The school year has already started and with that, the schools and the libraries are becoming more crowded. However, this isn’t the only reason people are visiting these places. It is common for tourists to wish to visit a certain educational institution, whether the reason is connected to sentimentality, attractive decoration, the place being known for some event or person connected to it or because it is a masterpiece of a particular architect. And since Europe is a history and culture-rich continent, gathering different countries that nurture diverse styles – you can expect to see a lot of stunning and nicely designed libraries. Not sure which ones are worth your trip? Luckily, we made a list of some spectacular studying and reading places you’d be crazy to miss out. Check them out:

The Old Library – Trinity College Library Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

You love the smell, look, and touch of old books? Then this place will give you the goosebumps! It’s remarkable Long Room will stun you with the precious collection of old books, approximately 200,000 of them being set on the lovely wooden shelves. The whole interior of this building is authentic and valuable, as you will probably feel like in an old movie, getting lost in the dusty, old books. Well, let’s not get too dramatic about it, as the books are in excellent condition and so is your favorite reading place in Dublin.

Trinity College Library Dublin

Vennesla Library and Culture House

Location: Vennesla, Norway

This is a true architectural masterpiece, as this place is a paradise for casual readers and hard-working students. A pure minimalistic and modern design, you can grab a book and enjoy reading the ordinary way with the other students on the table or grab a seat at the individual departments where you can lay down and relax. The interior, as well as the outside look of the library, is original and memorable. Even if you don’t have to use the services of the facility, it will be ideal for you to visit it if you’re in town, as this is one of Vennesla’s best attractions.

Library of Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Having such a specific exterior, you’d be crazy not to enter while passing by this building. This dazzling facility is known to be Britain’s largest public library and apart from reading rooms, it also consists of Shakespeare Memorial Room, a health center, music rooms and gardens located on the roof. Dutch architects are “guilty” for the remarkable design that due to the change of seasons it’s decorated in different reflections and shadows.

Library of Birmingham

Clementinum National Library

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Just like Prague itself, this place will enchant you! It definitely looks old and sophisticated, giving you a hard time concentrating on the books when everything else seems so fascinating. The ceiling is probably the most unusual and astonishing part of this building, a great work of art by Jan Hiebl, accompanied by the golden details in the interior and some historical elements. All this is the reason why the Clementinum is known to be “the Baroque Pearl of Prague.”

Peckham Library

Location: London, United Kingdom

In 2000 a new building rose up in the London District of Peckham that due to its design it looked like it was ahead of time. Now, if you see it in the night while the lights are on, you might confuse it with a nightclub. However, the lively look of the building is also adapted to its interior, giving its visitors a comfortable space and motivational surrounding, offering plenty of books and study materials.

Peckham Library

Philological Library, Free University of Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a spectacular city, and there’s always something amusing waiting for you around the corner. But if you’re heading down to Habelschwerdter Allee you will be amazed to encounter a spherical architectural piece, which is even more spectacular on the inside. The interior looks rather futuristic and inspirational, making you want to grab a book, take a seat and study all day. Its pure design is what makes it yet another architectural attraction in Berlin.

Free University of Berlin

Halmstad City Library

Location: Halmstad, Sweden

A glass building that interacts with nature – this must be one of the most authentic architectural pieces of Halmstad! The view over the river Nissan, the spectacular landscape that’s surrounding the building and the sun lighting up the rooms make this place perfect for some read and chill time or some dedicated working hours. It’s a fantastic attraction that you really need to explore while you’re in Halmstad.

Halmstad City Library

Stuttgart City Library

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

This multi-floor building with a stunning cubic exterior and a minimalistic interior is so pure and glowing that it will give you a hard time falling asleep over your book. Its simple yet prestigious look is what attracts many visitors to enter the building, even though they may not be interested in the services that it provides. Try not to get wonderfully lost between all those crowded shelves with books from various authors and on different topics.

City Library Stuttgart

Delft University of Technology Library

Location: Delft, Netherlands

For all those hard-working students in Delft, there’s got to be a great and motivating study place, which is why in the heart of the city they have the Library of the University of Technology. What’s so unique about this building is that it is a cone-shaped structure, perfectly designed to absorb and spread as much sunlight as possible. The roof is covered in grass, which is the favorite spot for students to relax after a day spent gaining knowledge.

Delft University of Technology Library

Library and Learning Centre University of Economics Vienna

Location: Vienna, Austria

A marvelous futuristic design by Zaha Hadid, this place is really a must-see attraction located on the campus in Vienna. It’s outside look comes as a surprise, and the interior is also not going to leave you indifferent. It is a spacious library, with a lot of books and materials and a great atmosphere followed by a stunning view of the Viennese Prater. Due to its spectacular exterior, the locals sometimes call it “the boat”.

university of economics vienna

Do you happen to know of any other library we can put on the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comment area.


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