Thrill seekers should put this at the top of their list! Diving with sharks can be terrifying and fun! Imagine being lowered into the water in a cage as Great White sharks swim over to investigate the strange object that has entered their territory.

Diving with sharks

Are you trying to conquer your fears? Or are you simply seeking that adrenaline rush? Diving with sharks can do both and give you an experience that you will talk about for the rest of your life. These tours are based on the experiences. Here are some of the best diving opportunities throughout the world and what you can expect to experience.

San Francisco

Off the coast of California are San Francisco’s Farallon Islands, which is home to a large white shark population. Many U.S. citizens or visitors do not know this opportunity is available so close to home, as research shows the best places are far from continents and countries, not the U.S. The area is known for the seal, which is the white shark’s favorite meal, thus drawing them to the area.

Cage diving

Be prepared for your excursion to take an entire day, as the boat leaves before sunrise to arrive at your destination during the peak shark-sighting times. The tours do not guarantee shark sightings, so keep this in mind. Guests can either choose to cage dive or be a “top-sider” and watch shark activity from the boat. Cage diving experiences can run close to 1,000 U.S. dollars and the top sider experience about half of that. If you decide to cage dive, a wetsuit and equipment will be prepared for you. The tours are conducted through October and November, which are prime viewing times in the area.

The Bahamas

If you’re vacationing in an island paradise known as the Bahamas, there is an opportunity to dive with sharks here as well. The location is called “Tiger Beach,” known for diving with the famed and vicious Tiger sharks that live there. Travel to West End on Grand Bahama for your experience. A boat will take you 20 miles off the coast here to Tiger Beach for the thrilling dive. The cage and air system are provided to you, in the shallow, clear waters off the coast. The cage is safe and large, and you can easily move about and take pictures within it. You can cage dive or watch from the boat for about the same prices as San Francisco dives. The waters here are clear and beautiful, and you can easily see the sharks from the boat. You do not have to be dive certified to participate.

Tiger shark

South Africa

South Africa is the king of all shark diving opportunities and where many shows of the famous “Shark Week” television series held every year take place. You will journey to the tip of South Africa for your diving with Sharks opportunity. Here, there are tons of seal that live and breed, drawing the attention of some massive Great White sharks that can quickly reach up and beyond 4 meters. You do not need to be a certified diver to participate.

The journey will take you out between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock which is known worldwide as “shark alley.” A 6.2-meter shark was accidentally tangled in a net here once. The cage is tethered to the side of the boat at a maximum depth of 2.5 meters. Guests receive 5 to 15 minutes in the cage per dive and 3 to 4 opportunities. Water visibility is poorer here and hard to see during the summer months. The active shark months are April to October, but sharks can be seen well into January as well.

Great White shark

South Africa – False Bay

Another South African location is False Bay, located only 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. The water conditions here are often rough, so viewing sharks is done primarily from the surface. Diving with cages occasionally happens, but divers must be advanced. False Bay is home to the “Air Jaws,” where these massive Great White sharks propel themselves at top rates of speed towards the surface to grab one of the unlucky seals from nearby Seal Island, often flying out of the water and into the air. The show is so spectacular that there is no need to cage dive! This is an incredible experience to see the normally submarine giants become airborne.

Isla Guadalupe

Isla Guadalupe is found off the coast of Mexico, a short distance away from the Baja Peninsula, where more Great White sharks await you. This is another top-notch location for massive shark viewing, and the boats that take you here are specially equipped for multi-day stays, so you can get several days of cage diving, as there are no amenities nearby. The shoreline is home to fur seals and California sea lions which sharks love to eat. The large boats that take you out to sea are fully equipped with the safety and comfort of amenities like those found in a hotel room. There are several dive masters and a crew of approximately ten people that will see that you are safe and thoroughly enjoy your experience for the next few days.

shark cage diving

Gear to bring for diving with Sharks

While most of these tours proved the safety cage, wetsuits and breathing equipment, you will still need to bring a few things. It is highly recommended that you bring motion sickness pill with you as the waters can be choppy and induce seasickness. Also, sunscreen and drinking water will be needed as well, so you don’t burn or get dehydrated, especially since these tours last anywhere from half a day to a full day or more. Wind and rainproof clothing are recommended as well, especially in San Francisco and South Africa areas. Some meals and snacks will be provided, but bringing a few of your own wouldn’t hurt either. A towel is a must if you’re cage diving and an extra set of clothes to change into for your thrilling trip.

Sharks the size of cars

How would you like to be mere feet away from a creature the size of a car and that is higher up on the food chain? There aren’t many animals that man can be afraid of, but these massive sharks should be respected and seen from the safety of a cage or boat. If you’re seeking an experience to talk about for the rest of your life, this is it. Diving with sharks isn’t a common vacation experience. It is dangerous, thrilling and an unbelievable opportunity.


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