San Francisco is a unique city, and irrefutably an American national treasure, with its natural charm and bouquet of friendly individuals. The city offers loveable little stores that you’ll fail to find anywhere else in the world, and a valuable collection of quirky, independent places to eat and catch up with friends. This gem of a city differs significantly from your average US city, with its incredible skyline and holistic, positive attitudes to health and lifestyle. San Francisco can offer you life to change experiences and eternal editing the way you visit and explore cities. It’s deeply embedded rustic charm will have you head over heels in absolute admiration for this city built on complete, positive vibes.

  1. It is a city of health

San Francisco’s rolling steep streets provide a daily challenge for city walkers, who forcibly gain numerous health benefits in doing so. City locals are bursting with life and thrive on whole food and raw organic health. Rarely can you track down fast food chains, such as McDonald’s or Burger King, but instead, you are blessed with a dose of organic grocery stores and independent coffee bars, that ultimately are cheaper, but will make you richer in more ways than one.


  1. Its piers

On the coast of San Francisco, there are an array of fisherman docks and piers; some of which are entirely desolate; others are instead bursting with local delicacies and quirky stores where you can pick up bargains, and unique little knickknacks. Pier 39 is the most renowned, as it proudly holds a collection of stores and attractions, from the iconic Hard Rock Cafe, to sumptuous bistros, candy stores where dreams are made, and souvenir shops. The unmissable sight of sun lounging seals is truly uplifting, watching as they wallow in the attention of adoring fans and tourists. Gaze into the endless water ahead that seemingly rolls on for miles and miles, with unforgettable views of the iconic Alcatraz.


  1. China Town

With a rich cultural diversity, San Francisco welcomes a string of different communities to make their mark in the city. One of the largest of these communities is in the form of the lusciously colorful China Town, which stands proudly in the heart of the city. Explore a plentiful selection of stores flooded with Chinese products and souvenirs, and restaurants where you can experiment and explore the vast array of tastes and textures Chinese food can provide you win. Take a trip to China Town to discover the taste of a new culture.


  1. Golden Gate Bridge

With its dominating, powerful red structural presence, the famous Golden Gate Bridge proves difficult to avert your eyes from. This gigantic bridge is one of the most visually incredible structure you will ever have the joy of seeing. Spend the afternoon hiring a bike from many of the city’s rental stores and cycle across the immense Golden Gate Bridge, to San Francisco’s neighboring town of Sausalito, which is home to a string of famous faces. Witness breathtaking views of the city that becomes minuscule in the distance, feeling a surge of inspiration through this replenishing once in a lifetime bike ride.


  1. City Fall Foliage

Catching San Francisco in the right season is quintessential in understanding its eternal charm and beauty. Fall in love with the city this autumn, with its crisp, gentle breeze and foliage of flourishing leaves. San Francisco is absolutely breathtaking in this particular season, as its quality of charm is revealed, and its degree of beauty is heightened. An autumn walk through the steep streets of San Francisco is something that dreams are truly made of.


  1. Shopping

Despite San Francisco providing you with your average stores, such as H&M, it is not excessive, like many other US cities, setting it apart. It does not thrive upon capitalism, but instead, it promotes independent fashion stores and ‘one of a kind’ boutiques that visitors absolutely adore. Shopping in this city of perfection is something of great desire, and something you crave after you leave. It is something that you will find nowhere else in the world, no matter how hard you seek it out.


  1. The Architecture

The San Francisco skyline is dominated by soaring skyscrapers that make the steers below a rustic concrete jungle. This modern, big city style is weighed out by the more relaxed approach on the outskirts, with their iconic style homes, built upon slanted steep hills. Typically pastel-colored, American dream-themed homes epitomize the idyllic family home for all. Wallow in their effortless allure and incomparable grandeur to no other city’s architectural theme.


  1. The History

San Francisco is rich in history, from its wealthy gangster presence from decades past to its iconic use of trams to transport across the city. Take a well worth trip to the island of Alcatraz to discover where famous faces like Al Capone were imprisoned, and where many perished, and even escaped… Ensure you take a ride on one of the city’s operating trams that have been lovingly maintained for years, to keep the city’s heritage alive.


If you wish to holiday to a US city that separates itself to the majority of its other major cities, San Francisco is the one for you. You will undoubtedly thrive in this city of opportunity, with its endless selection of events and things to do, sights to see and trams to ride, the city has it all.

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