In life, a person can easily get bored when there is a lack of entertainment. But even things that a person finds entertaining can become dull and insignificant. That’s when you have to step up the game – go beyond the ordinary and get that adrenaline jumping. It’s not hard to pick the closest entertainment park and plan a crazy afternoon. But what would you say to a ride on the scariest roller coasters in the world? Sounds exciting right? And it’s something you’ll remember for a lifetime – that’s for sure.

Scariest Roller Coaster in the World

Okay, now that you made up your mind to do such a crazy thing, it’s time that you found out the exact locations of some of the scariest roller coasters in the world. Sure, the U.S. has some of the scariest roller coasters in their theme parks all across the country. From Disneyland to Six Flags to Cedar Point, there are parks for all ages to enjoy. For those who want a bit more of a thrill, never fear, because there are some parks and some rides just for you. But what about the whole wide world? Where are the hotspots of excitement and endless fun? Where can you find a ride so terrifying – you’ll be recovering for days and sharing it with all your friends? Let us help you with the search – take a look at the following rides:

Top Thrill Dragster

Located at the park Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is known in the area for its fantastic roller coasters, and the Top Thrill Dragster is no exception. You will reach 120 mph in four seconds, and you start off with a 400-foot drop. Part of the track goes straight up in the air and then come straight back down. It feels like a rocket being launched into space, and it goes so fast that screams barely get out as whispers as you are propelled into the thrill ride of your life. There have been many people who get in line and then back out, will you be one of them?

Gravity Max

It starts off nice and smooth, patiently building the moment of never-ending screams and insanely fast heartbeats. Gravity Max is a one of a kind roller coaster, and you can find it in Taiwan in the Lihpao Land Discovery World. It’s an extraordinary ride and will probably be one of the most exciting entertaining activities of your life. At first, it may not seem so unusual, as you will ride fast just like on other roller coasters. But the ultimate fun is when the ride approaches an 114-foot height, where the cart suddenly stops, rotates 90 degrees and only takes your breath away. A free fall is what accelerates you into the mix of emotions, mainly caused by excitement and fear all at the same time. Do you think you can handle it?

Superman: Escape From Krypton

Found in Valencia, California the Superman roller coaster can be found at the Six Flags amusement park, and it is many people’s scariest roller coaster ride. If you have ever seen a Superman movie he rockets up into the sky or space and pauses, and then can fly back down to Earth at incredible, superpower speeds. This roller coaster shoots you out of the gate immediately, and backward. Yes, you will be flying backward and up a steep incline right from the start, where you will pause, feeling weightless for just a moment, before you are hastily propelled back down the track just like Superman would have flown. If you have ever wanted to feel like you were flying, this ride is for you. No capes on the rides, please.

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka is at Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey. The Kingda Ka has the same sort of dreaded straight-up-in-the-air climb as the Top Thrill Dragster, except even bigger. This scary roller coaster is so fat that has been awarded the tallest roller coaster in the world, with a 418-foot drop. You start out of the gate at 128 mph, so don’t even bother wearing a hat or sunglasses, because you will never see them again. The speed is needed to reach the top of the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom, as you shoot straight up towards space, and then take a fall you only have in your nightmares. Scream if you can, but at least you can say you rode it. Try to get the front seat for the ride of your life.


The Cannibal scary roller coaster was recently opened in July 2015 at Lagoon in Utah. Isn’t even opened yet, and it’s already causing people to panic. While people defy the long lines for the ride, they can’t wait to try and see how brave they are; others want nothing to do with its 116-degree drop as one of the world’s steepest, and not anything to do with careening through a tunnel that dives into a 208-foot tower. Your visual senses will be on overload with the flash of light into darkness and also at top rates of speed. Are you brave enough to ride a roller coaster at 70 mph into a tunnel?

Formula Rossa

The United Arab Emirates are known to have some pretty interesting buildings, so why would an entertainment park be an exception? Head down to Abu Dhabi if you’re willing to scare every cell in your body. The Ferrari World offers you the fastest roller coaster in the world. Going 1.3 miles in just 90 seconds, the Formula Rossa will hardly leave you indifferent after the ride. Want to feel the thrills each formula racer experiences? Then fly straight to Abu Dhabi for an unbelievable experience.


Once again Cedar Point claims another top scariest roller coaster with the GateKeeper. In most roller coasters you sit down and have a pull bar that keeps you in place, and straps like a seatbelt. The GateKeeper leaves your feet dangling, with nothing underneath. This roller coaster is known as a wing coaster, as it makes its passengers feel like they are flying. As you propel around the twists and turns and narrow spaces, the seat fling you about, and the free-flying sensation is terrifying and yet thrilling on this favorite scary roller coaster.

