Accommodation can be much more than a bed. It can even be more than a king-sized bed, sauna, swimming pool, private terrace and a gym. Hoteliers are not only businessmen but sometimes they’re also creative artists and innovative entrepreneurs. The effects of their work can be admired in original hotels with themed rooms, more and more of them are being open all across the world. Atmospheric mountain retreats, magical fairy-tale worlds. Rooms inspired by racing cars and camping vans, pop stars, artists, and musicians. Whether you’re going for family holidays, a business trip, romantic getaway or solo journey, unique hotels will make your travels more special. Here’s a list of 7 originally designed lodgings.

  1. Propeller Island City Lodge Berlin, Germany

This property is both a hotel and an art installation at the same time. The Propeller Island Mobile Hotel offers over 30 rooms, all of them as quirky as it gets. You can sleep in a circular bed that keeps rotating as you lay down. Or in an airy room, all painted in blue, with outside glistening mirrors hanging on the walls and ceilings. If these aren’t enough, you may also choose a kaleidoscopic room that is entirely covered with mirrors. Upside down room with furniture on the ceiling, grandma’s room with a very old-style décor, Goth-inspired room with beds reminding coffins, tiny dwarf bedroom, padded cell, there are quite a few options and all of them unbelievably odd.

The hotel is owned by Lars Storschen, a musician, and artist who first naturally started renting rooms in his home to boost up his income. He didn’t like the idea of a typical guest-house, so using his artistic creativity, Storschen decorated several rooms. As the hotel’s popularity grew, he purchased additional spaced and turned it all into an excellent spot in the heart of Berlin.

Propeller Island City Lodge Berlin

  1. Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool, England

“It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a dog,” the Beatles used to sing. In Hard Days Night Hotel one might surely sleep as delightfully as a little puppy. If you’re the Beatles fan, that’s your spot. All around the hotel you’ll see photos dating back to 1960’s, but also modern artworks portraying the fascinating story of the boys from Liverpool. Not only the hotel’s a Beatles fan paradise, but it’s also a luxurious and cozy place to stay. Four stars, central location, exquisite service and professional staff, these qualities make Hard Days Night Hotel one of Liverpool’s most famous hotels. You may give it a chance even if you’re not into rock and roll. And who knows, perhaps when you wake up after a night in the Lennon or McCartney suite, you’ll find yourself humming “all you need is love”…

Hard Days Night Hotel

  1. Magic Mountain, Huilo Huilo, Chile

Magic Mountain is unusual even when compared with the strangest hotels with themed rooms. The whole building is shaped like a mountain and sits amongst the beautiful nature of the private Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve. Both the reserve and its surroundings are a part of Chilean Patagonia. The region’s captivating and incredibly diversified. Covered in greenery, the hotel doesn’t stand out so much from the surroundings. A waterfall falls from its roof, drenching the plants that grow on the walls and everyone who happens to walk right at the hotel’s base. Inside of the hotel, you’ll see decorations and furniture made of natural wood. The design brings to mind ancient legends and fairy-tales, so you might feel as if you’ve just moved into another, magical dimension. For nature-lovers and dreamers, this place is ideal. As for more practical matters, there’s also a bar, restaurant, sauna and lovely wooden hot tubs.

Magic Mountain, Huilo Huilo, Chile

  1. La Balade des Gnomes, Durbuy, Belgium

In a small, charming town of Durbuy, you can find a building so unique that when you first look at it, you wouldn’t even guess it’s building at all. That’s the point just like it was with the legendary Trojan horse. This Trojan horse is strange as well, secret and surprising. This particularly shaped house is a part of the La Balade des Gnomes Hotel. Besides of the horse-like house, the hotel features nine more rooms with the design inspired by “La Balade des Gnomes” (which translates as “the walk of the Gnomes”), traditional fairy-tales. They’re all enchanting.

Decorated with wood and colorful materials, the interior is warm and cozy. Starry skies, beds that look like boats and float on the water, real sandy beaches – this kind of things you may find in your bedroom. Just be careful: when you wake up in such a surrounding, you might think it’s still a dream, but the last thing you want is to miss the breakfast. Right next to the lodgings, there’s a restaurant serving yummy dishes based on local, organic products.

La Balade des Gnomes

  1. V8 Hotel, Böblingen, Germany

Situated only a few minutes’ walk from the Motorworld Region Stuttgart and Böblingen Congress Center, in the automotive region Stuttgart, V8 Hotel is a paradise for car lovers, not only because of its location though. The hotel itself is all about the automobile. After you visit the Mercedes Benz Factory, Mercedes Benz museum, Porsche museum and other attractions of the region, you may continue the auto adventure in the hotel. Among the car-themed rooms, you’ll find such gems as the retro drive-in cinema room, a room designed in racing style or V8 Camp themed room with the atmosphere of the Formula 1. The ride continues even when you sleep. To have more strength and energy for your races and travels, you can stop by a restaurant (there are three of them) or work out in the fitness center.

V8 HOTEL - Motorworld Region Stuttgart

  1. Mira Mira Fantasy Accommodations, Crossover, Australia

Do you miss your childish dreams and the world of imagination you used to live? Staying in the Australian Mountain Retreat Mira Mira will bring it all back. Covering an area of 22 beautiful acres, Mira Mira is not just lodging; it’s a bushland, a lovely piece of land where you can enjoy both the comfort and nature. You may stay in the Tangle wood, a residential sculpture standing amongst green trees of the enchanted forest, or the Cave, a cozy underground lodging where the Mother Earth welcomes you by herself. Mira Mira also features the Function Centre, as uniquely designed as the rest of the property. It’s a great venue for weddings, parties and corporate events. If you have a special wish, just discuss it with the staff, they can arrange a variety of activities for you, from medieval banquets to Harry Potter themed parties.

Mira Mira Accommodations, Crossover, Australia

  1. Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton Beach, England

Hotel Pelirocco is the funkiest one among all hotels with themed rooms. So groovy, its only disadvantage is you might have problems falling asleep because the bright colors and amazing atmosphere will just keep you awake. Pelirocco, centrally located in the bustling town of Brighton, is inspired by pop culture. The variety of rooms is incredible: Lord Vader’s quarters, pin-up parlor, rockabilly room in the style of 1950’s, Stoli Salon in the Soviet style with bottles of Stolichnaya set into the wall, these are just a few examples.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton Beach, England

There are also rooms inspired by the life and works of groups and individual artists, such as Diana Dors, Dolly Parton, Sex Pistols or Motown. They’re all different and unique but share one common: the phenomenal energy bursting out of the walls and decorations. Hotel Pelirocco has a conference venue, so it’s an excellent choice not only for relaxing holidays but also business trips.


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