Cars have had songs written about them, commercials selling, them and movies that demonstrate clips of their speed and beauty. Car clubs are scattered across the United States, giving car enthusiasts a chance to meet, and to show off their gleaming prizes. Certain cities are better suited for car enthusiasts, as they have the most car shows, garages, clubs, mechanics, and everything else a car lover could desire. Check out one of these cities to see where the best places for car enthusiasts are today.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis presents an array of car lovers’ amenities available in its marvelous city. The St. Louis Sports Car Club and the Coachmen Car Club are only a couple of the clubs available. St. Louis has the most dealerships and the most car amenities available per capita. Join one of these fantastic clubs or cruise around in your favorite ride, and make some new friends and meet fellow car enthusiasts in Missouri.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a natural choice when it comes to cities and car lovers. This city hosts the SEMA car show, which is a big show and a big deal. The SEMA has over 100,000 industry leaders from hundreds of countries that attended and had over 60,000 international and domestic buyers come. Not only does Las Vegas have the SEMA show, but it also has a huge number of repair shops, car washes to keep those rides looking spiffy, and dealerships. Vegas is all about the show, so if you want to see some classy or outrageous vehicles, this is the city for you.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to more car shows than car enthusiasts could dream. Perhaps it’s the sun, or the beach nearby that inspires the outdoor (and indoor) shows, showing the gleaming beauties and their proud owners standing nearby. Orland is also the host of the Central Florida International Auto Show, which is another big deal in the car show world, and thousands flock to see the beautiful vehicles. Make sure to see the exotic car display and the pre-production model displays which presents what is coming in the automotive world. Besides car shows, Orlando has plenty or car-care amenities, washes, dealerships, and repair shops to take care of your pride and joy.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is the city for car shows galore! Having more car shows per capita than any other big city is quite a feat. Visitors and residents of the state can enjoy shows all year long. The Pittsburgh International Auto Show will host new, exotic, and classic cars for your viewing pleasure. The Annual Innovative Autoworks World of Wheels is a Pittsburgh favorite. This car show has hot rods and customs cars for every car enthusiast to drool over. Celebrities, shows, and contests are ongoing events at the show, and there is fun for everyone.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa offers all your basic car care amenities and repair shops for your vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Along with the basics, Tampa is a favorite city for car clubs. Join a club and admire some vehicles, or even have people respect yours. You may learn a few things, and driving around with others who have the same tastes and passion that you do is always a right time. Throw a few car shows through your club, or just plain enjoy yourself. Tampa also has tons of cars shows all year long, and with the state’s mild weather, a car show is never a bad idea.

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is a large city, but a bit quieter than Las Vegas, Orlando, or some of the other monster cities. Still, Birmingham has car clubs, and car shows available for every kind of car enthusiast, you just have to find the one (or many) that may suit you and have some fun. Stop by the Alabama International Auto Show to enjoy some fantastic cars. Birmingham offers more shows per capita than most other cities, and with a smaller population, there is plenty of room for you to treat yourself to car shows galore.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati enters the best car city race for its shows and clubs. Come show off your classic or custom made car, and see what other people’s beauties look like. Compare your rides and make a few new car friends or join one of the clubs. Cincinnati also has tons of dealerships, repair and mechanic shops, as well as washes and everything else you need for your passion. As a quitter city than Vegas or Orlando, Cincinnati gives you what you want, but without all the chaos. It is a practical place to enjoy your hobby and your car passion and share it with others too.

Cars Cars Cars

These cities are car lover’s best bets for places that can offer the most for their hobby and cars. Dealerships are available as well as mechanic and repair shops for quick fixes, part replacements, or even restoration work on a new or current vehicle. Keep that beauty gleaming by utilizing one of the many car washes available. Clubs are all over the U.S., and these cities offer a huge amount choose from. From classic cars, hot rods, or custom made vehicles; there is a club for you. Share your passion and maybe even pick up a few pointers along the way. Don’t forget to check into a few shows to browse some of the neatest cars on the market today. Enjoy time with your car, and others that appreciate the passion as much as you do.


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