February is one of the months all movie-freaks are crazy for and is not just because of the already announced movie premieres that are supposed to be shown this month, but also because of the greatest and most prestigious film festival – the 88th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars Ceremony.

Oscar-nominated movies

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will take place this 28th of February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. For those who are not entirely familiar with this event, the main thing you should know is that this manifestation will honor the best English-language films of 2015. If you’re at least a little up-to-date with the movies the world had gone crazy for in 2015, then you should be interested in hearing the nominees for the most important award of this event, which is the award for Best Picture.

In case you are a passionate movie lover, and you like the idea of traveling from time to time, then we have something great to offer you. What you can discover in the following part are many lovely destinations that can be seen in the movies which are nominated for this year’s Best Picture award at the 88th Academy Awards ceremony. Feeling excited already? Take a look at the following Oscar-nominated films:

The Big Short

Just like the business world, the filming locations of this well-known movie are taking place indoors. The main parts are filmed within the offices and working areas of the businessmen. However, some parts of the film are shot on the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, at Carondelet Street between Common Street and Canal Street to be more exact. Other filming locations are Las Vegas, Nevada, and Malibu, California.

Bridge of Spies

This historical movie taking us back in times during the Cold War is filmed in many places in Germany, Poland, and the USA. Since this film is basically about an American lawyer that is recruited to defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, you can imagine which locations are used for the filming sets of Bridge of Spies. In Poland, the filming crew completed their job is mainly the city of Wroclaw – a city near the border of the Czech Republic and Germany.

In Germany, the locations were probably the most significant as the movie is mainly filmed in Berlin, a city that is likely to be the biggest tourist attraction in Europe. As it can be supposed, the movie was filmed in one of the most authentic and interesting airports of Germany, significant during the pre-World War II period – the Tempelhof Airport. This airport stopped operating in 2008 and is now a tourist attraction and a recreational field for the people of Berlin. Other filming locations known to have taken place in the city of Berlin are the following: Oberlandstraße, Berlin-Rummelsburg Betriebsbahnhof, Hotel Hilton, Gleisdreieck and inside the Funkhaus Berlin.

Potsdam is yet another city in Germany which is quite significant for the production of this movie. The locations where the movie was filmed are the original locations of the story that inspired this movie, and they are the following: Studio Babelsberg, Glienicker Brücke, and Schloss Marquardt.

Part of the movie is also filmed in the USA, mainly in Brooklyn, New York City (In the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights to be more exact). Then the New York Transit Museum, the New York County Supreme Courthouse in Manhattan, the Federal Hall – 28 Wall Street in Manhattan, the Queens Supreme Court, Jamaica and the Beale Air Force Base in Marysville, California.


This romantic drama about an Irish immigrant arriving in Brooklyn has some interesting filming locations. If you are a fan of this movie, you should visit the following places in Ireland: the city of Enniscorthy in County Wexford and the Curracloe Beach also located in County Wexford. This movie is also filmed in Montréal, Québec in Canada and on Coney Island in Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York and the original inspiration for this movie’s name.

Mad Max

The world has gone simply MAD about Mad Max: Fury Road and visiting the places where the movie was filmed will for sure mean a lot to its fans. That’s why we reveal you the filming locations of this film. However, it is interesting that the movie is filmed mostly in South Africa and Australia. The exact filming locations of South Africa are Cape Town Film Studios in Cape Town and places in Namibia, such as the Namib Desert and Swakopmund, Erongo.

When it comes to the beautiful Australia, this movie has been mainly filmed in Sydney and Penrith in New South Wales.

The Martian

If you have seen the movie the Martian, you should know that most of the movie scenes are taking place on the planet Mars where the left-out astronaut is trying to survive and find a way back to his planet Earth. Well obviously the filming locations didn’t take place on the planet Mars, but they happened on our planet. Where? Well, let’s just say that most of the scenes presenting the planet Mars were filmed in Wadi Rum in Jordan, a tourist attraction that is also known as The Valley of the Moon. Other than that, the movie scenes that represented the NASA stations and other facilities were mainly filmed in Hungary, mostly at Budaörs Airport, Budapest Whale, and Budapest Ferihegy International Airport in Budapest and Korda Studios in Etyek.

The Revenant

It became a tradition to have a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for the best picture at the annual Academy Awards ceremony. This year we have a bit different Leonardo DiCaprio movie, a movie also inspired by a true story but this time with an entirely different plot. The Revenant tells the story of a frontiersman that’s going on a fur trading expedition and due to uncertain events ends up fighting for survival. The action is mainly taking place outdoors, so the filming locations are kind of interesting to be visited by fans of this incredible movie. The movie is filmed in several locations, basically in Kananaskis Country, Alberta; Burnaby, British Columbia; Canmore, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

However, Canada is not the only place where this movie was filmed. The other filming locations are Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina; Libby, Montana in the USA; the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur in Mexico and the White Mountains and San Francisco Peaks in Arizona, USA. All of these locations are worth visiting since they are full of wonderful nature and fascinating sights.


The movie Room is not so diversified when it comes to filming locations, so the fans of this movie don’t have a hard job of planning their trip to the must-visit destinations that are connected to it. The room is filmed in Canada, so if you’re willing to find all the important filming locations of this movie then check out: Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto; Apache Burgers, Etobicoke and Bridgepoint Health hospital in Toronto, Ontario.


The movie Spotlight is yet another office-filmed movie, where the filming locations are mainly taking place indoors. However, there are several sites fans of this film can find amusing, such as the interiors of The Globe and Mail, St. Basil’s Church and Bay-Adelaide Centre in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and Boston in Massachusetts, USA.

Have you already visited the filming locations of your favorite movie? If so, then let us know something about it.


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