The most trending topic in the USA this year is the political situation and the on-going elections for the new president of the United States. One can just imagine how the radio, street billboards, the internet, everything in the USA is overloaded with the news and marketing campaigns regarding the 2016 elections. This political hype is going on every day, and it will last up until November the 8th when the actual elections will be organized. However, knowing that the people in the USA might have already heard enough about politics and are trying to get their minds off the current topics, we present you some perfect getaways, in case you want to clear your mind and just relax. If you like where this article is going, check out the places we have to offer you:

Connect with the nature in Alaska

Alaska, a US state located northwest of Canada, is the largest state and an incredibly interesting one to visit. The green fields, picturesque nature, huge snowy mountains, incredible wildlife, Alaska is everything you’ll ever need to organize your sweet escape from every day though and dynamic life. But if Alaska is such a large state, where should you go to escape the daily discussions about politics and general life problems? Here are some beautiful places you could visit and things you could do:

  • Gaze at the Northern Lights in Fairbanks

There’s rarely a person on this planet not aware of the existence of the Northern Lights, the magical show performed up in the sky, rarely leaving a person unamazed. These incredible collisions in the Earth’s atmosphere are what you need to get your mind off the daily pressures and remind yourself that life is beautiful and even the simplest things in life can leave you speechless. That’s why it is always good to head down to the city of Fairbanks, inform yourself about the tours and the best places where you can thoroughly enjoy the also called Aurora Borealis and fall deeply in love with its divinity.


  • Cruise through the fjords to visit the Inside Passage

Once you’re on that yacht or boat, cruising through the waters of this coastal Fjord route, your mind will shut down all your unnecessary thoughts and concerns. The fascinating scenery of the ocean, mountains, and glaciers will make you wish that the cruise doesn’t come to an end. Along the way, you will encounter the Tongass National Forest, which is the largest national forest in the United States.


  • Get wonderfully lost in the Denali National Park

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t get completely lost in this park encompassing more than 6 million acres. Instead, take someone who knows the place with you or simply book a tour and let your mind be free in this magnificent national park, located on the highest mountain in North America – Denali. Simply breathtaking, this national park is the right place to recharge your batteries before you get back to the real world.


Get prepared for some beach time in South Carolina

When you can’t take it anymore, one of the best feelings in the world is to hit the beach and take a long, enjoyable swim into the waters of the ocean. Well, this is exactly what we’re suggesting you do shortly: head to the greatest beaches of South Carolina to take your time off. One of the greatest places to do this in South Carolina is the charming Kiawah Island, a sea island located on the Atlantic coast of the United States. The beaches at the Kiawah Island are quite amazing, and even if the weather is not good for you to take a swim, it’s still one of the greatest feelings in the world to sit down on the comfortable sand, watch the sunset and praise the moment of serenity. Additionally, while you’re on this island, you can also engage in some golf games, since there’s a great golf resort with scenic golf courses.


Another island in South Carolina where you can discover some amazing sandy beaches is the Johns Island. This island is the largest in the state of South Carolina and is of great historical significance. However, the island doesn’t just offer you a great quality time spent at the beaches. In case you find it interesting, you can always take a good old-fashioned stroll down the woods of Johns Island or even ride a bike through the unexplored paths of the island.

Spend a few days in a treehouse in Connecticut

Spending some time in nature and going to the beach during the day is great. But at the end of the day, you always have to get back to your hotel or wherever you are accommodated during your weekend trip.  Then you realize that you’re getting back to civilization and you are again “attacked” by the daily news and events. Well, how would you like to spend a few days away from the TV, radio and the people eager to find a new victim to talk about the latest events in the field of politics?

In that case, we might have the perfect solution for you, and it’s you spending some “me” time in the woods, living temporarily in a treehouse in Connecticut. Sounds tempting? Well, it sure is something you should try out. This US state is known to have some majestic nature and some great deals for available treehouses that are being rented on a daily basis. Overall, spending a few nights in a treehouse will provide you with a lot of fun and still rest your mind a bit.


Looking forward to one of these perfect getaways? In case you are, then don’t forget to be bold and adventurous, don’t let life get you down and try to find your reality escape at some of the places mentioned above.


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