Searching for the one exact place that provides you with safety, panoramic views of paradise and incredible people alongside a slow paced way of life? Costa Rica has it all, and more, and it’s only waiting for you to discover it. Explore exotically beautiful waterfalls through hiking trails galore, venturing through the endless wilderness that is full of biodiverse species. Go on holiday to Costa Rica to find yourself in the presence of such sublime nature. For years, Costa Rica has acted as a haven for Eco-tourists to unwind from the fast paced hustle and bustle of modern day life and feel a sense of serenity wash over them.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the absolute natural gem in the crown that is Central America, with its abolition of a standing army in the 1940s. And its ‘can-do’ approach to wildlife preservation, it is necessarily safe for anyone and everyone to be free there. The country prides itself on its sustainability. Which sets it apart from the world that thrives off of fossil fuels. Costa Rica continually boasts innovative ideas and means to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Visit Costa Rica for a taste of high-quality lifestyle, where everything you’ll ever need is right in front of you. How could you not truly flourish in the face of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters enveloped by dominating volcanoes? If we still somehow did not manage to convince you, read this article and get ready for paradise.

Outdoor pursuits

Costa Rica is all about exploring the world’s natural resources and amazing scenery. Thus, many business makers and local people have created ways of using this to tourists’ advantage. For example, you can hike along rural footpaths through the forests, exploring every nook and cranny of Costa Rica’s beauty. Trek amongst the towering trees and narrow paths, to reveal the endless collection of waterfalls that lie beneath the sheltering forests. Stumble across volcanoes that soar high into the cloud forest skyline of Costa Rica’s exotically natural beauty. You’ll feel utterly overwhelmed by their existence. You’ll never have seen anything like them before. The country’s natural charm and wildlife are protected by a range of different national parks that allow tourists to view the wonders of Costa Rica and can be ensured sustainable development is present.

Witness firsthand the inexplicably gorgeous picture postcard images of white sandy beaches that stretch onwards for miles. And the most incredibly clear seas, gently luring into the shore. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon, or even an entire day, relaxing on these heavenly beaches. Feel as chilled out, replenished, and as safe as safe can be while listening to the soothing murmur of birds and wildlife going about their day. If you’re slightly more adventurous when it comes to outdoor pursuits than relaxing on the beach, delve into a tad of surfing. Where better to do it than in Costa Rica! From beginners to experts, there is something for you to relish in. Many you’ll be guaranteed lifelong memories and extraordinary views of the Costa Rican shoreline. Spend the evening sat outside, watching the sunset in such an effortless, yet exquisite manner. Lose yourself in awe and forgetting the presence of time entirely.


Wild wildlife

The country of Costa Rica is synonymous with Eco-tourists as it statistically has the greatest density of species in the world. Costa Rica boasts an unusually rich variety of creatures, totaling at a half a million species. For example, on your trip to Costa Rica, ensure that you check out some of the most unusual species in the world. The Ocelot is a strangely adorable nocturnal cat, that is roughly the same size as your average house cat. The only difference is that it holds a lot more strength.

Climb to the peak of ridiculously tall trees without a care, unlike your cat. However, the ocelot is sadly rapidly becoming a threatened species, by its habitat becoming deforested on an immense scale. There’s also the Chestnut Mandibled Toucan, which is in fact, the biggest toucan in Central America. You’ll notice their exquisite and mind-boggling beauty. And you’ll gaze in awe upon their use of sounds to communicate in an almost humanistic manner.

Wonders of Nature

Experience the wonders of nature with immense cloud forest skylines and views of well-established national parks, thriving with wildlife and unbeatable views. If you’re a fan of nature watching activities, there is plenty on offer for you. For example, bird watching and species watching. You can also venture upon volcanoes that have passed their resting stage, thus are entirely free from eruptions, and can be explored up close. One of the most important and breathtaking hotspots is Monteverde volcano, located in the central highlands of Costa Rica.

Witness inexplicably gorgeous views of misery landscapes and rolling green hills that ooze color. Monteverde is a site for anyone who is fascinated by nature, but in particular, an unbeatable place for Eco-tourists. Also, ensure you check out Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna, in the northern lowlands region of Costa Rica that pride their beautiful views and attractions. There is a massive 29,960-acre volcano park, that is built on the inactive volcano. The gorgeous town of La Fortuna lies nearby. It wallows in rustic charm and appeal, and the quintessential combination of humanity and nature.


City of San José

Unlike most countries, the capital of Costa Rica is neither the country’s hotspot nor number one on most people’s checklist. San José has often been slammed as not creating great first impressions. But allow yourself to dig a little deeper, and find yourself discovering the city’s eternal charm and history. Enveloped by lush greenery and dominating mountains, San José already has a lot of charm before even diving into the depths of the city. Explore the downtown hustle and bustle of the capital, with its roaringly compacted traffic and organized streets of life and historic architecture. Despite its rough exterior, if you try hard enough you will find exceptional locations with a lot of things to do. And you will also meet amazing people.

Street culture

Check out the San José’s unstoppable street culture. Every Thursday, jugglers come together and play at Parque Morazan, with music and incredible technique. The atmosphere is buzzing, so why not head on down to experience a fantastic event that is 100% free? The best way to see the city of San José is through a walking tour. So check out Barrio Bird Walking Tour, a low-cost downtown tour that covers information on culture, history, art and more. They do this in a way that lets you experience the city like a local.

Make sure you also visit the Mercado Central. This is an old food market, absolutely bursting with intense flavors and senses. Discover an array of local fresh food. The local food is mainly seafood-based, with extremes of unusual smells, sounds, and tastes that willfully provoke your senses. Ultimately, the best way to see San José is to see it like a local. And only then, will you fully appreciate its rustic beauty and endless charm.

Costa Rica has it all. From the hustle and bustle of city life to the remote forests of its rural setting, bursting with life. We can guarantee that a trip to this Central American treasure will have you in awe for eternity. Share this article amongst your friends and family so they also can wallow in the enchanting beauty of Costa Rica.


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