Backpacking is a relatively inexpensive way to travel and explore the world around you. Typically, backpackers have packs that contain their sleeping bag and tent, backpacking clothes and necessary provisions for a long-term time frame or long distance. Backpackers can use public transportation to get around which is cheaper than car rentals, and they can stay in hostels along the way. Backpacking can be a wilderness adventure that takes weeks to complete as you explore the undeveloped backcountry areas. Whatever your desire as a backpacker is, this is an excellent opportunity to get out and see the world and in a low-cost manner.

Backpacker mistakes

As a new packer, you may not know what to expect. Many first-timers often pack too much, overloading their backs, stamina and packing way more than the essentials. Keep in mind that you can buy necessary things or things you may need at reasonable prices. Another common mistake is to buy loads of new toys and gadgets to help you on your trip. First aid kits, toiletry bags, and other bulky items take up precious space in your pack, so use it wisely.

Choose your travel mate carefully. A friend or family member that cannot keep up or that has serious health issues will only be a liability, and you do not want anything happening to them or you, especially if you are out in the middle of nowhere with no cell service or communication. Another tip is not to try to see too much. Stressing yourself and your body is trying to be everywhere at once and cover massive amounts of the ground will make you run out of food, water, strength, and energy. Take your time and enjoy your experience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful, tropical and a good place for first-time backpackers. Most people in Costa Rica speak English which helps, and it is easy to get around, as well as friendly. Be prepared for moist, humid conditions, but in a breathtaking place. Costa Rica relies heavily on tourism, and there are lots of people there from all over the world making it a fun and energetic place to see with other backpackers.

Costa Rica

Western Europe

While the thought of crossing Western Europe may seem daunting for beginners, we assure you it is doable. The Europass is your golden ticket to being able to backpack across. This is a train pass that lets you hop on and off the trains anywhere in Europe, allowing you to get to locations that are far off and being able to explore them before hopping the train to the next destination. This is a fantastic way to start backpacking and travelers can see many locations and destinations on one trip.

Western Europe

USA adventures

The U.S. is massive and is a backpacker heaven. Hostels are still relatively uncommon in the U.S., so hotels, motels, and camping might have to suffice for your accommodations. The best way to backpack in the U.S. is to focus on a particular area. Researching before you can help you find places to stay, trails, campsites, water and food and much more. You cannot see all of the U.S. in a single trip, so tailoring your experience to cover a particular area will be better for your first few times.

backpacking usa


Backpacking Thailand is just paradise. The main cost will be getting there, and most people fly into Bangkok and make that their starting point. Thailand has jungles, turquoise water, white sand beaches, world-class dining and low prices. This destination has long been a favorite of many backpackers, and the area is familiar with people and travelers looking to hike. Finding inexpensive accommodations is quite easy, and there are large amounts of tourists there at all times. If you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask fellow travelers for help or advice as everyone is friendly.

Thailand backpackers


Spain is large and a fantastic place to start! A good trip would be to start in Barcelona and then backpack to Valencia, Cordoba, Sevilla and then Malaga. This country is kind to your budget, laid back and beautiful! Accommodations are less expensive here, and local food like tapas and sandwiches are inexpensive as well. To get around you can take the bus system which is cheaper than the train. Enjoy cities like Barcelona and Madrid which are highly energetic and have lots to do and see.


New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic first-time backpacker trip because there are tons of things to do, the country is beautiful, and accommodations are inexpensive. This country is also known for hiking, caving, skiing, swimming and many more outdoor activities. The bus system is cheap and working temporarily at a farm or bed, and breakfast might earn you a free place to stay. Watch your food costs in New Zealand because eating out is expensive. Buy and cook your food to save money and enjoy a fantastic trip in this scenic place.

New Zealand


The Philippines consists of many islands and is less visited than Bali or Thailand. Here you can find an island-hopping paradise and some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing around. There are beaches, reefs, jungles, volcanoes and tropical vegetation to see and appreciate while you are there. Limiting your journey to one island or just a few will help keep your itinerary and budget on track. Here you will also find much ethnic diversity from foreign influences on the restaurant menus. Avoid huge cities which are congested and head for the smaller towns and beaches outside of the main hubs. Rent a room in a hostel for inexpensive accommodations and do your research on where to find the best food before you go.

philippines scuba diving

Try one or try them all

This list consists of the top places for first-time backpacker destinations. Here travelers can expect to find friendly and helpful people, budget-friendly items along with your journey and a great first experience. These areas are high traffic area for backpackers and are safe and favored by packers and hikers. Choose your pack carefully and make sure it is comfortable. Pack only what you will need and choose your clothing carefully. Pairing up with a like-minded person and an experienced backpacker can make the trip much more enjoyable. Get out there and try it out and enjoy what thousands have been raving about!


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