shops. Bookshops and cafés add their charm to the stylish sort of trade that’s taking place in the neighborhood. While everything in Gamla Stan looks rather delicate, the immense Royal Palace makes another impression – it’s called “royal” not without reason. Besides, a portion of the best Stockholm lodgings can be found in Gamla Stan, so if you’re looking for a place to stay, you know where to go.


  1. Operan (The Royal Opera)

Do you miss some drama in the peaceful, well-organized Sweden? No problem. Luckily for all those who need the element of splendor, thrill, and disturbance in their lives, Stockholm has the Royal Opera. Spinning ballerinas, thundering opera singers, sad actors performing in contemporary psychological plays – they’re all there, together with the stories they’re just about to share. You can even find occasional comedies in the Operan’s schedule and laugh instead of crying.


  1. Skeppsholmen Island

Situated in Stockholm, between Gamla Stan and Djurgården, Skeppsholmen is a delightful island offering some beautiful views. It can be reached both by bus and ferry-boat. Skeppsholmen is worth visiting not only because it’s pretty and delightfully tranquil, but also because of the museums it houses. With the Museum of Modern Art, East-Asian Museum and Architectural Museum, for art-lovers, this tiny islet is one of the best tourist attractions in Sweden. There’s also the theatre Galeasen and a pleasant park in the island’s center. A particular hint for backpackers: Skeppsholmen’s most famous lodging, the Af Chapman, is an old ship inside of which now you can find an affordable youth hostel.

  1. Liseberg Park

Located in the lovely town of Göteborg, Liseberg is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. Attractions are numerous, from insane roller coasters where both speed and height will boost up your adrenaline levels, to subtle carousels and castles for delicate dreamers. There’s also an outdoor dance floor and playground. For more of a cultural experience, Liseberg Park has a show venue and stages where various shows and concerts take place. If you get hungry between one ride and another, Liseberg’s cafés, restaurants, and bars are open. You can choose between popcorn, ice-cream and fast-foods, gourmet dinners or vegetarian delights.

  1. Lapland

The home of Sami people, Lapland is a province in the northernmost part of Sweden. Several national parks guarantee plentiful breath-taking views. True wildernesses, magnificent white peaks, adorable reindeer, ubiquitous fluffiness of the snow, Lapland is a winter wonderland. Dog-sledges, snowmobiling and ice-skating are popular activities. Visiting Lapland feels basically like moving into one of those popular films about Christmas. Seeing the northern lights can unquestionably be considered one of the most magical tourist attractions in Sweden. It’s more than an attraction; it’s more of nature’s miracle. In the summer Lapland magical as well, when because of the midnight sun days are endless.


  1. The Ice Hotel

Open from December to March; the Ice Hotel is much more than a lodging. It’s a piece of art and architectonic wonder, rebuilt each year from brand new blocks of ice. As a guest, you’ll sleep in a thermal sleeping bag, but no worries, morning will welcome you with a cup of warm and yummy lingonberry juice. The hotel is situated in Jukkasjärvi, nearby the town of Kiruna.

  1. Visby

Located on the Gotland Island, the town of Visby is one of the best-protected cases of a medieval town found in northern Europe. It’s a charm: the cobbled streets, gorgeous wooden cottages, historic church ruins and views of the sea make it look like a fairy-tale. In August, because of the Medeltidsveckan (the Medieval Week of Gotland), the town becomes even more enchanted. Friendly folks who normally work at offices suddenly change into knights and modern Swedish women put on long dresses in medieval style; it’s a show worth seeing. Just remember to book accommodation early enough, because the festival’s very popular and attracts lots of guests.

Town of Visby Sweden

  1. Vasa Museum

The most visited museum in Scandinavia and undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in Sweden, the Vasa Museum showcases remaining parts of a submerged boat from the sixteenth century, which was recuperated in the twentieth century. It’s the only ship that has ever been salvaged almost entirely intact. Garments, gems, cash and different things from the boat are on presentation. Through films and exhibitions you can learn about the controversial history of Vasa, a ship Swedish Crown was proud of, until right after setting off for its first journey it suddenly sank together with many passengers.

Vasa Museum in Stockholm Sweden

The museum’s unique; nowhere else in the world you’ll have a chance to see this kind of artifact from the past. It is a must-see for history lovers, and it’s located in Stockholm.


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