When people travel and find themselves having a one in a lifetime experience, they usually do something to remember their journey. Some take many photographs; some buy souvenirs and traditional clothing, some even write a book about it, while some like to put a meaningful travel tattoo on some part of their body so that they can remember their trip forever.

If you’re not a fan of tattoos, I can understand. However, lately many people put tattoos on their body, and it certainly has become fashionable and trendy. But what about putting a tattoo on your body that will remind you of an awesome trip you’ve had? Or even just a cool and straightforward tattoo showing off your great desire to travel and discover the wonders of the world. Yes, those tattoos are famous lately, and the world hasn’t still had enough of it.

You might say that putting travel tattoos like this is stupid and you’ll regret it later. Well, to be honest, if you’re already determined to take a tattoo, it’s much better to make one that will be significant and cool, rather than just putting one that has no meaning for you but it fits your style in that period of your life. And if you are a passionate traveler, then you have to know that traveling is not just your current wish, but something you are and will last for as long as you’re breathing.

So, if you’ve already decided to put travel tattoos on your body, here are some proposals:

Airplane travel tattoos on the wrist

Although you may not have met anyone having this tattoo, you’ve undoubtedly seen some traveling photos on the internet, where people with tattoos like this pose with their hands in front of a map. Yes, it’s quite trendy, but it’s also a symbol of traveling. Plus, a great thing about this tattoo is that whenever you feel like it’s inappropriate to show it in public like if you’re working in a place with many strict rules, you can always cover it with a wristwatch or a bracelet.

However, if you’re not a fan of airplanes, then maybe this isn’t a good idea.

Coordinates of a particular place

Have you ever had the feeling like you’ve found a home for the second time? Like for example, you want to do your studies abroad and, during your stay in a different city, you lived in a dormitory where the rented room has become your own little home? Well, you’re not the only one. This happens to many people, especially the ones staying in another country for a longer time, where they don’t know that language and their room is the place they can relax from the unknown and feel like home. And after some time, you get attached to the people around you, the places you’ve been to, everything that has happened to you, but especially to the dormitory where you used to try to make a balance between partying and studying.

For this reason, many students, especially the ones doing Erasmus, can gather in a group and get a matching tattoo which will always remind them of the great times they’ve had. The tattoo can consist of numbers and not just any numbers, but the coordinates of the place you will never be able to forget – the place where all the magic seemed to happen. In my personal experience, I have found many Erasmus people to have put the coordinates of their dormitory, which I think it’s cool.

Words on the fingers, the clavicle area and the side of the chest

If you feel like putting a minimal tattoo signifying traveling is the best solution for you, then maybe having a word that associates the love of traveling is what you should do. First, it’s good to think of the word, try to choose something charming and look around the types of fonts to pick the one you like the most. Words like: wanderlust, fernweh (the craving for travel) or even a short quote about traveling are always a good idea.

But what about the position of the tattoo? Well, let’s imagine that you picked only one word. This way you can put your minimal tattoo anywhere, and it can look cool and sexy. A word tattoo is always nicely positioned when it’s in the area where your clavicle bone is placed or on the side of the chest area. If you want your tattoo to be more visible, you can put it on the edge of the fingers for example.

In case you picked a quote, it always looks cool to have it tattooed on your leg ankle like a leg bracelet.

Globe on the ankle of the leg or behind the ear

There’s nothing that symbolizes traveling more than a globe. So, having a world tattooed on some part of your body, like the side of your leg or a small planet at the back of your ear can be an excellent idea.

Country and pin in the middle of your arm

People travel to see the world and meet new countries, cultures, people, and traditions. We often fall in love with different countries, but rarely do we think all of them are perfect. That’s why, when you ask people about their favorite country – they might have a lot, but they usually have just one taking over the first top spot.

If you fell deeply in love with a country and you’ve decided to put a tattoo with it on your body, then tattooing the outline of the map of the country in the middle of the arm or some other place is the perfect way to do it. Also, if there’s this one city that you’ll remember it for having the best time ever, then you can always decorate the map with a pin looking like a heart, which will give the impression that your heart belongs to a specified destination.

To put travel tattoos on your body is not a straightforward and easy decision, especially if it’s your first one. People tend to think a lot about it and consult other people before they do it. But if you’re determined, then there’s nothing that can stop you. However, have in mind that whatever you decide to do, don’t do it because other people think it’s cool but because you want it.


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