Many people tend to say they’d love to travel, but end up finding various excuses to explain why they don’t. One of them is the fear to go alone. While it’s understandable that being on your own and far from home might be stressful, it’s an effort worth taking. You don’t have to wait for someone to travel together. Traveling solo has many advantages, especially if you’re single. It can make you more social, confident and adventurous; it can help you to meet friends, develop your skills and find new hobbies; finally, it can also make your love life more exciting! Still not convinced? Take a look at the list below, in which we explain why exactly you should go traveling right now.

  1. You’ll get to know yourself better

Few things can teach you as much about you as solo traveling. You’re alone, so nobody distracts you, nobody tells you what to do, there’s no need for compromising. You’re the one responsible for all the decisions that need to be taken.

Because days on the road vary so much, each one of them brings new experiences. Faced with a roller-coaster of different situations, you discover your preferences and abilities. Because of sleeping in hostel dorms, you may, for example, find out you can’t bare snoring. Traveling around small villages can make you realize you’re not a city person, even though you were born in a capital. A visit to an art gallery can turn out to be a turning point in your life and motivate you to become an artist.

Learning all of these facts will be beneficial for you, your friends, family, and future partners. The better you know yourself, the easier it becomes to build healthy relationships with other people. You know what you want and what you can give. One day, when you meet this special someone, they’ll appreciate your travel experiences as much as you, simply because they’ll be happy to have such a smart and open-minded partner. 

  1. It’s more fun than sitting home alone

In case you’re feeling sad and lonely, being glued to the couch won’t make you feel any better. There’s a stereotype about singles being spread all around. Even though lots of people fight with it, this idea is still quite popular and makes us imagine singles the wrong way. For example, a man or woman sitting in their living room, with a box of chocolates/a beer/a bottle of Scotch; they’re whiny, miserable and jealous of everyone who’s in love. Don’t let this common thinking influence you. You can be single and happy, but locking yourself inside is surely not the right way to achieve this happiness. Traveling is way more fun. Break down the silly stereotype and be proof that being single doesn’t equal being wretched! 

  1. You’ll realize there’s more to life than relationships

Nobody here is trying to say love doesn’t matter. It surely does, but, first of all, love is a term with many meanings. It doesn’t always associate with relationships. You can find love outside of romance. You can also find joy and adventure. Traveling is a great way to look for these things. You’ll be shocked how much kindness and care you can receive from strangers; you’ll also be shocked how much enthusiasm you can find in yourself. As soon as you hit the road, you’ll forget you’ve ever complained about being alone. You’ll be busy with exploring the world, meeting people and trying new things. 

  1. It’s a chance to come across great people

You’ll move from one place to another, and in each one of them, you’ll meet new people. Some of them you’ll only see once, others will become your friends, but all will teach you something. They’ll share their stories with you and be curious about your experiences. Perhaps in this colorful crowd, you’ll meet someone who’ll positively influence your views, or give you the specific support you need or inspire you to find new interests. You might end up traveling with people met during the trip, and it’s going to be great because being on the road together uniquely bonds people. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even meet an extraordinary someone! You’re single, so all sorts of filings, romances, and great loves wait ahead of you. Being on a journey and finding a lover, a partner, even a platonic crush can be incredibly romantic!

  1. Traveling will boost your independence

While traveling solo, you have to be independent. You need to make decisions, take responsibility for your choices and manage lots of different situations all by yourself. Sounds scary? It might, but it’s awesome at the same time! It’s perfect for you and your future partners as well. Since you’ll become independent, you won’t cling to anyone. If one day you decide to be with someone, it’ll only be because you want them, not because you can’t handle the life by yourself. 

  1. …and make you more social

Since you’ll be meeting new people all the time, you’ll practice social skills. Even if you’re a bit shy now, making connections will become way easier. Besides, traveling is a source of fascinating stories! You’ll have lots to talk about when you get back home. Not only making friends will be simpler, but your love life can also get more interesting too. Have you ever had this awkward silence on a date, when someone asked you about your interests or wanted to know what you’ve done these days? It won’t happen again – you’ll have plentiful anecdotes to tell.

  1. In many ways, now is the perfect time

At some point in your life, you’ll most likely be in a relationship. Of course, you can still travel solo then, or take your partner for a trip, but it’s going to be a whole different experience than traveling solo while being single. Right now you can just go for a journey without worrying what your girlfriend or boyfriend will think about it. You won’t miss them while being away; you’ll be more open towards new people, small affairs, flirts, and adventures. You’ll be able to plan everything the way you want to, without considering anyone else’s opinion. These benefits will be gone once you’ll be in a relationship. Sure, traveling can still be fun then, but it just won’t be the way it can be right now. That’s why, instead of waiting for someone to join, you should just pack your bags and go!

Ready to begin your vacation for singles? We hope so! Before you get off, remember to share this article with your friends. Perhaps you’ll inspire some of them to start their journey.


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