Where would you like to travel to? The options are endless in America, primarily as the summer season approaches. The warm summer months offer the melting of snow and the revival of all things green. Flowers are blooming, springs are running, and many places that couldn’t be visited or reached are now back in business, waiting for campers and vacationers to explore. Where do you want to camp? In the quiet forests? How about along the ocean or a lake? There are tons of options available for camping. Try out some of these campsites that provide dramatic scenery, just steps from your site.

Blanchard Springs Campgrounds

The Ozark National Forest is a lovely place and full of fun summer activities. Camping, hiking, canoeing down the rivers, floating or tubing and swimming are fun things to do to cool off and explore the beauty of the forests. Bring your drinking water to the campground, because it doesn’t have any available. Grills and picnic tables are provided in your scenic campsite. Walk to the waterfall called Blanchard Springs and discover the Blanchard Springs Cavern which is a natural cave. The lovely forest of trees surrounds your site, making it peaceful and beautiful, especially with the water nearby.

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Although this campground is closed for the winter, it is one of the most highly desired campgrounds in the U.S. Due to the volume of people that travel to see the Grand Canyon every year, the area fills quickly, and reservations must be made months in advance. How would you like to step out of your tent and see the Grand Canyon lies before you? It is possible! To experience optimal views from your camping area, request site numbers 11,14,15,16 or 18 for the best views. Sites have fire rings, grills, and picnic tables at each of the 90 campsites for your convenience. Within walking distance, there are pay phones, restrooms, and showers available. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your very own view of the Grand Canyon from your campsite!

Jenny Lake Campground – Grand Teton National Park

The famous Jenny Lake is one of the most captivating features in the Grand Teton National Park. The staggered, sharp peaks of the Teton Mountain range are reflected in the fresh waters of Lake Jenny, proving a dreamy and unreal landscape that millions stop to admire every year. The Jenny Lake campground has 49 tent sites and is the parks most popular campground due to the scenic beauty of the area. Sites are tucked in among the evergreen trees near Lake Jenny. Get there early to claim your spot. Each site has a fire ring, table, and grill. The best sites and for those once-in-a-lifetime views that are steps from the sites are 4, 6,8,11,20,25,28 and site 40.

White Wolf Campground – Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is some of the best scenery most people will ever see. The photos of the towering and massive mountains with sheer-faced cliffs on either side of a lush green valley and the waterfall flowing out from one of the rock faces are famous. The beauty of this place cannot be described with words, as one has to see it to appreciate it truly. Head to the White Wolf Campground in July through September for a taste of the scenic beauty that Yosemite offers. Bathrooms with drinking water and flushing toilets are nearby, and each site has a food locker (for protection from bears), fire ring and picnic table. The campground is 8,000 feet in elevation, which helps to get some of these fantastic views. For the best scenic sites, try getting the coveted site number 28, or 22 or 23 which are all large and private. There are no reservations available; it is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Blue Lakes – Mt. Sneffels Wilderness, Colorado

To get to the lovely desired camping site, hike a little over 3 miles to the lowest of the “Blue Lakes” using the Blue Lake Trailhead. Climb the slope just above the first lake to find the perfect site. Green grass meadows frame the turquoise blue water of the lake in this Colorado mountain range. If the weather is terrible and there is wind or lighting, there are a few other more protected campsites in and among the trees beside the lake. Gaze out at the massive mountain peaks with a backdrop and the bright blue color of the water below you. This site is off the beaten path, but well worth the hike to step out and see one of the most amazing sights in the Colorado wilderness.

Fairy Head, Bold Coast, Maine

To get to Fairy Head, drive past Acadia National Park for about two hours and head to the trailhead located on Route 191 east of Cutler, Maine. There, situated on the Bold Coast and tucked away from lights, people and the city, are the elusive Fairy Head Campsites. Hike the Bold Coast Trail that winds along cliffs and dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are only three primitive Fairy Head sights, located about 4 miles in. Site 32 is located on a bluff high above the ocean, and you could not ask for better views than that. The hike is beautiful, but definitely off the beaten path. At the trailhead, there is a campsite list that will let you know if one of the three sites is available or not due to the first-come-first-served rules.

Coyote Gulch, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah

Imagine a 50-foot-wide natural arch over your head, with stunning red rock walls of canyon surrounding you, accompanied by a small stream and sand beach, complete with star-studded night skies. This magical place is known as Coyote Gulch, but it is not easy to get to. To fight to see those fantastic views, you’re going to have to hike 7 miles to the gulch. Start at the Hurricane Wash Trailhead on the Hole-in-the-Rock Road which is 33 miles south of UT 12. Enjoy the night sky which has some of the best night sky-views in the entire area.

From Alaska to Florida, There is a Spot for you

Scenic campsites can be found in mainstream campgrounds or off the beaten path. From the sunny, white-sand beaches of Florida to the glaciers of Alaska, there are campsites for everyone and all with a different yet incredible scenery of the area. Step out of your tent or camper and into a lake, or overlook an ocean or massive canyon. The opportunities are endless, so pack that tent and explore your world.


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