It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, at least that’s what Andy Williams used to sing. Nevertheless, the Christmas season is one of the most beautiful periods of the year, and that is not a secret. Many people are going mad about this season since it’s the season to be jolly while spending time with your loved ones.

Apart from those that feel like Christmas is a perfect holiday to be spent at home, relaxing and taking a break from the everyday life, celebrating the holiday with friends and relatives, there are those that are longing for a journey, preferably somewhere new where they can celebrate their favorite holiday. And that’s a magnificent idea! Going abroad for Christmas gives you a great pleasure of getting to know a city in a different light, which is covered in Christmas lights. Yes, due to the celebration of the holiday many cities are being decorated and made even more open and friendlier to locals and tourists. The Christmas lights light up the city, big Christmas trees are usually put in the center, decorated with various ornaments, stands to sell hot drinks and delicious snacks are placed throughout the streets and music is played. All these stuff can make a city become a magical fairytale, which is definitely what tourists are looking for when they’re traveling for Christmas.

Best cities to visit at Christmas

Even though there are still a few weeks left until this beautiful holiday, many cities have already put up their Christmas lights and decorated the streets. Especially the capitals of the European countries, which every year attract a big number of tourists and fill their hearts with love and joy. Here are some of the many cities in Europe we have spotted that have already opened their doors to the Christmas season and embraced the Christmas spirit.

Vienna, Austria

The wonderful capital of Austria will fascinate you no matter which period of the year you decide to visit it. But can you imagine wandering the streets of Vienna during the Christmas holidays? Well, it must feel magical and amazing, since the city has its charm and the decorations only make the city even more pleasant and alive. Those people that have already visited Vienna during Christmas time say that it is okay to have high expectations about Christmas time in Vienna and luckily, your expectations won’t disappoint you at all. So, having in mind that a lot of events connected to music, street markets, city ice skating and others are taking place in the beautiful Vienna, it might be challenging for a tourist to make the right decision on what to do there during the Christmas holidays. Well, here are a few suggestions that might just guide you to the right decision:

  • Visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets which are Alt Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt at Freyung. There you will enjoy the sight of the colorful decorations and the smell of the delicious snacks. However, what you most definitely should get a taste of is the especially mulled wine with orange juice, you will love it!
  • Attend some of the following churches: Minoritenkirche, Peterskirche, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and Malteserkirche to listen to some of the best seasonal classical concerts in town. However, when it comes to classical concerts, the ultimate event is the ‘Christmas in Vienna’ concert at the Wiener Konzerthaus.
  • Ice skate on the famous ice skating rink of the Vienna Association of Ice Skaters spreads across 6,000 square meters between the Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert Hall) and the Vienna InterContinental Hotel close to Stadtpark. The fun is guaranteed.

Alt Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt

Krakow, Poland

Although not the capital of Poland, Krakow is a great city to visit, especially during the Christmas season. The festive spirit starts two weeks before the end of November and usually lasts until December the 26th. However, the Christmas market organized at the center of Krakow is sometimes prolonged until 6th of January due to the organization of the famous festival in Krakow – the Epiphany festival. Taking a stroll down Rynek Glowny, the main square of the Old Town of Krakow during the Christmas season, when everything is beautifully decorated and sparkling, will make you feel like you’re in some fairytale.

Other than that, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your family, or you just enjoy doing some window shopping, then this might be a great place for you to visit during Christmas. As the main square is full of scattered wooden stalls, offering various types of decorations, gifts, toys and Christmas cards. Also, while you’re enjoying your shopping time, you don’t have to feel bad for the other members of your family since the joyful festival in Krakow entertains every taste. However, the beauty of the seasonal decorations and events is not only centered in Rynek Glowny, but also in the separate districts where every corner can make you fall in love with.

An interesting part of this season is the famous Christmas Cribs festival organized on 3rd of December in Krakow. This unique Christmas tradition is what Krakow is all about, where the favorite creation of “Christmas cribs,” or as they call them locally – “szopki,” is being praised. As strange and bizarre as the collection of these cribs might appear to be, it is important to know that the tradition of creation and design of such cribs has its start back from the 19th century.

Main square, Old Town of Krakow

Copenhagen, Denmark

Celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen seems like an excellent idea, even though you might not have considered it up until now. The sparkling city center and the pleasant atmosphere at Tivoli Gardens can quickly show you how Copenhagen can become your favorite Christmas wonderland. The Christmas markets organized throughout the city are spreading that mesmerizing smell of delicacies that are hard to resist. But having to try some of the specially made hot chocolate or tasty waffles might be the best decision you’ll make during your stay in Denmark.

Despite the madly delicious specialties that can be found in Copenhagen during the Christmas season; there are plenty of other activities that offer an unforgettable fun time. One excellent choice you can make, in case you’re in a search for entertainment, is taking part in the winter ice skating activities. You can obviously do this in many other cities in Europe, but what’s so special about ice skating in Denmark is that they have a lot of big, spacious ice skating rinks that not only give you the freedom to avoid the crowd on the ice skating rinks but also provide a great skating atmosphere.

However, if you’re into finding your magical winter wonderland, then we advise you to visit the Tivoli Gardens, as they are amazing any time of the day. All of the different colors and lights there will make your eyes sparkle. If it’s hard for you to imagine the beauty of the Tivoli Gardens in Christmas, let’s just say that it is something like Disneyland for adults. Once you go there, don’t miss out on trying their delicious mulled wine which they like to call it the Glogg. It might be a bit expensive shopping at the Christmas markets, but don’t forget to try their delicious Christmas cookies and a special edition of Christmas beers.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s hard to choose where to celebrate Christmas in Europe, since all of the cities are wonderfully decorated and joyful, offering a lot of entertainment for people of every age. There are plenty of significant decisions you can make if you’re interested in visiting a city that’s praising the Christmas spirits, as every single one is unique and magical, with a lot of authentic traditions and events. And if you have a better idea for a traveling destination this Christmas, let us know.


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