If you’re living on a different continent, then Europe for sure is one of the places you would go to visit in life. And you’ll miss a lot if you don’t do so. Every country in Europe has its charm, being world-famous for art, politics, architecture, nightlife, nature and so on.

Whether you’re planning on traveling cheaply in Europe, you’d probably have to think about some cheap means of transportation, since you’ll have in mind visiting more than one country during your time there. Luckily, getting from one side to another in Europe can be cheap if you know what and where to look. In case you don’t have a clue what to do, check out the following means of transportation:

  1. Plan your trip with Interrail

Interrail is ideal for people that like to travel to many countries in Europe in a time frame of a week up to a month. It may not seem that cheap at the beginning, but if you’re planning on changing the city every second or third day and not plan your stay, then interrail is what you need. The traveling is organized by trains.

When buying you interrail pass, you’ll have to choose whether you’re interested in a one country pass or a global pass. Some train companies can even offer you Balkan pass, which means that with the ticket you get to travel through the following countries: Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Greece.

The interrail Global Pass gives you the opportunity for a flexible train travel in 30 different countries. Of course, if you have already made up your mind to buy your global pass or one country pass, better do it soon because you might even get a good discount on the ticket.

Plan your trip with Interrail

  1. Try car sharing

Car sharing has been viral lately, but many people are still afraid to try it. If you also find yourself belonging to this group of individuals, don’t be shy because it’s normal, it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety.

However, it depends on the country and the people you’re traveling with. There’s a well-known website where you can find such car-sharing options, and it is called Bla Bla Car.

The meaning of this site is to connect the people traveling from one place to another by car and offering one or a few spots in their cars and the people searching for a driver going from one particular location to another. The great thing about this website is that the drivers and clients have profiles which are later reviewed by the people who had experience with. This way you can find out the rankings and comments of the drivers which will help you decide whether the drivers are trustworthy or not.

Bla Bla Car operates on a European level, but it’s not the only website that’s providing services like this. For example, if you’re going to Slovenia you can check a site called Prevoz, which offers car sharing services throughout Slovenia and abroad. Or Carpooling in the UK. There are plenty of opportunities; you just have to find them.

Try car sharing

  1. Book some cheap buses in advance

The tickets for the buses can be cheap if you buy them in advance and that’s familiar to everyone. However, some bus companies are coming to the market that the people are not so aware of or are a skeptic when it comes to trusting them since the prices of the tickets are insanely small. Buying a ticket for one dollar a month before the journey seems impossible, but it exists! Companies like Megabus offer cheap tickets for the price of one McDonald’s meal. Even if you buy the ticket and don’t use it, you won’t feel sorry because the price you’ve paid for it is tiny and meaningless.

As for the conditions of the buses, they’re kind of okay! No, they’re not worse than the regular ones, and no, you’re not going to suffer the consequences because you paid a small amount of money for the service. For example, Megabus is a double-decker bus with electricity plugs, a toilet, and Wi-Fi. Everything you need for a price you can easily pay.

Book some cheap buses in advance

  1. Fly with low-cost airlines

Flying is the best choice when you need to get from one destination to another in a short period. However, booking flights can be expensive, especially if you fly with high-class airline companies.

Luckily, many European cities can offer you airline companies that let you book a cheap flight in advance. Companies like Ryanair and Wizzair are ideal for this purpose, especially because they have connections throughout whole Europe.

However, if you want to book a cheap flight during some specific periods of the year, like the Christmas holidays or during summer, you ought to book them a few months in advance because the demand for tickets is big then.

Fly with low-cost airlines

  1. When all is expensive – hitchhike!

If you’re determined to travel through Europe on a small budget and you don’t feel like paying anything for the transportation from one city to another or even one country to another, then hitchhiking is the best solution for you!

Yes, it’s for free but to hitchhike means that you have to do a little research about it previously. Get some information about the best places to wait and hitchhike, the rules that the countries have regarding hitchhiking and the experiences people have had while hitchhiking in a particular country. It’s essential to gather some information before you start your trip in order your journey to be more successful.

Traveling on a budget can be hard, but it’s amazing, especially when your plans are going on the right path. If you already know your desired destination, make the booking for the tickets earlier, and you’ll be happy when you find out that you have more money to spend on other stuff on your trip. And since you’re going to Europe, you should have in mind at least one or two cost-effective ways of receiving money from abroad. This is quite helpful in times of trouble when you need an additional amount of money, but you only want to avoid the fees of the banks and the extra charges caused by the difference in currencies. Regarding all this, check out HiFX for an excellent way to get your money transfer in a day. Other than that, try to save up as much as you can to travel and remember:

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.”


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