There’s still some time of your favorite season of the year left, so what are your traveling plans? Are you lurking for a way to finish the summer sweet and full of unforgettable memories? Have you thought of a way to officially close up the season consisting of the warmest days of the year? Then why don’t you think about doing something fun, adventurous and yet refreshing? Nothing spectacular comes to your mind? We have the answer for you – go for a windsurfing vacation at some of the most inspiring destinations in the USA!

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Even if you haven’t tried this absorbing water sport, you will still find it kind of interesting to start off with some basics and hang out with people that share the passion for windsurfing. Okay, now you definitely want to try it out, right? Then let’s look around a bit and find the greatest windsurfing destinations in the USA. And why is this so important? Well, windsurfing is a sport you can’t just practice everywhere you wish to. Not only does it require equipment and basic preparations, but it also depends on certain weather conditions that affect the success of windsurfing. So prepare to catch a wave at these following locations in the USA, known to be one of the best for this activity.

Maui, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island located in the mid-Pacific seems like it was created for one single reason – to be the place for ultimate relaxing pleasure. Magnificent beaches, sunny weather, and happy people – what more would you ask for? Apart from your unstoppable desire to stretch your legs at the long heavenly beaches of Hawaii, you just have to go there for a windsurfing vacation. Dynamic and easily accessible, Maui is known to be one of the most visited destinations by many passionate windsurfers. And if you’re a beginner or even on your way to becoming an expert, windsurfing lessons are provided in Maui, and they are adaptable for every level of competence. Visit Kanaha Beach Park, Sprecklesville, and Ho’okipa Beach Park to see why Maui is entitled to be the windsurfing paradise.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks represents a group of islands that cover most of North Carolina’s coastline. It is known for its subtropical climate and extensive areas of long sandy beaches. It’s a great place for camping and practicing amusing water and beach sports. For water sports lovers, it is known to be the most easily accessible East Coast destination for windsurfing. Additionally, the soft wind, scenic landscapes, gorgeous lighthouses and the enjoyable North Atlantic Ocean provide the best scenery for a day spent at the beach.

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is an exciting resort town in Texas, perfect for any occasion whether that is a family vacation or a single-day adventure. There’s no doubt that this island was made for having a lot of fun, as students go there every year for their favorite spring break. But for windsurfers, this is an even more precious destination as there they can have the perfect vacation. And when the weather is not okay, or you’ve got tired windsurfing, you can always try out something new like kayaking, jet skiing or simply swim.

US Virgin Islands

With such a spectacular view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, you will have a lot of trouble convincing yourself to get out of the warm water. The Virgin Islands may be small, but they are unbelievably astonishing. And still, they are one of the most adored vacation destinations for windsurfing. Well, having in mind the incredible scenery of the islands, the huge number of the daily visitors of this destination is no surprise. Are you not an owner of a windsurfing board? No worries! You can easily rent one on the islands. And if you’re not sure where exactly to go and hang out with the most amusing windsurfers, then head off to St. Thomas Island and rush into the sea.

Columbia River, Border of Washington and Oregon

If you’re interested in trying out your favorite sport on a river, rather than a sea or an ocean, then head off to Columbia River. Located somewhere on the border of the states of Washington and Oregon, you can find the largest river that belongs to the Pacific Northwest region of North America. This river is known to be often visited by windsurfers which have contributed to the growth of this sport’s culture, which is why plenty of stores for boards and equipment have been opened along the Columbia River. This is something you most certainly have to try out, even though you have to be aware of the cold water of the Columbia River.

Clinton Lake, Kansas

It may not enchant you with its mind-blowing scenery, like the previously mentioned destinations, but Clinton Lake is an incredible place to spend the day windsurfing. It’s ideal for people who like practicing this water sport away from the crowd and the vast spectators on the beach. Plus, you’ll have plenty of fun exploring the surrounding and getting to know Kansas from your board.

Merritt Island, Florida

Last but not the least – we present you Merritt Island, the windsurfing heaven of Florida. Once you see the locals on their boards, you’ll get the impression that the water sport has been practiced on the Merritt Island since a very long time ago. Visit Cocoa Beach and find your best agency for the necessary instructions and equipment. Once you get done with that, what’s left is to enjoy your time splashing into the waves of the Banana River.

With magnificent destinations like these, you really don’t need anything more than a strong wish to go windsurfing. Anything else you need, whether that is equipment, courage or some pleasant company, you can find it at these incredible vacation destinations. Don’t lose more time and plan your windsurfing vacation as soon as possible – visiting these destinations will wrap up your summer nicely!

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