It’s incredible how nature comes in various forms and shapes rock formations, succeeding to amaze us every day. It is the pure beauty of nature that can truly leave us speechless. And the best part is – it’s all around us!

There are tons of famous attractions in the world, made by people in different time periods and different styles. But even the most fascinating buildings and statues can’t impress us more than the wonders of nature, which are constructed naturally, thanks to the climate, the erosion, the natural catastrophes and many other factors that might affect the creation of these natural wonders, except for the skills of the people.

Rock formations

There are plenty of natural wonders in the world, but if you focus on one miracle at a time, you will find out a lot of interesting facts about it, and hopefully, you’ll get to love and respect our nature more. That’s why today we reveal you some spectacular places on earth that are created due to weathering and erosion sculpting of the existing rock, thereby known as rock formations. Eager to see what Mother Nature has built with just a few stones? Take a look at the following rock formations:

Giant Elephant in Iceland

It might sound a bit strange but have in mind that this thing exists. It’s a sea-cliff located on the island of Heimaey in Southern Iceland, and it has the shape of a big elephant that is dipping into the sea. The head of the elephant looks exactly as it should like somebody put an effort in shaping and carving the rock to look exactly like the animal.

However, you have to know that this is a complete natural creation, even though it might seem a bit unbelievable. Heimaey is the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, which is known to be a group of islands that are formed with the help of volcanoes. And that is also how the largest and most visited island is formed – thanks to the volcanic basalt found everywhere on the island.

Of course, things like volcanoes can help in the creation of natural wonders, but they can also easily ruin something more significant. Even though this elephant-looking cliff has been made due to the existence of volcanoes, a terrible thing happened in 1973 when lava flow from nearby Eldfell destroyed half the town, a natural catastrophe that had been hard to recover.

Giant Elephant in Iceland

Stone wedding in Kuklica

There’s a small village near Kratovo in the northern part of Republic of Macedonia that is interesting to visit. But you may wonder why this little community in such a small country would be something worth visiting, so here’s the story about Kuklica. The place is known for its naturally formed stone pillars that resemble humans. There’s also an interesting legend connected to this location, thanks to the look of the stone pillars.

If you ask people, they will be more than glad to retell you the legend of how this place turned out to look this way. And the legend is: Once a man could not decide which woman to marry, so he had an idea to marry both. After he married the first one, he went to marry the other on the same day, so the first bride was interested who’s getting married on the same day as her and went on the right bank of the Kriva River, where the event was taking place. She was so surprised and disappointed to see that the person who’s getting married is her husband, so she cursed everyone that was at the wedding at that time and turned them into stone. That’s why this place is known to be a stone wedding.

Legends are interesting to listen to, but apart from all those stories, it is already known that the stone pillars in Kuklica were formed as a result of natural erosion processes in the Holocene.

Stone wedding in Kuklica

The Azure Window in Malta

If you have been to or heard about the most visited attractions in Malta, you’ve probably come across the magnificent Azure Window. This is a Limestone natural arch on the island of Gozo, situated near Dwejra Bay which is actually on the Island Sea.

This naturally created rock formation is a providing one of the most scenic views in Malta. Through the “hole” of the cliff, you can focus your eyes on the beautiful blue sea, something like a picture put in a frame. Due to its elegance, this place has been a popular filming destination for the film industry, hosting the production of many movies, but most significantly being the location of the filming of the popular TV Series “Game of Thrones.”

Unfortunately, due to erosion causing large pieces of rock to be falling from the underside of the arch, it is disintegrating. The arch is in a dangerous condition that is why it is recommended to tourists not to walk along it. Recent research suggested that the arch is going to disintegrate completely within few years, so make sure to visit this beautiful place before its most valuable feature falls apart.

The Azure Window in Malta

As you see, the world is changing, and nothing ever stays the same. Even big solid things such as rocks tend to change their shape and color, due to various natural factors. So, this is the time to remind you that you should treat nature as your friend rather than your enemy and take care of it as much as possible since we (still) have only one planet to live on. And while you’re a good example to people, make sure to visit these impressive rock formations until they disappear altogether.


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