The stunning coastline of Croatia has many islands to be explored. One of the most recognized and the most beautiful is the Island of Hvar. Don’t let its popularity put you off – people love this place for a reason. It has four distinct things to offer: bars, beauty, breaks and boats. A great nightlife, beautiful nature, time for relaxation and plenty of opportunities to get out on the sea – the Island of Hvar has it all.

Bars on the Island of Hvar

Traveling Croatia? One repeated phrase you will hear, especially along the south coast is – go to Hvar! You hear stories of people going for a day trip and staying for a week. Why? The energy of this island is addictive – especially the nightlife. From beach parties to hidden clubs to more chilled local bars, Hvar is a constant buzz of entertainment. In the summer, young people gather to this small island – its endless nights, cheap drinks and great people. Want to avoid the crazy, loud nights? Don’t come to Hvar in summer. July and August reserve the party crowds. All year long, you will find bars and clubs welcoming guests through their doors. But in quieter times, you can set your pace.

Bars on the Island of Hvar

Carpe Diem is a club that lives up to its name, situated in the heart of Hvar town. Go here for the fun party scene – it does not disappoint. It hosts a large outside terrace where you can watch the sunset into the evening sea. Carpe Diem beach bar has the same vibes, it’s just outside, on a beach. Come here for slow early evening cocktails preparing you for the night. Hammocks, volleyball, and swimming, are galore. For something a bit wilder, head to Kiva. It specializes in harder partying – louder music, later nights and tequila specialty. But pace yourself well enough to end up eventually in Veneranda – with electronic music in the background, watch the sunrise from a fantastic outside terrace.

Even the clubs hold beauty – always close to the sea and often with a stunning view. Even on a wild night out, the feel is balanced and collected. Just fab times – fun dancing, new people, loud music and a memorable evening.


Even in the many distractions of Hvar, it is hard to miss its stunning natural beauty. It is everywhere – on the ferry over, the beaches, the views from every window and the streets through which you walk. Being on the island of Hvar, the water is a constant source of natural beauty – turquoise waters and vast ocean sights. Further into the Island, there are green hills to be explored; that stretch out beyond the town itself. Follow the eastwards coastline for longer walks around the Island of Hvar and absorb the constant scenes of natural beauty.

Croatian architecture

The streets are full of classic Croatian architecture. Red roofs and cream walls dominate the buildings. Everything seems old but fresh and the fabulous weather lights up the stone streets. The town is small, cute and full of narrow roads to explore. Be sure to find a route up to the Spanjola Fortress. It looks down over Hvar, providing the perfect perspective of the beauty of the town. Beyond this, the view extends to the horizon, interrupted only by the small, green islands on the sea. You have to pay to look inside and learn about its cultural history. But the view outside is priceless. 


As well as partying, the Island of Hvar offers pure paradisiacal relaxation. Need a break? Hvar is the place to go. Especially if you are making a long Europe trip, it can be good to have some time off from constant movement. Hvar takes advantage of its pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Wooden, cushioned deck chairs spread out on the rocks. Hammocks hang between shoreline trees. Bars sell cheap beers and cocktails in beach huts. Settle down and spend the day in a state of bliss on the Island of Hvar.

Hvar Island

There are many youth hostels on Hvar. All of them are cheap. And all of them offer unique, clean, fun accommodation for your trip of relaxation. Villa Skansi is a great place to stay. It hosts a spacious outside kitchen area where you can cook group meals in the evening. There is communal cushioned seating with views of the harbor. Stay up late in the evening, watching the sunset over the Hvar hills from the comfy hostel terrace. Or, join the nightly party excursion to a local bar.

Villa Marija is another perfect hostel in which to relax. It also has a great outside communal area, making it easy to meet new people and enjoy the summer evening air. It even has a swimming pool. So grab a book, a cold beer, go for a swim, put some music on, lie in the sun and watch the sun pass slowly across the sky. Whether you are taking it easy or recovering from a hangover, take a break on the Island of Hvar.


Beautiful, light, fresh turquoise water surrounds the Island of Hvar. It is always tempting to jump in the sea and perfectly refreshing doing so. Dive from the harbor walls, swim at the beach and climb down the ladders on the rocks. But when it comes to exploring the Adriatic Sea by boat, exercise a bit more caution.

Boats Hvar

There are countless companies offering boat excursions to local caves and islands. But these can get unnecessarily expensive and often have hidden costs. For only 200 Croatian Kuna each, you can rent a boat yourself for the whole day. That’s only $30! Between four or five of you the price is low and totally worth it. If you are traveling alone, just ask anyone in your hostel and get a group together. Everyone wants to get on the water in Hvar, and you must. Sailing around this coastline, you see the Island of Hvar from a new perspective, and it’s a beautiful one. Plus you have the fun of freedom – go where you like, stop where you want. Jump off the deck in the middle of the ocean. Drink some beers and relax in the sun. Drive back in the sunset light.

If you are traveling Croatia, the Island of Hvar is a place you definitely must visit. If you’re not in Croatia – go there anyway! It’s worth the journey. Especially if you are looking for the perfect place to party, or the perfect place to relax. Hvar is accessible to anyone and loved by everyone. What more could you want other than bars, beauty, breaks and boats!? But see what more it has to offer for yourself. Book a ticket now, and experience paradise on the Island of Hvar.


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