Can you imagine yourself wandering carelessly through a field of colorful tulips? Are you eager to let all your senses enjoy thoroughly in an incredible and one of a kind garden in the Netherlands? Are you already interested for more information regarding this topic? Then it’s time for you to hear something more about Keukenhof Holland.

Keukenhof Holland; a garden with millions of tulips

That is how most visitors would describe the Keukenhof Holland, leaving all great impressions aside. What we’re talking about here is one of the world’s largest gardens located in Lisse in the Netherlands. This huge park is the perfect place to let your mind and soul take a time out and enjoy the amazing wonders of nature.

The Keukenhof Garden is famous for the huge number of tulips planted every year and the highly satisfied tourists visiting this beautiful garden in big numbers. There is public information that approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which is spread over an area of 32 hectares. If you happen to be a real lover of tulips, then this will become your heaven on Earth as there are over 800 varieties of tulips planted in the garden.

A garden with millions of tulips

Have a look at the shows, exhibitions, and events

What’s interesting about this garden is that every year there is a particular theme, so this year everything is organized in the spirit of “The Golden Age” which represents the era when the Netherlands became wealthy through the numerous intense activities regarding global trade. The gardens are decorated in a way to remind the people of the Netherlands in those specific times and to show the tourists the highlights of the so-called golden era. One of the main attractions representing this year’s theme is the flower bulb mosaic created near the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. The mosaic is a must-see attraction as it consists of 100.000 flower bulbs, mainly tulips, grape hyacinths, and crocuses, which covers an area of 250m2.

Apart from the flowery attractions you can enjoy in this garden, there are often sculpture exhibitions organized in the Keukenhof Garden that deserve a part of your attention. Mixing the colors and the serenity of nature with the beauty of the creation of various artists can create an ultimate amazement and satisfaction in the eyes of the visitors.

This place is not just a static exhibition of wonderfully decorated gardens with beautiful flowers. On the contrary, there are plenty of flower shows organized in the Keukenhof Garden that can quickly leave you speechless and amazed. If you’re interested in attending such a show, then check out the exact dates, locations, and types of shows organized at the website

Keukenhof Netherlands

For those visitors that are interested in planting flowers and decorating a garden of their own, there are also flower arranging demonstrations that provide the necessary tips and tricks. This is found to be useful when the planting and growing of tulips are discussed, as the tulips are flowers characteristic of the surroundings and the climate of the Netherlands. People that wish to grow such flowers need accurate information so that the planting of the tulips turns out to be a success. If you’re eager to find out something more about gardening, then this is an excellent way to combine education and fun.

Throughout the year there are also plenty of events you can attend at the Keukenhof Garden. Easter Weekend, Food & Flower Festival, Romance at Keukenhof, Shanty Choirs Festival and many other manifestations are organized here, so make sure not to miss the ones you find to be amusing.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the garden

Despite the exhibitions, shows, and events, there are plenty of other ways you can enjoy your visit to this beautiful garden. If you’re looking for some peace time to spend here, then you should try the Whisper Boat Trips around Keukenhof. This amazing 45 minutes boat trip gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the spectacular landscape.

Another way to explore the beauty of Keukenhof is to take part in the cycling tour, which shows you another perspective of the wonders of the garden. The cycling can be organized for both adults and children, but if you’re looking for even more fun, you can always hire a bike for tandem cycling. At the entrance, you’ll have the chance to pick the route you find the most exciting, with distances ranging from 5 km to 25 km. Of course, professionals have the opportunity to engage in even longer routes.

Whisper Boat Trips Keukenhof

Different types of gardens for various preferences

Every year, there is an improvement in the quality of the gardens and a bigger diversity in the creation of the gardens. This year there are nine types of gardens you can visit, all of which can be connected to different tastes and requirements by the visitors. It is great to think that you can choose from the following types of gardens. Inspirational Gardens to fall in love with. Golden Age Garden for some voyage into the past, Delfts Blauw Garden for some blue and white flower beauty, Vegetable Garden to acknowledge the flowers of the vegetables, Romantic Garden for some love in the air. Rob’s Sensory Garden for some tips by Holland’s most famous TV-gardener Rob Verlinden. Beach Garden to relax as if you’re on vacation. Vintage Garden for some nostalgic beauty and Historical Garden that will take you back in time and teach you something more about the origin of tulips. There are plenty of choices, so better choose right.

Learn all about tulips

If you’re amazed by the existence of tulips, then you should head off to the Juliana Pavilion where you will find the Tulipomania exhibition. Like the name itself explains, the exhibition is all about the history, the specifications and some amazing stories about some of the most beautiful flowers in the world – the tulips.

keukenhof bridge and mill

Bring your children along

You want to visit the Keukenhof Garden badly, but you’re scared to bring your kids along because you think that they will ruin something? Well, there’s no room for panic since the gardens provide unique entertainment that the kids simply enjoy. Take them for a great day in the gardens and let them have fun while you enjoy your time out, even for a few minutes. If you’re wondering what your kid can do in the Keukenhof Garden, they have in mind that there are plenty of activities such as a playground, a petting farm where they can get to know some types of animals and learn how to take care of them. The ultimate activity organized for all the kids to enjoy their time in the gardens – a scavenger hunt.

Buy your tickets on time

The interest for visiting the Keukenhof Garden increases as years pass by, so if you’re going to the Netherlands to visit the magnificent gardens, have in mind to buy your tickets on time, which can also be done online through their website.

For an adult ticket the price is 16 euros, for children aged 4 – 11 years the price is 8 euros, while for a group of 20 people the price per person costs 13.50 euros. There are also additional services like transportation or parking which costs can be found on the website mentioned above.

Visitors of the Keukenhof Holland praise the colors and the sights of the garden, describing it as “a feast for the eyes.” Are you prepared to explore this amazing part of the Netherlands?


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