When you plan on going out for lunch, I bet you usually think of some nice places to eat, where you would enjoy the food and also the restaurant’s atmosphere. Luckily, there are many restaurants around the world where you can find delicious meals in places with attractive décor. But what has been the most unusual restaurant you have been visited?

These days, it is well-known that people are interested in a greater value than what a nicely prepared meal would provide. And how do owners working in this industry deal with this matter? Well, they get more and more creative as time passes. There are even restaurants in places you wouldn’t have imagined eating and the best part is – no matter how strange that place can be, people still go there just because it is temporarily cool.

But what about eating on a tram? And I don’t mean a regular tram, where you can sit while it’s driving and just grab a fast bite. I’m talking about a nice, cozy lunch in a restaurant that seems to be located inside a tram, regardless of it being old or new, classy or urban, moving or steady. Feeling intrigued by the very thought of the existence of such restaurants? Then why don’t you try them out? To help you, we’re going to provide you with some of the most charming tram restaurants in Europe:

Tram Ristorante ATMosfera

Location: Milan, Italy

“Lovely service, great food and a friendly atmosphere” – this is how the Tram Ristorante ATMosfera is described by many of its visitors. If you’re willing to dine in this restaurant, don’t be surprised to find out that you’re supposed to book a table weeks before you go there, since the interest for this restaurant is big. This elegant little restaurant is perfect for dates, particularly as it moves through the magical streets of Milan, helping you enjoy your meal and also feel the heartbeat of the city. Just imagine yourself tasting the insanely delicious Italian cuisine while driving through the streets of Milan. It seems incredible, right?

Fondue Tram

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

On behalf of the huge interest for dining in the Fondue Tram, there is good news knocking at the door: The Fondue Tram will again be operating, starting from November this year. The tram is not only available for guests that have booked their reservations at the restaurant, but customers can also hire the tram for a group of people up to 28 guests. The vehicle is nicely decorated, and the route of the tram is highly dependent on the choice of the guests. Another, great thing about dining in a moving tram while falling in love with the pleasant sights of Zürich is the fact that the guests of the restaurant will have the chance to enjoy delicious fondues from Kramer Gastronomie fully. Sounds fun and delicious at the same time, doesn’t it?

Café Tramvaj

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Prague at the most many streets, this tram coffee place couldn’t have had a better location. It is located in the center of Wenceslas Square, one of the main squares in Prague, between two spacious streets, where a lot of tourists pass by. But the best part about its location is that it is right across of the National Museum of Prague. The Café Tramvaj looks old and authentic, decorated on the inside in vintage, old style that can be quite heartwarming. However, there’s a downside to this unique coffee place, and that can be seen in the price list. Tourists are quite often arguing about these things, since they find the prices of the drinks (especially the coffee) extremely high, not equating them to the overall value of the coffee place and its service. So, if you’re traveling on a budget then maybe this is not the best place to grab a cup of coffee when going to Prague.

Tram Experience

Location: Brussels, Belgium

If you’re looking for a great gastronomic experience while enjoying the fantastic views of Brussels, then you should try dining in the only Tram Experience. People describe it as tasty, artistic and a classy way of enjoying a night in or better yet said – through the town. A great thing about this restaurant is that they didn’t only focus on providing the ultimate experience when it comes to cozy atmosphere, lovely decorations, and royalty-like feeling, but they also put a little bit more effort in offering a tasty menu that features many delicious meals prepared by high-quality Chefs. And that means that they offer a lot of different types of cuisine – that is why on the cover of their menu the following sentence is written: “The world on your plate.”


Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Although not as impressive as the previous tram restaurants and cafés, the fast food restaurant Tramvaj is also an interesting place to visit, especially because of its delicious fast food and grilled meats and the low menu prices. Located near the center of Ljubljana, Tramvaj is a non-moving tramcar that is now a favorite place for eating, especially among students. There’s an interesting legend circling town that this tramcar is a part of the first tram ever to be brought in Slovenia.

Trams are unusual types of transport, especially amusing for those people that don’t have a tram system in their own country. Depending on the year of production, they can be found in many types and decorated in many styles. But to have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal or coffee while circling the city in a tram is a great experience. And that’s no lie, just take a look at the reviews on pages such as Trip Advisor, and you’ll see that people are trying hard to book a reservation in a particular tram restaurant because they know or have heard that it provides the ultimate dining experience.


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