Orlando receives millions of visitors to its many amusement parks every year. With so many parks within a relatively close distance, the choices are endless. Disney, Harry Potter, roller coasters, virtual rides, water parks, dolphins, wild animals, and more are just within your grasp. Days and weeks can be spent traveling all the parks and experiencing what each has to offer.  Pick your park and experience the joy and memories that await you.

Disney World Orlando, Florida

Disney World in the most magical place on Earth and receives thousands of happy visitors every year. Made up of four parks, Disney World will keep you and your family busy for days. Experience the magic at Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and start your vacation.


Epcot is also one of the four parks that make up Disney World. You can locate it by looking for the giant sphere which holds the Spaceship Earth communication exhibits inside. Epcot has two parts, the famous world of Nations, and a more science-based side known as the Future World. The World of Nations lets you experience what it is like to step foot in another country. Exhibits, cuisine, wine, and beer are available at each nation represented. Epcot has rides for the whole family and a spectacular laser and light show held in the evenings at 9 pm. The rides here are very popular, and a FAST Pass is recommended for fast riding.

Epcot, Orlando

Disney’s the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is the second most popular park of the four that make up Disney World. Following behind the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers something none of the other Disney parks have which are the animals! Park staff showcases individual animals and may answer any questions you have about them. Safari rides are available for the young and old explorers, as well as a favorite roller coaster called the Everest Expedition. Shows such as the Lion King are available and include fire-eaters and acrobats and have rave views. The Animal Kingdom showcases Asia and Africa and does so splendidly, impressing many visitors. Don’t forget to add this park to your itinerary!

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is a must see on your visit to Orlando. If you are looking for the Disney magic, it is waiting in the Magic Kingdom for you. The Magic Kingdom has many rides that are similar to Disneyland such as the Snow White ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. The customer service is remarkable, and the grounds are kept spotless. There are activities for all ages, and the Disney characters will keep you smiling. Grab a seat to watch one of the many parades, or if you’re here during the holidays, make sure to catch the beautifully decorated Christmas lights and parade.

Orlando is Amusement Park Heaven

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the four parks that make up Disney World. They have live shows such as Beauty and the Beast that are amazing, not to mention it feels as if you’re walking around a movie set the entire time! During the holidays, the park is decorated with over-the-top Christmas lights that are sure to impress. Check out the famous attractions such as the Indian Jones or the Jaws, and be sure to ride some rides like the Rock N Roll rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror.

Monster at the Disney Hollywood Studios, Orlando

Sea World

Sea World presents many things to do and see at their park. Rides are available, as well as many famous shows that include the seals Clyde and Seamore, Blue Horizons which showcase the magnificent dolphins, and the show called One Ocean, featuring the killer whales as they leap into the air. The shows are at scheduled times, so don’t miss them! There are special exhibits such as the underwater viewing of the killer whales, the Shark Encounter, and the popular penguin exhibit called Antarctica. Plan your day around the fantastic shows and enjoy all Sea World has to offer.

Sea World, Orlando, Florida

Universal Studios

Universal Studios has great attractions including virtual ones. The newest addition is Diagon Alley and the Harry Potter section. It is the most popular attraction with amazing rides, architecture, a fire-breathing dragon, butterbeer, food, and more. Check out the 4D ride of Harry Potter too! The Terminator, the Mummy, and the Transformers are all big hits when it comes to rides and is worth a turn or two. Street parades are colorful and creative, letting you rest your feet for a bit while still being entertained. Universal has more thrill rides and seems more adventurous than the other parks. It is a big park, and you may need a few days to have all the fun you want to.

Hogsmeade Houses at Universal Studios, Orlando

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This park is a Universal theme park and has water rides, roller coasters, great food, and something for everyone to enjoy. Experience face-to-face with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Explore the Hogwarts castle and ride some of the Harry Potter rides at Hogsmeade, the second Harry Potter attraction. The other Harry Potter attraction is Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. Kids will love Seuss Landing based on Dr. Seuss and his books. Watch Spider-man as he battles villains in the ultimate 3D experience.

Discovery Cove

Owned and operated by Sea World Parks and Entertainment, Discovery Cove is an amazing experience. It is priced high, but food and drinks are included. Discovery Cove is a treat for any and all water lovers. You can swim in the reef and see beautiful fish, see the sharks, and swim with a dolphin for an up-close encounter. There is a large pool with white sand to resemble a beach, and a huge bird aviary to venture to. Rent a cabana and kick off your sandals for some relaxation in the sun. Discovery Cove is the ultimate water and sea-life adventure for you, your friends and family.

Family at Discovery Cove Orlando

The Magic of Orlando

The parks of Orlando are well done and provide fantastic experiences you will never forget. All you have to do is decide where you want to have fun and spend your time. Whether you try one park or all of them, Orlando will treat you to good times and great memories.


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