The Sky Scream

Europe also offers some hardcore adrenaline-raising rides, and probably the craziest one can be found in Germany. There’s an excellent amusement park in Hassloch, called Holiday Park, which is considered to be a part park and part woodland, so apart from crazy rides, you can also catch some pretty amazing landscapes. Feel like twisting and twirling in the air? Then the Sky Scream ride is ideal for you. It is not the fastest, nor the highest rollercoaster, but this ride scares you with surprising turns and unexpected rotations. It doesn’t even wait to build up the atmosphere – the Sky Scream makes you scream even from its very beginning. It’s a coaster like no other, and it can live up to your expectations of an adrenaline-rush ride.

Intimidator 305

The Kings Dominion Park in Doswell, Virginia is where you can find the Intimidator, another of the scariest roller coasters in the U.S. The Intimidator does just that, intimidates its passengers as it flies towards the ground and then veers off at the last second. The ride has tons of hairpin turns, and scream factors that will keep your heart rate up. It speeds around at 90 mph, and soars in the air at its high point of 305 feet before plummeting towards the Earth in what you will think is your last moments.


Extremely fast and high, it takes only seconds until a family of butterflies attacks your stomach. Takabisha is the ride that will probably leave you voiceless because of all the screaming. You can find this scary roller coaster in Fuji-Q Highland theme park, located in Fujiyoshida in Japan. The Takabisha is not recommended for those that are weak at heart, nor for the ones that have already had lunch since the ride includes a dizzy 121-foot drop, which is considered to be the steepest in the world. Even by just watching a video of the ride you might get goosebumps, so you can only imagine how insanely exciting it is to ride the Takabisha.


The Skyrush is a crowd favorite at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The roller coaster has the wing factor, where your feet are left hanging, as there is no floor to the roller coaster. This huge yellow scary roller coaster has giant arcs that twist and throw you every which way as if to get rid of you. Hang on to those grab handles and save your yelling because you’ll need all your strength to hold on.


This scary ride found in the Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, is a blood-freezing experience. However, due to its past, this ride is even scarier as there was a terrible incident a few years ago. Nevertheless, the rollercoaster is still functioning, normally after being thoroughly analyzed, repaired and secured. The ride itself is thrilling, so any other additional reason for being scared while taking the Smiler is adding up to your adrenaline pumping experience. And it’s a kind of cool thing to do while you’re visiting the United Kingdom.

The Ultra Twister

Have you ever visited the Mie Prefecture in Japan? Well if you are an adrenaline seeking a person, then we might just give you a good reason to visit this place. This is mainly because here you will find the Nagashima Spa Land and its scariest roller coaster – the Ultra Twister. And as the name says it – the ride will bring you up a vertical lift which will later continue in a chilling 84-degree drop down. It’s a twist you won’t be able to forget about.

Hades 360

This rollercoaster is found at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, and is quite famous for being one of the first wooden roller coasters that were going upside down. Even though it has some scarier competitors when it comes to its inversion, Hades 360 still attracts visitors from all over the world. It is the largest roller coaster in the park and it’s 360 degrees inversion was introduced at a later date, in 2013 to be more exact.

Prepare for the scariest roller coasters in the world

You might think you’re incredibly courageous, and you can handle every challenge, but these rides would be a better experience if you start off slow. This means that even if you feel prepared, the rides on this list should probably not be your first scary roller coaster experience. Therefore, try to ride a lighter version or at least have some experience in adrenaline rush sports, since you never know how your organism may react to such changes and you don’t want to experience difficulties while you’re so up high in the air or rushing so fast.

Also, remember not to get a stomach full of candy from the theme park or catch the ride while you’re sick. Depending on your weather preferences, pick the day up front and prepare for some intense screaming. And yeah – get read of accessories and stuff from your pockets, since that will probably be the last time you’ll ever see them. Also, remember not to get a stomach full of candy from the theme park or catch the ride while you’re sick. Depending on your weather preferences, pick the day up front and prepare for some intense screaming. And yeah – get read of accessories and stuff from your pockets, since that will probably be the last time you’ll ever see them.

Time to Prove You’re an Adult

Many of these scary roller coasters have strict height, and maybe even age requirements apply due to the high rates of speed, the insane drops, and the momentum at which you are propelled around the track. While kids are begging and pleading to ride, many adults would rather avoid the thrill ride. So, it’s time to get in line scariest roller coasters and prove that you’re an adult and big enough to have a good scare. Don’t worry, it will be over in a few minutes, and who knows, you may get back in line again.


  1. I had not heard of most of these, which shocks me! I am not a big roller-coaster fan myself but I found your post while looking for the scariest to win a debate with a friend. It is funny too because none of the ones he had mentioned are on this list. I did look at most of these and wow, they are INSANE! Loved the post and thanks for the information. Going to read some other posts on here.


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