We all fit into one specific category when we travel abroad, due to the fact we all behold different interests. This article will provide you with an insight into what kind of traveler you are, and where your next holiday destination should be, accordingly!

1- History Lover

If you’re a sucker for some rich cultural history, you are regarded as an obvious history traveler. Your decision of where to explore next is swayed by the influence of historical heritage that a location has to offer. You’re fascinated and excited by what great things you can learn and discover on your travels, delving deeper than your average Joe into the secrets of the destination’s traditions. This type of individual would choose museums over shopping and historical sightseeing over lounging on the beach any day!

Regarding where you travel to next, there is a vast choice of destinations that offer intense historical opportunities; however, the most notable include Rome, in Italy, with its plentiful antiquely history and immense sights to wallow in. Another hotspot a history traveler would be in their element in is the one and only Corfu in the Ionian Islands of the exotic and desirable country of Greece. Wherever your next historical exploration is to, you’ll undoubtedly be sure to learn something new every time!

2- Traveler with expectations

If during your travels, you revel in the pleasures of staying in a luxury hotel and doing everything the way it should be done, you are a traveler with expectations! You adore living the life abroad every now and again, enjoying activities such as swimming in the hotel pool or tanning on your lavish balcony with immense sea views. You long for days of lounging around in style and avoiding any sporadic activities that will threaten your chill time. You venture into your travels with expectations of what the hotel should be like and what the location should be like, rather than letting go and exploring something and taking the risks other travel types do! You appreciate the routine of your holidays and fear anything that strays from your preexisting travels.

If you appreciate the luxury of traveling and the finest of locations, your ideal destination to journey to next would include Nice in France, with its famous regular visitors and lavish lifestyle nature. If Nice isn’t so nice, why not check out the gorgeous city of Milan, with its string of high-end designer shops and it’s stunning boutique hotels and restaurants. Break away from your routine and try something new, that’s still within your expectations of glamour.

3- Backpacker

With only one bag of necessities and a one-way ticket to nowhere, spawns the specialty that is, the backpackers. Possessing little expectations and even fewer plans set in stones, the gamble that backpackers take is huge, yet frantically exciting. If you believe yourself a backpacker, you thrive in the sense of adventure that traveling offers you with, reveling in the feeling of not knowing what to expect, and equally, not knowing what priceless experiences you may embark on. Encounter life skills and increased global awareness from merely your ability to not be afraid and try something different. It is true when they say; travel is the only thing you by that makes you richer, which the backpacker would support profusely.

Say you’re stuck on where to adventure to next and are looking for low budget travel and rich new experiences, there are heaps of places you can visit. Try exploring Bali, with its volcanic history and sandy white beaches, complemented with its gorgeously intricate temples and statues. If Bali doesn’t appeal to you, check out the stunning British Columbia in Canada, with its sharply dramatic snow-topped mountains and irresistible lakes.

4- The Foodie

Your sole reason to travel is local delicacies to inspire you to cook at home, making you the ultimate foodie traveler. If you track worldwide food festivals more often and not, and even travel to attend them, it is apparent that your one true love is gorgeous food. You adore trying new foods and cooking them as well, saving all your pennies for the uniquely cultured restaurants that your destination of choice hosts. You’re constantly left with that travel itch to branch out and sample a variety of interesting foods originating around the world, but money often holds you back from living out your foodie travel dreams.

But alas, travel the world to discover unique and interesting foods today, at costs that seem too good to be true. Check out Cologne in Germany this October to experience the Anuga food festival. If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, how about trying the London restaurant festival in England? Hotel room rates are cheaper than ever, making the dream of being a foodie traveler more real than ever before.

5- Weekend Getaway type

If your idea of travel is escaping to a city for a weekend break, you are undoubtedly the weekend getaway type. You flourish in romantic getaways to plush city hotels and prancing around the town experiencing vivid and wild nightlife. You live for those few whirlwind nights away, feeling brand new in a brand new city. If you adore leaving it all behind for a few nights and getting lost in a concrete jungle, you are likely to be craving another getaway soon.

Why not indulge in a luxurious city weekend away to a gorgeously irresistible European destination that has plentiful amounts to offer big city lovers. If you’re one for a romantic city getaway and awe in the presence of bright lights and lively nightlife, you’ll wallow in the pleasure that the city of Paris brings. If Paris isn’t your cup of tea, you’d be a fool to miss out on a romantic night or two away to the water-based city of Venice. Be lured into a sense of paradise with its romantic and tantalizing nature that words simply cannot describe. You’ll feel immense city vibes from both two locations since they have so much to offer regarding daytime sightseeing and sexy nights of dining out and partying.

6- Sightseer

You tick off the sights you see a bucket list, crowning you the sightseer type of traveler. Instead of wondering aimlessly on holiday, you scurry to all the famous sites you could get your hands on! If you do not see famous landmarks, you’ve not visited the place! You take the cheesy, cliché style photos like everyone else to show off to your friends and family as proof that you genuinely visited.

Why not add to the list by booking a brand new holiday to a city full of sights! Check out the eerily beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland, with vast sights to see and photograph. If Edinburgh isn’t quite up to your street, scoot over to Pisa in Italy, where you can join in the crowd of tourists catching the gigantic leaning tower of Pisa, and it falls! Original!


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