Have you ever dreamt of being a queen or a king, sleeping in huge canopy beds with many pillows, eating with silver forks, bathing in marble bathtubs and resting in armchairs adorned with hand-made carvings? As fantastic as it sounds, this dream can come true. All around Europe, there are many castles that once had served as residences for royal families, but as the times changed, they got turned into hotels. Staying in one of them isn’t a cheap form of entertainment, but it’s undoubtedly a magical experience. Here’s a list including some of Europe’s most enchanting castle hotels.

  1. Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, England

Housed in a 19th-century castle built in the medieval style, the hotel offers way more than accommodation. If the beds weren’t so comfy there, you probably wouldn’t want to sleep. Guests of the Peckforton Castle can try out such activities as falconry or archery. In addition to these medieval-like entertainments, available activities also include laser clay shooting, outdoor games in the garden, fort boyard, picnics, mountain biking, treasure hunting, air rifle shooting and others. Besides, a spa and a restaurant are serving traditional English and French cuisine. In this kind of environment, you can feel like royalty in this castle hotel.

Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England

  1. Trendelburg Castle

This picturesque castle was built before 1300 by Conrad III of Schöneberg. From 1443 to 1456, the castle recovered from a great fire. After reconstruction, the castle was adapted to its current form, including the tower. This tower can now be climbed by visitors, if you want to climb at least 130 stairs. The rooms of the hotel are all tastefully decorated in the style you would expect from a castle. Don’t forget to book a table in the castle restaurant. On the terrace and inside, guests can dine and enjoy the spectacular view. Or take a seat at the large table in the cellar where you can fully experience the atmosphere of the castle. Fall in love with the castle? You can also get married there for those who want to.

Trendelburg Castle

  1. Abbaye de la Bussière, Burgundy, France

Located in a 12th-century Cistercian abbey, Abbaye de la Bussière looks like a place taken straight out of a fairy-tale. The castle is nestled in a lovely park, with a small lake, a fountain, and perfectly soft lawns. Gothic architecture with Renaissance details is well-preserved and authentic. Even the interiors are filled with reminiscences of the past. With antique furniture in bedrooms and living rooms, gorgeous decorations and art pieces, the hotel is a paradise for history-lovers. There’s also something special for foodies – a restaurant serving local wines and dishes made of regional products.

Abbaye de la Bussiere

  1. Palazzo Viviani Castello Montegridolfo, Rimini, Italy

This unique Italian hotel consists of several historic buildings, one of them is a castle dating back to 13th century. It’s scenically located on a hilltop, which means the views are wondrous. You can see the surrounding countryside with its charming houses, ancient fortresses, old churches, towers, lots of greenery and sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea. Dining at the hotel restaurants is about more than just eating. One of them is located on an open-air terrace, and the other one is hidden in the ancient wine cellars, so you either have a dinner in a beautiful natural setting, or in an atmospheric room lit with countless candles.

Palazzo Viviani Castello Montegridolfo

  1. Clontarf Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Clontarf is quite new as for a castle, but it has the charm of old times nevertheless. Another castle had been standing in the same place 800 years ago, but Clontarf in its current form was built in the 19th century so that it can be described as relatively modern. After serving as a cabaret venue, the building was turned into a luxurious hotel. It’s close enough to the center of Dublin to make it an excellent base for an active city break, but far enough to provide its guests with a feeling of privacy and serenity. The hotel offers several attractive packages, such as romantic getaways, golf holidays or Christmas celebrations.

Clontarf Castle

  1. Hotel Alarcòn, Alarcòn, Spain

Fancy a trip in time straight to the Middle Ages? Alarcòn can take you far, as far as the 8th century. It was built by the Muslims and then owned by the king of Castile King Alfonso VIII. Many famous individuals lived amongst its walls throughout centuries. The interiors always remind of the castle’s long history; Castillian wood, traditional furniture, and marvelous paintings make sure everyone crossing the door of the Alarcòn Hotel will feel as if they just entered another age. Not only the building itself but also the location is as old-style as it gets – the hotel is situated on a hill overlooking the medieval village of Alarcòn.

Hotel Alarcon

  1. Ruthin Castle, Ruthin, Wales

For all who are looking for a unique retreat, the Ruthin Castle is a perfect destination. The hotel, nestled amongst green parklands and mysterious woodlands, offers a chance to escape from reality. The property itself is as enchanting as the location. Dating back to 13th century, the castle used to be a home of lords and princes. Even though they don’t live there anymore, the building is still equally majestic. There’s a well-equipped spa, a cozy Library Bar, a great restaurant and lots of other amenities. Besides, you can participate in one of the medieval feasts held in the hotel.

Ruthin Castle

  1. Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Witchery is not precisely a castle, but it’s neither less interesting nor less fancy than one. The hotel’s name is not accidental; it looks like a place where witches and other magical creatures could reside. Instead of standard rooms, the hotel offers several suites, out of which each one is unique. Housed in 16th-century buildings and equipped with all sorts of quirky artifacts, the suites remind settings of fantasy movies. Velvet-draped beds, leather-lined bathrooms, subtle candles, antique Victorian baths – it’s all about Gothic, drama, and romance.

Witchery by the Castle

  1. Zamek Reszel Kreativ Hotel, Mazuria, Poland

The Reszel Castle, dating back to 14th century, is a lovely example of Gothic architecture. This fact itself makes the hotel a unique accommodation option, but there’s even more to it. An artsy vibe can be felt all around the place, both because of the hotel’s looks and its creative guests. Rooms are interestingly designed, with pretty wooden furniture and elegant, subtle decorations. There’s space for meetings and conferences, often being used for various art events. One of the hotel’s past administrators was a known sculptor – that’s where all this cultural activity comes from. Artists willingly visit the place to enjoy the hotel’s atmosphere as well as its beautiful surroundings.

Zamek Reszel

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