Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and have you made plans? Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten your sweetie and have something wonderful surprised for him or her. Want to get away and have an experience you’ll never forget? There are a few hotels that have themed rooms, and when you open the door, your eyes will never believe what they are seeing. Try out one of these crazy themed hotel rooms for your Valentine’s Day (or night) and step into another world.

The Crystal Chalice Suite

The Crystal Chalice Suite can be found in the Loop Inn Motel in New Jersey. The room looks fairly standard and is nicely decorated and pleasing to the eye. There are two floors to the suite, and the upstairs contains the bedroom, and the first floor has a sitting area and lounging space. However, this is where normal stops. There is a structure right in the middle of the suite that rises through the massive room to the second floor, and that structure is a giant glass champagne bathtub. That’s right, a giant glass champagne bath, to take that romantic soak on Valentine’s evening. The glass is enormous and the centerpiece of the suite, and for those of you looking for a new experience, this is it.

The Anniversary Inn

There are four Anniversary Inns, three in Utah and one located in Idaho. Each has not one, but several themed rooms that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Try Sleeping Beauty’s castle room for your princess, complete with drawbridge and a moat, or spend the night on a pirate ship, a spaceship, or even a biker roadhouse. Pictures are available online and prepare for some of the most fun you’ve had in your room in a long time.

The Madonna Inn

California is the home of the Madonna Inn and brings a whole new level of crazy to its rooms, this inn has over 100 rooms, and each has its theme, Shop around for the one you want, and see the pictures online. Try the Kona Rock’s faux-lava rocks cascading through your bedroom, or enter the Wild West and sleep on your stagecoach bed. The Caveman room is especially attractive, as the room is made up of rock walls, a waterfall in the restroom, and animal hide that covers all the furniture. Some rooms are toned down a bit, such as the Harvard Square room, that has leather and dark wood. One room known as the Vous is many shades of blue, has no windows, and comes with a large circular blue bed to complete the look. Some rooms have carpet that will make your eyes cross, and some offer a sense of adventure or love. Spend a memorable Valentine’s Day at the inn, and experience a one-of-a-kind room.

Chateau Avalon Adventure Rooms

Adventure is part of their name, so what would you expect? The Chateau Avalon can be found in Kansas and has 61 fascinating themed rooms to choose from. Express your love in a new and exciting way by trying the Castaway Isle room, which has a ship, palm trees, and mural to make you feel like you’ve been shipwrecked for a few days. The Tahitian Treehouse has Easter Island heads that are eight feet tall, a thatched hut that covers the tub, and a mural that will make you feel like you’re actually in Tahiti for a romantic staycation.

Sybaris – The Chalet Suite

The Sybaris has five locations, three of which are in Illinois, one in Wisconsin, and one in Indiana. Try some carpeted walls, fireplaces, mirrors above the bed, a massage chair, and no phones allowed except the front desk, which allows you some intimate time with your valentine. Not to mention the in-suite swimming pool just for you two. Yes, you have your swimming pool in your massive, yet relaxing, room. Want to have some fun? Slide down the waterslide into your pool! There are 120 suites available in these five locations for a romantic and remarkable experience.

Winvian – Themed Cottages

The Winvian has themed cottages instead of hotel rooms, but they are still just as fascinating. Spend the night in a room called the Beaver Lodge, which resembles, well, a beaver lodge. The Golf Retreat cottage has a floor that is all a putting green. A fully restored helicopter provided a unique atmosphere for you and your co-pilot, as you navigate the controls and switches. It has a fireplace and Jacuzzi tub too for you to enjoy. Try the two-story treehouse for adults to relive those childhood fantasies. Have a specific fantasy in mind? There are also cottages with a library, a log cabin, a stable, the stone cottage, or the woodlands cottage. The Winvian cottage might just have what you’re looking for the perfect romantic and surprising scene.

Unforgettable Stay in an Unforgettable Setting

While roses and candy are lovely and thoughtful, spending the night in a room with a giant champagne glass tub, or on a Tahitian island could create some unforgettable, hilarious, and romantic memories. After a nice dinner, you can return to your swimming pool, circle blue bed, or waterfall in the bathroom as Valentine’s night begins. With these crazy and unique settings, you can pretty much choose wherever you want to escape to, as there are many different choices. Whatever fantasy you want, you and your sweetie will remember it for years to come.


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