Cleveland, Ohio is located in the northeastern part of the state along the great Lake Erie. Founded in 1796, the city was known for its manufacturing industries as well as the famous Cuyahoga River, canals, and railroad lines. It is the second largest city in the state, and rock and roll lovers now that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located here and is a main tourist attraction to the area. Residents of Cleveland are called “Clevelanders,” and the city has many nicknames including the “Forest City,” “Rock and Roll Capital of the World,” and “C-Town,” just to name a few. Cleveland is a melting pot of different ethnic groups, so the food, attractions, and people are interesting and surprising. Stop in Cleveland and check out these best things to see in Cleveland.

West Side Market in Cleveland

Welcome to the oldest operating market in Cleveland. This historic indoor and outdoor marketplace started in 1840 and still continues today. The market has earned the attention of the Travel Channel and the Food Network and had hundreds of vendors to look at or choose products from. There are fresh fruit and vegetables available, fresh seafood, baked goods, ready-to-eat foods, herbs, nuts, candy, cheese products and dairy products among many others. The massive interior of the dome-shaped building is full of organized booths to choose from or browse, not to mention the much more that are located outside! Visitors and local all enjoy the market and say it is one of the best they have ever seen. Stop by to see the massive place and discover for yourself all the neat vendors and items available for purchase.

west side market cleveland

Cleveland Museum of Art

Enjoy this free attraction with the entire family or a group of friends. The exterior of the classic Greek building is very impressive and is complete with massive pillars and huge atrium with wings. The inside is just as pleasant with large halls decorated with excellent artwork, sculptures, and much more. The museum has several Picassos, a Monet, and numerous other top-notch works of art from famous artists. There are hallways filled with Egyptian art, mummies, Chines and Tibetan art, crafts, medieval armor, and so much more. You can easily spend all day here, and this museum was voted as one of the “top best” free institutions and justly so. Visitors are impressed and leave rave reviews about this amazing place that you won’t want to miss.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall

The Cleveland Orchestra is a world-class orchestra that has a vast and loyal following of fans and admirers. A chance to listen to this top-notch group play in the beautiful Severance Hall is truly a memorable experience. Periodic tours of the Hall are offered, and tickets can be purchased to listen to this top 5 ranked orchestra in the world. Listen to the beautiful sounds of a perfectly orchestrated brass, string, and woodwind sections that have won several Grammys and have completed international tours. The art deco style of Severance Hall attracts visitors from across the U.S. Both the building and the orchestra are a delight to see and listen to while in Cleveland.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

The Rock and Roll Capital of the world has (of course) the best hall of fame to visit! Enjoy exhibits spanning from the early 1900s of Rock and Roll until the present day. Adults and kids will benefit from the hall of fame, and it will take you all day to get through most of it! There are interactive exhibits and amazing former costumes or clothing of famous musicians including Beyoncé. There are photos, instruments, costumes, film clips, manuscripts, and many other items of musicians to see. Three theaters are present in the hall of fame, and they all have continual film loops to sit and rest and watch some entertaining short films. The size of the structure and some exhibits is overwhelming, but there is something for everyone.

cleveland hall of fame and museum

Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery is an important and historic part of Cleveland. It was established in 1869 and has over 104,000 people buried in the cemetery. A sprawling 285 acres is fashioned after the garden cemeteries of Victorian-era England. A large memorial is the main attraction, featuring stained glass, marble statues, and historical relics to pay tribute to President James Garfield and his life. Another marker known as the Wade Chapel is another favorite to see. There is a large, peaceful pond located behind it to spend some time at. The chapel itself has Tiffany windows and beautiful mosaics along the wall. Take the tour that is offered and enjoy the peaceful and serene views from the top of the Garfield Memorial.


Cleveland Botanical Garden

The lovely botanical gardens are a good stop while visiting Cleveland. The gift shop is fantastic, and there are many different gardens to choose from, or go ahead and see them all! Not only are there amazing flower exhibits, but there is a glass house you can walk in to see butterflies flying around you, as well as many different insects and animals around. Let the kids play in the children garden and see the neat treehouses! Watch for tortoises that call the gardens home too. If you’re visiting at Christmas time, make sure to stop and see the light exhibits, a gingerbread house that has been decorated by professionals, and an entire North Pole atmosphere that has been created. There is a store, art gallery, café, and many other things to do and see here at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Heinen’s Downtown

As you stroll through the downtown Cleveland area, you will come across a remarkable building with pillars, stunning architecture, and Tiffany dome. Inside you might expect to find an art museum, not the grocery store that is so well known throughout the city. Visitors and locals can pick up food items and choose from the fabulous beer and wine selection. Sit down and have a bite to eat and one of the best eateries in the city. Fresh sushi, different wraps, soups, homestyle meatloaf, chicken Romano, and amazing salads are all on the menu with many more delicious choices to pick from. Stop by Sunday afternoon for a fabulous wine tasting and enjoy the beauty of such a historic building within the city. Shop the impressive coffee selection or pick up a cup for breakfast at the eatery inside and enjoy your morning at one of the top things to see in Cleveland.


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