1. Freiburg, Germany is full of hippies

Freiburg, Germany is a city known for is environmental awareness. The center is accessible only for pedestrians and cyclists – and there are many cyclists. Additionally a university town, many students cycle the small cobbled streets, showing off the sustainable lifestyles promoted by the Freiburg community. The many young people also help make up the bulging hippie population. With one of the best climates in Germany, do not be surprised to see people wandering the streets barefoot in summer. It is all about free living – free dance classes, free film watching, and even free naked swimming areas. Green districts make up some of the central neighborhoods, with houses based on sustainable living – solar panels, extra insulation and less energy consumption. Vegan cafes are scattered about town. Indeed, hippies roam the streets of Freiburg. Be sure to join in on the sustainable, liberal, environmentally aware fun.

  1. The river is home to a crocodile

True to the playful nature of the city, Freiburg, Germany hosts a crocodile in its river. Small and hidden, and made of stone, it sits in shallow waters. The head of the crocodile lifts slightly from the river, and it watches the feet of passers-by in stillness. It is a fun feature for tourists to witness. However, it hides between small city bustling streets and is not that easily found. I walked past this famous crocodile many times before a local friend pointed it out to me. You do not know to look for it, unless you know to look for it. A plaque marks the spot of the crocodile with a poem – “he looks at you and us and thinks a lot about himself”. Go to Freiburg, Germany – and read the whole thing for yourself.

The river is home to a crocodile

  1. You might accidently get married

While exploring Freiburg, you will notice the small canals that line the streets. Jumped by pedestrians and avoided by cyclists, they are an essential feature of the city. Once used as a water source, they now add more cute character to the already picturesque streets. Locals will tell you that if you accidently step into one of these waterways, you are bound to marry a person from Freiburg. These mini canals hold a mystery of their own. As ancient as the city, they are another one of the many little secrets of Freiburg, Germany.

  1. You can stand above the clouds

The Schauinsland cable car is about 20 minutes outside of Freiburg, Germany. In the same time, it can take you above the clouds and into the heart of the famous Black Forest. The journey up is stunning, tentatively carrying you forward into the trees, with panoramic views over the surrounding land, including Freiburg itself. From here, there are various hiking routes to follow as you please. But one thing you must do is go up Eugen-Keidel Tower. It stands at the peak of the mountain, taking you even higher into the sky. The views from here are still and epic, revealing the incredible nature of Germany.

Schauinsland cable car

  1. The muses of the arts are here

In the English building of Freiburg University, there is a statue of the nine muses of art. It is impressive in itself but holds greater influence as a symbol of the creativity of the city. The university is an old one; renowned respected and definitely worth a visit. The black, glass library dominates Freiburg. It stands as a substantial and central landmark. There are various resources for you to use, and numerous learning opportunities for you to grasp.

freiburg university

  1. You can enjoy Jamaican culture

Surprising and random, a small reggae bar is snuggled into a corner of Freiburg, Germany. It offers some refreshing counter culture to the surrounding traditions of the city. Café Movie is right by one of the famous Freiburg gates. It is a great place to sit outside, drink a cold beer and watch the energy of the city flow past you. Night-time ghost tours pass through this area, as well as more student cyclists, and groups walking in the evening light. Head towards the historical Schwabentor, a gated clock tower. Explore the area and you will find the reggae café bar easily – bright and vibrant, playing music and nestled in a street corner.

  1. You can buy the best sausages in Germany

Looking for even more energy in Freiburg? A market never disappoints, and this city has one of the best. In the shadow of the cathedral, the square hosts a regular market that has run since its medieval beginnings. Here, you can buy possibly the best sausages in Germany. Many vendors sell the famous Red Rote, a local Freiburg sausage. If not satisfied by the glorious food here, then head over to the Markthalle. It is an indoor market hall where you can explore some of the most unusual cuisines that Germany has to offer. Embrace the classic German experience – buy some delicious food and enjoy it at a large communal table. Perhaps with a local beer, or two.

  1. You witness one of the most beautiful towers on earth

The tower of Freiburg, Germany’s Münster Church is supposed “the most beautiful spire on earth.” This quote has stuck and attached another level of beauty to the impressive medieval architecture. Many praise its presence in the city – unique and characteristic. Gothic and old, it is a central landmark revealing the rich history of Freiburg. It is the only Gothic tower to have lasted in the country after surviving the bombing raids of the war. From any of the many lookouts that surround the city, see how the spire protrudes and defines the city. Be sure to explore inside and witness the grand, remarkable interior – home to high altars, stained glass windows, Biblical stories set in stone and leering gargoyles.

freiburg tower

  1. You can experience all of Europe in one day

Europa-Park is the country’s largest theme park and only a 30-minute drive from Freiburg, Germany. It contains all the countries of Europe, separating them into different areas of the park and hosting rides revealing all the various cultures. The Russian section holds a space station; the Italy section has a mini Venice, and the English section bears a traditional British carousel. All areas have restaurants selling typical national cuisines. It is the perfect fun family day out, and allows you to experience all of Europe, in one day.

europa park

  1. It is beautiful!

Ok, maybe you knew this one, especially if you have been there. The beauty of Freiburg, Germany sticks with you. Anyone who has visited will recommend the cobbled streets, common culture and enveloped natural beauty of this city. Even if you have not visited, you might know the area as a travel destination. In its proximity to the Black Forest, it is popular with hikers and tourists. However, the city itself has so much to offer – especially playful, curious secrets. Visit Freiburg, Germany for yourself and discover even more hidden gems of local knowledge.

Do you know more local secrets of Freiburg, Germany? Let us know in the comments below.


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