The Black Forest, Germany invites many travelers to its stunning scenery, hiking routes, ski slopes and distinctly beautiful views. It is vast, extensive and waiting for you to explore it. There are various ways to do so. But be sure to visit the places with the best views. It is important to pave your individual route, but there are some particular perspectives of the forest you should not miss. Autumn or spring time are the best times to visit – empty of tourists and dynamic in beauty from the changing seasons. Beautiful at any time of year, these are the best views of the Black Forest, Germany.

The Schauinslandbahn: Black Forest, Germany

Just outside Freiburg, there is a cable car taking you high and far into the Black Forest, Germany. About a twenty minute ride, the view is exquisite – guiding you upwards to the summit of the Schauinsland Mountain. The higher you journey, the more impressive the view becomes. Eventually, you rise above the clouds – they blanket the sight, but it still extends into the distance. Not only can you look down over the surrounding scenery, but there are various hiking routes to be followed at the top.

From here, head towards Oberried, a small idyllic village nestled in the hills. On this path, you will stumble across cowbells, forests, green land and the most incredible views. Be sure to stop at the Rappenecker Hutte, a wooden restaurant in the heart of the Black Forest, Germany. Rising over the hill, you are suddenly greeted with a shocking beauty – blue hills in the distance, overlapping and seemingly infinite.


Dominating the Southern Black Forest, Germany, is the highest mountain in the region – Feldberg. At 1493 meters high, this is not a simple hiking route. Instead, you need time to explore this impressive area entirely – and there are many ways to do so. Ski resorts offer you the opportunity to travel and stay on the mountain. Drawing many tourists, especially in the winter season, this gives you first-hand experience of the Black Forest, Germany. Enjoy the ski resort, suitable for all ages and levels. By exploring the slopes of Feldberg, you can fully embrace the beauty of the Black Forest from a unique and epic perspective.

feldberg black forest

Lake Mummelsee

Visiting Lake Mummelsee is another opportunity to enjoy the Black Forest, Germany in an active way. More than just hiking, the lake offers various ways to explore including swimming and kayaking. It is a particularly great place for kids. If you are traveling as a family, Lake Mummelsee provides the beauty of the Black Forest without the remoteness. It is safe and fun, and there are various references to folk stories. Legends of water nymphs and mermaids add to the fairy-tale history of the Black Forest, Germany. Many meters about sea level, this lake is high in the mountains. Journey upwards and look down on the water, with the stunning Black Forest stretching out beyond it.

Lake Mummelsee

Schwarzwald Hochstrasse

Assuredly, one of the best ways to see the Black Forest, Germany, is on the road. This famous highway guides you through higher sections, offering breath-taking views over the surrounding beauty. Broad and free, it provides an elevated perspective – and the freedom to go your personal way and speed. As it drops down towards civilization, the way is winding and fun to drive. Whether you are an avid car lover or not, this road draws you in. Just watch your speed – this route is worth taking slowly. The stunning scenery is there be appreciated, and it should be. It is some of the best the Black Forest, Germany, has to offer.

Schwarzwald Hochstrasse

Badische Weinstrasse

Translated as the wine road – this route takes you through the best vineyards of the Black Forest, Germany. Although a substantial distance, this is a way to experience the area without the hardcore hiking. Instead, take it slow and easy – and stop off for a drink along the way! Other than vineyards, ruined castles display the history of the land. And some of the best views of its beauty. Especially if you are interested in fine wines, this is the way to go. It is a classy alternative to the rougher, more rugged experiences of the Black Forest, Germany.

Badische Weinstrasse

The Black Forest Trains

Not up for hiking or driving? You can also experience the stunning views of the Black Forest, Germany by train. Sit back and relax and let the intoxicating scenery seep into you through the window. Especially if you have no time to immerse yourself in the forests and hills, travel by train is an excellent way to directly and quickly experience the Black Forest, Germany.

The route from Donaueschingen to Offenburg takes you right through the heart of the forest and offers a uniquely unusual perspective. The slow trains between Freiburg and Basel also offer stunning scenery. And you can explore the two marvelous cities on either end. Especially in the winter, it is amazing to experience the Black Forest from the warmth and comfort of a train. The whiteness of the snow that falls here blankets the trees and turns the whole place into a real fairy-tale setting.

black forest train


One of the greatest qualities of the Black Forest, Germany, is its location in Europe – nestled in between France and Switzerland. Looking to travel beyond? Near the border of Switzerland and Germany, there is a perfect place to orientate yourself before or after exploring the Black Forest. Rheinfall offers refreshing beauty – different to the typical scenes of woodland and mountains. Instead, you there is a powerful, impressive waterfall to greet you. Rather than a straight fall, the land is rugged. It is aggressive, random and captivating to watch. Strong rocks protrude from the water. A lookout immersed in the mist and spray allows an immediate, beautiful view of the river that dominates this magnificent area of the world.


The Black Forest, Germany, hosts natural beauty, national history, and endless opportunity. Its combination of woodlands, hills, and lakes, all at a significant height, provides a unique unity of nature. As a setting for many Grimm Brothers tales, traditional German stories are tied up in the land – ancient and powerful. The area is popular and promoted by the locals and tourists that are lucky enough to live and visit here. There are clear, well-trodden routes to take – favored for a reason. But the area has limitless potential in mysterious, unknown pathways still waiting to be discovered. Be sure to go to the Black Forest, Germany and experience its beauty for yourself.

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