The city of San Antonio, Texas, proudly presents one of the state’s highest ranked attractions, the San Antonio River Walk. Located one story below the streets, the River Walk is composed of 15 miles of sidewalks, many of which flank the San Antonio River. The paths are winding and can lead the pedestrians under a few beautiful bridges, surrounded by entertainment and also beautiful landscaping, and of course, the calming waters of the river. The River Walk is below street level, allowing traffic to continue up above, thus leaving the River Walk more for pedestrians, which allows a quieter and more enjoyable atmosphere as you shop and dine.

Why a San Antonio River Walk?

The River Walk was created not only to add undeniable beauty to the city of San Antonio but also as a form of flood control. 1921 marks the year that a flood devastated the city, leading to new ideas and proposals on how to prevent such terrible damage should it occur again. A new design would help bypass a bend of the river through the downtown area, and after installing gates and smaller dams to regulate flow, the River Walk was born. Another flood threatened San Antonio years later, but the new construction and flood mitigation ultimately kept the damage to a minimum.

Shops, Dining, and Bars

The first restaurant to claim its space on the River Walk was Casio Rio, which still stands today and is very popular. Since then, shops, restaurants, and bars now line the sidewalks. You can purchase an adult beverage and carry it around with you as you shop, or listen to a live band playing in one of the bars in the evening. The River Walk does extend and separates into two different areas. The first area goes to The Pearl, where museums, a theater for performing arts, a brewery, and hotels reside. The second area branches off to the Blue Star area. The Blue Star is beautifully landscaped with many large trees. There are a few restaurants and an organic market to experience as well. Did I mention all this is free?  The River Walk is a public park, and it allows access to excellent accommodations and even to the downtown area if you feel like exploring. You can access malls for more serious shopping as well. Evenings provide a charming landscape decorated with lights, music, offering a romantic atmosphere. Plenty of benches and rest areas are provided if you need to stop and take a rest on the way to your next adventure.

Tourists and boats at the River Walk

Walking makes you Hungry

Lined with restaurants of every variety, the choice can be difficult as to where to eat. Try the original River Walk restaurant called Casio Rio, which offers Mexican-style food and large portions of it. Bella on the River has great reviews and a wine list to match. Boudro’s on the Riverwalk offers an exceptional dining experience and delicious dishes and comes highly recommended by foodies. If these don’t suit your taste, there are much more options to pick from along your walk, and also in various price ranges and tastes. Al, you have to do is decide what you feel like eating and hop a boat taxi or walk over to enjoy a delicious meal in San Antonio.

Take a Boat Ride

The water the River Walk was created for is also another way to get around. For a fee, riverboat trips, tours, and cruises are available for you to experience. Take a boat taxi instead of walking, and hop off to eat or shop at any of the many stops it takes along the way. A narrated tour is also available, giving the visitor insight into the history and viewing some of the incredible areas along the one and a half-mile tour of the banks of the San Antonio River. Try a one of a kind dining experience and have it on a boat! The dinner boat rides are catered and can seat between 20-30 guests. Would you rather party? Cocktail cruises are also available for appetizers and drinks for a fun time on the San Antonio River.

Boat Ride at San Antonio Riverwalk

River Stay

The San Antonio River Walk allows you to see some of the best of the city of San Antonio, and all by foot. So naturally, shouldn’t your hotel be reached by foot as well? The River Walk is prepared for such accommodations, offering a list of hotels in various price ranges that you can walk out of and be on the River Walk within minutes. Try the Holiday Inn Riverwalk, the Westin Riverwalk, or the Hotel Contessa, all located just a few minutes’ walk to all the shops, dining, and entertainment of the River Walk.

Plan Your Getaway

The San Antonio River Walk offers it all, drinks, food, shopping, easy access to San Antonio by walking, malls, lovely landscapes and beautiful bridges, and places to rest your feet along the way. Grab a water taxi on the river to get around if your feet get tired of walking. Pop right out of your hotel located just minutes from the River Walk without ever needing your vehicle, and enjoy the fresh air and entertainment San Antonio offers. Want to learn more? Take a guided boat tour to learn about San Antonio and its river attractions. Try some delicious barbecue or grab a drink at one of the bars. Don’t forget your souvenirs as you shop around and enjoy San Antonio and its exciting River Walk.


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