After months of preparations, decisions, and happiness combined with stress, the big day finally came. You got married. What’s next? A honeymoon is an extension of the wedding itself and a great opening for your future life together. It’s also a perfect excuse to escape the world for a while.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Not all the couples can afford journeys promoted by stereotypes and Hollywood productions. Staying in a five-star hotel with the view of the Eiffel Tower, dining in exquisite Italian restaurants or gambling away all the money family gave you as a gift in dazzling casinos of Las Vegas, yes, it sounds fun, but question number one: do you need it? And question number two: can you afford it? If no, there’s nothing to worry. You can still have a fascinating, unforgettable honeymoon, perhaps even better than this, more unique and private. Here’s a list of seven cheap honeymoon destinations you should consider.

  1. Antigua, Guatemala

Scenically set amongst magnificent volcanoes, Antigua is a Guatemalan gem. Its past as a Spanish colony remains visible all around the city, showing itself especially through the historic architecture. Being a popular destination for the students of Spanish language, Antigua offers great learning opportunities. Honeymoons don’t have to be all about laziness and romance, so if you want to do something practical on your journey, you might take a couple of lessons (and then speak to each other sweetly in Spanish). Besides, the international students make the town diverse and energetic. Antigua is both graceful and bustling. Right, outside you will find many great day-trip destinations, indigenous communities to visit and volcanoes to hike.

Type of place: interesting day-trips, vibrant town with a charming atmosphere.

Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. It’s so beautiful it should be arrested. Wherever you look, you’re going to see something unbelievably lovely. Even the marble streets themselves are worth attention. Then, as you point your sight up and to the sides, you’ll see baroque buildings, historic churches, towers, and palaces. Add the delicate hum of Adriatic’s waves as a soundtrack, and you get an ideal setting. It’s like a film. It’s like a postcard. It’s like magic. Plus, it’s affordable. Comparing to the major tourist destinations in the west of Europe, Dubrovnik isn’t expensive. You may also discover the rest of Croatia during your stay, for example, the nearby islands or smaller towns.

Type of place: romantic town by the sea.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. Kraków, Poland

Legends are right in this city. The dragon still resides in its cave, right next to the Wawel Castle, occasionally breathing fire. Luckily the flame doesn’t burn anyone nowadays; it’s only there for the entertainment of tourists. Not only the fairy-tale stories, but actual history is still alive in Kraków. Churches, monasteries, whole neighborhoods are filled with the spirit of the old times. It’s a romantic town, especially in the evenings, when streets get quieter, and the lanterns lit them up. It’s also artsy and cultural. Effects of creativity can be seen everywhere, from official museums and galleries to the main market square beloved by street artists.

Type of place: historic city, bewitching and atmospheric.

Krakow, Poland

  1. St Lucia

This lovely Caribbean island is a perfect cheap honeymoon destination, especially if what you seek is a relaxing break in the sun. Gorgeous, St Lucia’s landscape is dominated by two cone-shaped peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. You shouldn’t miss one of the island’s main attractions; the Sulphur Springs. Since it’s possible to bath in the Sulphur Springs, you need to take your swimsuit with you, when you head over there. Snorkeling and hiking in the forest are fabulous activities. Besides, you can climb the Gros Piton and see this picturesque island from above – a kind of view you’ll never forget.

Type of place: island bathed in sunshine, striking views.

St Lucia beach view

  1. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen is like a blue lapis lazuli in the colorful crown of Morocco. A real gem, this town is as lovely as you could imagine, or more, because even people with the greatest imagination wouldn’t probably come up with such a vision. Picture this: gorgeous Medina with blue-washed houses, beautiful mosques, and narrow alleys. Then add majestic mountains in the background, lots of the sunshine and the smell of delicious meals getting prepared in local restaurants. That’s Chefchaouen, a town everybody falls in love with. Tourists too, that’s why they’re quite many of them, but don’t let it discourage you. It’s liked even by picky backpackers who usually avoid crowds like cats avoid water. Besides, Morocco is a cheap destination. Not only hotels, restaurants, etc. are affordable, but for European honeymooners, the flights won’t cost much either.

Type of place: a picturesque town with unique architecture and relaxing vibe.

Chefchaouen, morocco

  1. Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Samui is one of Thailand’s main tourist centers, so If you want lazy, pleasant holidays, that’s your spot. There are lots of luxurious hotels; they can’t be called budget destinations, of course, but the price for luxury on Ko Samui is lower than in most western countries. To feel as if you just spent a million without spending an actual million, pick this island. Aside from the fancy resorts, spas, lounge bars and colorful cocktails, you’ll also get a significant portion of stunning natural beauty. Ko Samui’s sandy beaches are fantastic. In case you feel like it’s been enough of the resort entertainment, move on to the west or the south of the island and explore it’s wilder areas, traditional villages and secluded stretches of sand.

Type of place: for luxury-seekers and beach lovers.

Ko-Samui, Thailand

  1. Udaipur, India

So delightfully romantic even film-makers can’t resist it and keep shooting their productions there, Udaipur is as good as cheap honeymoon destinations can get. Shimmering lakes, marvelous palaces and lovely gardens, that’s what makes Udaipur alluring from the first sight. People there are charming too, wearing bright colors and joyfully celebrating during various festivals. Take a boat ride on one of the lakes, visit the beautiful Udaipur City Palace, walk around the gorgeous parks and gardens and soak up the magical atmosphere.

Udaipur, India

Type of place: a town so romantic you’ll want to get married for the second time when you get there.


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