Road-trips are magical. There’s this special feeling of freedom that comes with them and it can’t be compared with anything else. America’s a major destination for this kind of travels. With its famous routes and breathtaking landscapes, it’s indeed one of the best places to drive around. If you’re a lucky one who’s planning such a trip right now, here’s a list of tips for driving across the United States.

  1. Set your priorities

Even if you spent all your life driving across the United States, you wouldn’t be able to experience everything it offers. It’s an incredibly vast country with an amazing abundance of landscapes, historic sites and cultural attractions. Cities, national parks, countryside, the worth-visiting places and endless. You should make a bit of research and decide what appeals to you the most, then adjust the route accordingly.

  1. Plan in advance…

When you already know which places you want to visit, plan the trip. There aren’t many hostels in the United States, but there’s lots of affordable motels and hotels. It’s better to book accommodation in advance, especially if you’re going to visit the most touristy places. Besides, the United States has lots of fascinating theme hotels you should check out. The popular ones receive many guests, you should keep it in mind and make the reservations early enough. Gather the information about sites you want to see: when they’re open, what are the entrance fees, where to go, what are the highlights etc. This way you won’t miss out on the best things.

  1. …But let yourself to be spontaneous

Yes, planning is definitely recommended, but it’s good to keep some space for spontaneity. Don’t make your schedule too packed with stuff. Sometimes, when you pass by a beautiful place, you might want to just take a break and relax. Plan the trip the way so that it’d be possible – at least once in a while and especially if you’re going to travel for several weeks or more. Let the road surprise you, it’s a wonderful feeling.

  1. Buy a national park pass

For nature-lovers driving across the United States, buying a national park pass is a great solution. It’s valid for one year from the month of purchase and allows you to enter all national parks in America. You can wander as much as you wish without worrying about additional entrance fees. To check the details, visit this website.

  1. Bring some snacks and drinks

Some parts of the United States are remote and you might have trouble finding shops or restaurants. If you’re going to drive through some hot areas, a small cooler with cold drinks will come in very handy. It’s also useful for dairy products and other products that go bad if they aren’t kept in a fridge. Pack some beverages, yummy snacks and a blanket, so that you could make picnics in beautiful sceneries. It’s also a great way to save money and avoid fast foods.

  1. Be realistic about the time

Driving across the United States for a few weeks or even days can be as wonderful as tiring. Remember that before you reach a city, you’ll first spend a couple of hours behind the wheel. If you stop for one day only, all you’ll be able to do is taking a shower, having a quick beer in a local pub and a short walk around the centre. You’ll get exhausted instead of exploring a place joyfully. Be realistic and don’t forget you have some basic needs that have to be taken care of. Remember driving itself takes time, so does eating, bathing, sleeping etc. Don’t try to do many things at the same time. Pay attention to details, admire your surroundings and don’t rush. How you explore the places matters more than how many of them you get to visit.

  1. Prepare your vehicle

You don’t want the car to get broken in the middle of the desert or somewhere in the woods. If you’re going to use your own vehicle, have it checked before you hit the road. Be prepared in case something breaks nevertheless and take such things as batteries, a flash-light, first aid kit and jumper cables. You never know when these might turn out to be useful – let’s hope never, but it’s good to have them just in case.

  1. Take some good music

Music can make your trip more atmospheric and special. Find a great playlist and let it become a part of your travels. Not only driving across the United States will be more fun, but after coming back home you’ll have a list of songs that will always bring back the magical memories. You can for example use Spotify to find some suitable playlists, there’s even a separate category for travels and road-trips. American rock, jazz or blues will sound just perfect in your car’s loudspeakers while you drive amongst mystical mountains or beautiful cities.

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